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60 dollars is the same price as the Azunyan figure I just pre-ordered. o:

I'd rather get a figure than a shelving case. >.> The shelves I have my figures on were only 5 bucks a piece. Since I dust my figures once every other week anyways, I don't really feel the need to put them behind glass. I like looking at them out in the open. <3 To each is own, though, I suppose. >.>

@ImNewHere: If it's any consolation, most of the anime I've been buying lately is Media Blasters stuff. It's still sad that people use that logic, though, especially against Media Blasters. They put out really good quality stuff.


re; Ikea shelving: That bookshelf looked pretty pitiful, sure, but they do have nice stuff, and IMO a Detolf is completely worth it. A display case is practically a must-have for anyone with a good-sized figure collection. Keeping them in their boxes makes them take up even more room than necessary, but just having them out on non-covered shelves is insane, at least if the room you keep them in is anything like mine; a dust magnet. But have you seen the prices on other display cases? I couldn't find any besides the Detolf for anything less than $200.


If you're okay with dusting your collection every week, or stacking boxes, I suppose the $60 would be a bit much, though.

Thanks for explaining why it's a good investment there, Ohki. >w<b That's precisely my justification for getting the Detolf. I have enough issues remembering to clean the parts of my house that I frequent, much less my out of the way shrine room. Besides, I don't like having to move around my figures to dust. (I also ordered that Azunyan too, btw. Saw you added it to your MFC page.)


Anyway, for all talk about how fansubs are killing the industry, the flipside is they help spread the word about series that otherwise wouldn't get licensed and released in the states at all. If you think the anime publishers over here don't pay attention to the popularity and word of mouth about fansubbed series when deciding which series to license, you would be mistaken. Until recently, anime was a very big investment, normally about $25 for a single DVD with 3-4 episodes on it typically, which if you compare this to American shows released to DVD which typically come out at around $40 for a 13(ish) episode collection, there was too much of a disparity. If you buy two singles of an anime series for a show you end up not liking, that's a huge loss. However, if you know that you enjoy a series, there is no risk to purchasing a series you love.


Fansubs are killing the anime industry no more than Hulu is killing TV shows or Napster killed the music industry. And before you argue, let me explain the latter. Music was dying because of a poor business model, and that's anime's issue. Music's issue was that they got away from the single song releases. Why would people want to pay $15-$20 for a whole CD when they only want 1 or 2 songs? That's why iTunes is so successful because it allows people to buy exactly what they want, nothing more, nothing less. Anime has gotten much better about this over the past two years or so, I will admit. We've been seeing a lot of half-season (13 episode) releases in the $30 range, and the release dates are getting closer to the Japanese releases as well. Unfortunately they started instituting these changes right when the economy went into the toilet. I think sales will pick up once the economy improves, but the problem is these companies made that change too late and may not survive that long.

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Wow, so many replies! It was mostly just a follow up. Since then I've been watching Soul Eater and Gintama on streaming sites, and DVD sets for both series have been released.


I can see how streaming a series can be an issue for people with bad internet speeds. I guess I have a pretty good one since CR works almost instantly for me with few hiccups. Your mileage may vary and all that. But whole mentality that fansubs are a way to "stick it to the man" (not a fan of that phrasing but it's the only one I can think of that makes sense lol.) seriously bother me. To think that there are fansub groups that exist solely for that reason bothers me even more.


And thanks for reminding me that I need more bookshelves. I've been using one I got at Best Buy meant for DVD's, figuring it would work. Big mistake. The shelves gave way due to the weight of all those books and now they're stacked horizontally which is a pain if I want to read something and keep it orderly at the same time. I have a hard time finding bookshelves since my room is essentially an attic, so wall space is at best estimate, only four feet high.


I like reading physical manga for all the reasons skyrune stated. That and I hate having to scroll down just to read the second half of the page. It really brakes from the enjoyment of the story for me. Plus most of the time I think the artwork in manga needs to be seen all at once on a page to appreciate it. I hope that makes sense...^^'


Covered shelving for figures? Never thought of that actually and I have a good sized figure collection on the very top of the aforementioned bookshelf, which is currently also serving as a dust magnet. XD Though as stated I need to consider the wall space in my room first. Keeping them in the boxes really isn't an option either since most of the ones I get have to be assembled or come in covered boxes.

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I had a few moments of annoyance this weekend at MTAC. Working at the Media Blasters booth when people walk up and brag that they have downloaded pretty much all the hentai we were selling is stupid. People telling their friends not to buy ______ anime because they have it downloaded and will give it to them is annoying. Having a girl (obviously a broke congoer working for free merchandise) who working in the booth across from you yell that a certain torrenting site is way better of a place to get anime that our table was annoying too, and when you inform here that crap is what is hurting the anime industry having her make fun of it and say she's going to keep doing it is like a slap in the face. Seriously, people like that need to get out of my fandom.


*edit: I think I need to look into one of these cases. I got 3 more figurines over the weekend. That puts me to 55, and they are a real pain when it comes to dusting them.

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