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ANNcast Sexism Podcast

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Kinda curious and will give this a listen when I have some time. Sexism in fandom in general is a problem, though anime fandom seems to have much less of a problem in that respect. I believe that anime conventions are actually primarily female these days. Not overwhelmingly so, but in the range of 55%ish.


I'm also kinda curious in that I do believe sexism in anime does work both ways. Yes, I can point to more oversexualised female characters than male, but we certainly have our fair share of pretty boys running about the screen removing shirts and what not for little reason other than to do it. Especially if we look at the American side of things. A quick search for kindle versions of manga yields almost primarily yaoi results. Which would likely suggest that yaoi is what sells in America.


Thanks for sharing and will likely post my thoughts again when I have the chance to give it a listen.

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