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Convention Packing List

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I actually added an ACen shopping list to my packing list so that I can have a handy comparison of amazon prices vs. Con prices. With this list I avoided spending upwards of $60 on a dvd series that amazon has for $32.

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There is a site that has a printable what to pack list for cons i find it very helpful to use when packing before and after a con and i believe that on the ACen facebook they have the same list on there in the pictures section.

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For the Amtrak trip to and from ACen: Hygiene kit (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant) and a flask-sized bottle of Jack Daniel's (it's a 20 hour ride on the ACen Hype Train)

When I get there, I hit the Walmart where one of my con roomies works and abuse her employee discount for a First Aid Kit, sodas, salty snacks, sweet snacks, vitamin C, and a much larger tube of toothpaste.

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On 4/29/2014 at 2:33 PM, CrimsonAnime said:

Found this video which talks about food and the shopping before cons.

It's pretty much what's on my list but in a cute video format:


I know the girl in that video! She's Dejavudea and she's an awesome individual! XD Great video find!

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Seconding bringing the power strip. That is a lifesaver for packed con rooms!

Things I add WHEN WE DRIVE  because I travel with 4 other cosplayers to most cons (my family) and we have a TON of costume stuff...

-portable clothes rack (these can be picked up at Ikea or sometimes at Aldi for about $20).  They are awesome for staging costumes. (note: don't buy the kind with a plastic foot area as they collapse with too much weight.  If you keep your eyes open, you can buy the metal kind for cheap)


-pack each costume completely together.  By that, I mean put all of the accessories in a bag and hang it over the clothes hanger which you then put in a garment bag.  Or put the entire costume (including footwear, socks/tights, gloves, hat, wig/wig cap, jewelry, contact case, petticoats, etc) in one bin.  We tend to travel with several bins of costumes...

-3M Command hooks.  These are super handy for things like Con badges, hats, scarves, extra towels, etc. and they can be removed cleanly without damaging the walls. You can buy replacement glue strips, so these can be reused many times.

-A decent sewing kit and a mini hot glue gun.

-Comfy slippers or flats for when your dogs give out.

-If you have a ton of stuff, think about bringing a small portable hand cart or 'truck'.  I've used my bike trailer in a pinch, but I prefer this one that we picked up 2 years ago. It folds up very small and is super handy for loading/unloading your car at the hotel.


Obviously, if you are flying to the Con, you need to be a lot more frugal about what you bring with you!

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