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Countdown From A Million!

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Applied for jobs today. I hope I get an interview soon; I'm so broke. :<

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Watching Summer Wars for the millionth time! I never get bored of this movie!

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I'm back and I have some good news and some bad news: The Countdown from A Million! is way off.


Bad News: I went back and looked to see who else gets the 6's since we keep saving them for @Taimat97 and I noticed something was off in my findings.

Side note: He seems to get 69 or 66 a lot.

Nov. 2007 999,666 @Mock-Kappa

? 998,666 Post MIA

Jun. 2009 997,666 @Priss

Aug. 2009 996,666 Post Skipped

Sept. 2009 995,666 @Taimat97

Dec. 2009 994,666 @Taimat97

Mar. 2010 993,666 @Neko_master_Luna

Apr. 2010 992,666 @Neko_master_Luna

Dec. 2010 991,666 @axel46

Apr. 2011 990,666 @Taimat97

Aug. 2011 989,666 @magishine

Feb. 2012 988,666 @Taimat97

May 2012 987,666 @Taimat97

Mar. 2013 986,666 @Taimat97

Sept. 2013 985,666 @eat_me_for_I_am_peeps

Oct. 2013 985,666 @Taimat97

Jan. 2014 984,666 @Taimat97

I found out that one post was changed causing the mistake from earlier:




Good News: We are not off by much! I went back and looked through the whole topic and took out all the post with no numbers and got this:

30 post per page X 523 pages = 15,690 - 1,000,000 = 984,310 -That's with no mistakes and not counting this page.

173 post with no numbers so that brings us to: 984,483 post as of page 523 so I would be post:



Edited by MsLovelyCookie

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