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Anyone know where I can find a Cosplay Designer?

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Now, I don't usually cosplay, like ever. But after going to ACen and seeing people having a great time dressing up and meeting other fans, I'm really considering giving it a go.


The thing is, I know nothing about designing cosplay or costumes or anything related to that manner. So, I ask my fellow anime people if you know anyone or are a cosplay designer to please contact me. (links to websites are appreciated)


Now, this needs to be done before ACen 2013 which is May 17-19, which I'm hoping gives plenty of time to design an outfit for me. The general anime I am going for is Sailor Moon. I have a few ideas in mind and would like to discuss with the designer about everything. i.e- price, time needed for completion, payment option, measurements, etc.


I can pay via paypal or if you live close by, can meetup and pay in cash. I can also give email, but you need to pm me first on here. Thank you, I hope to find someone real soon.


Note to Moderators- When you make a 2013 ACen forum, could please move this thread to there? Thanks. :D

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Yeah, you can find commisioners all over the cosplay.com forums. Just click on "marketplace"


I tried commisioning for a while but I realized that if I actually charged minimum wage for costumes I made, I'd end up charging hundreds of dollars for them and nobody actually wants to pay that.


How anyone actually makes money off of commissioning, I'll never know. But people do.

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I would actually be VERY wary of cosplay.com. I ordered some things that from china would have been about $80 . A girl who had some skill by the name of "cosplaymandy" offered. She pretty much ordered from china and then gave me $80 of work for $180.

So I would actually use their Reviews section to your advantage more so. The transactions made on cosplay.com are not usually protected and it is definitely more of a risk even than with things known as "risky" ( aka ebay)

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How anyone actually makes money off of commissioning, I'll never know. But people do.

I was wondering this myself. This is the first year I made a cosplay for someone else, and they were a friend so I only charged them for materials. But materials alone were 80! And it was a fairly simple cosplay, I can't imagine anyone willing to pay maybe 80-120 for it. If only we knew their secrets...haha.

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lol we ( well at least i) dont make much at commissioning com paired to min wage lol


commissioners are hit or miss

you should always go through their stuff and see if there are bad reviews of them before agreeing to any thing


i watch the cosplay.com for interesting props or armor (done a few commissions off the site)

but there are less then honest and novices who do commissions thier too

there is one that is pulling the china labor and ramping up the prices for americans

now this angers the lagidamit commissioners like crazy

we post warnings in her threads and bury them but she keeps making more

so id say that the commissioners try to keep the place clean with their limited power


most commissioners only make enough to really help pay for their own cosplay stuff

but there are a few who are good enough to survive on (not well lol)

from what ive seen id say there are a few general types of commissioners (just what id call them)


AAs (artist ally)

these ppl make a ton of small stuff with a small labor charge (maybe $5 per item)

they make their living off bulk

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~long post?~

~ah the copy paste is messed up~

~ok fixed it~


Gorilla cosplays

these ppl make costumes from the cheapest materials available reasonably quickly (you can still get quality)

these commissioners are for cosplayers on a budget (most cosplayers lol)



the higher end commissioners are like walking in to a designer dress shop (you know what you want and you better get it)

these ppl are skilled and want to be payed for their time




id say id fall into designers

now this may sound crazy but this was a real commission

with real costs of materials (go ahead and look them up)

with honest pricing

but in the end i doubt id made min wage for my time



3mm. PVC sheeting=$64

1mm. PVC sheeting=$24


small glove=free/(ill use an old glove)


snaps, eyelets,straps, ect.=$10


3 weeks labor= $300



so id still like you to send comfortable shoes i can mod if possible

and id be more comfortable if you got the spankies and sports bra on your own

though these may need to be custom dyed so ikd


oh and i dont make wigs but can send the head peace and pig tail attachments so they can be easily added

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more info is always better


well the more pics of their work the better id say

if its mostly things that have made for themselves

they may not have vary much experience making things for others (making cosplay for others is much harder than just for your self)


you also want to pay attention to their style

if you want a dress and they mostly have pics of leather work

they may not have the experience to work outside their style

a good commissionaire will not try to produce work that is not of quality

a bad one will just nod and take your money


~ realizes your looking for a sailor moon costume~

ok so i know award winning sailor scout commissioner

~tabs over to get link~

shes been making them for years

id bet you could get cheap sailor costumes from china

or from a random commissioner

but she dose a much better job

and she does consistent work


i dont know her prices (never asked)

but i've been in several masquerades with her

she would know who i am if ya say knives


you may not go with her

but she is at least worth talking to



oh ah sry for the rant

i kinda miss read your post


good times to all

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