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Well, my random thoughts of the movies were...


There were definitely many shots that have been reanimated in the first film. It felt very new again! The Mami gun fu battle sequence; damn. They made it 10x better. More stuff was added during the Kyoko vs Oktavia scene. There was one shot where Kyoko was bleeding..I mean we see a shot of her legs, next thing she either threw up blood or something. It was sad when we see her destroy her soul gem as a huge flash of light, we see Kyoko slightly disintegrating like you see a Dragonball character getting blown away but slower. Every transformation was new. Including Homura's in the Walpurgis battle; very impressive. Because of the new animations and retiming of certain sequences, the music shifted and edited. It felt strange after seeing those scenes so many times. We see Madoka also wipe the blood off of Homura's face with a napkin in her pocket.


Voice acting do-overs: My thoughts when Madoka made her wish in the movie, it felt like she was more angrier as to the bit of calmness that was there originally. When Homura was crying when Madoka was going away. If you didn't think her voice sounded desperate the first time, she cranks it up a bit as her voice got more high-pitched that I felt like going "EEeeeee!!!!" inside, haha.


Other than that, there was a weird sequence where they showed still images of space, planets, galaxies after Homura screamed out "Madokaaaaaa!!" after she disappeared. I know I'm going everywhere a bit, and yes that Connect OP was put in a random spot, haha. Anyway, overall they didn't redo as much to the second film as they did with the first. I was awesome after the first movie ended and the Magia Quatro started playing. People cheered so loud it was fantastic.

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