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Yandere Emi

I Need Your Help! : Umineko / Fate/Stay Night

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Hi Fellow ACen-goers! :)


I have a bit of a favor to ask, and I hope this will get out! For a video essay I am doing in my class on manga, I will be comparing censorship over the media of anime, manga, and visual novel in Umineko no Naku Koro ni and Fate/Stay Night.


What do I need from you?


If you:


a. Have read/watched 2 of the 3 forms (Manga, Anime, Visual Novel) of either Fate/Stay Night or Umineko


b. Are willing to tell me your opinion on some things (related to these and censorship)


c. Would like to be made a part of my video essay which will be published for a short time (you will be in the credits!)


d. Are AWESOME!!!


Please send me an email at YandereEmi at Yahoo.com and we will talk!


Thank you so so much!


Feel free to PM if you have questions!!


BTW: Here is a video that my professor helped make on my Manga class. It DOES exist and is super legit XD

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