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meh, all of the other robots in the megaman series that are not stage bosses are IMO trying to be hip and cool in the way of the 90's..............but i have to say it mush better then the bullshitcomics want though in the 90's to be hip and cool. i do like Proto Man and zero, bass just seems very dull but i think that becuase he was in the mid 90's non 8-bit megaman games (which IMO rockman 9 into with the j-pop is the best intro of any megaman game post NES)


but to say the least bass was petty cool in the very very very very very very underrated battle network games. i can see why people will hate them though, the art for the humen charaters is very bad.


legends is a outright shame, the first game was ok, the 2nd game was amasing, then capcom became retarded and canceled it.


i do want to replay megaman x and i hate the DD on the wii, STEVEN NEED SNES GAMES ON 3DS, screw WE HAVE GENASIS NOW.

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I agree-MMX was my skittles. Glad I was able to find the 8-bit music out there-can't recall how many times I had a Megaman level song stuck in my head. Snake Man, anyone?

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I honestly can't decide which I like most. I like all the the themes T-T I catch myself humming them at work XD

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