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Found 14 results

  1. Needing a room/ making friends!

    Hello everyone! I am 26F looking (if there's anything) for a room to stay in. I will have an air matress/ sleeping bag, and I always stay tidy with my things. I think I will only be in the room to sleep as I like to be in the convention as much as possible, but would love to socialize and meet some cool people. I always want to be curtious to roommates I have, as sleep and privacy is very important at conventions. Hope to have a great con with everyone!
  2. A 10 year ACen vet who currently have a suite at the Hyatt Regency from Thursday to Monday. Currently as of now I have 2 people not including me. We decided to open our room to anyone seeking a place to stay for the weekend. However this is only for people 18+ maybe only having 21+ since we do have alcohol. This is a friendly environment and we don't want trolls or little minded people in our room.
  3. Hello! I am a 29M looking for a room for ACen. I'm quiet, don't have much luggage, won't be in the room other than to sleep, and I don't snore. I have no issues sleeping on the floor. Please let me know if you have any room - you can also contact me on Facebook or Twitter: FB: https://www.facebook.com/Kramos Twitter: @KaelanRamos
  4. 3 roommates needed ;A;

    Hi everyone! I have a whole hotel room that I need to find people for. This room is in the Hyatt Rosemont - down the road from the convention. It’s a 2 double bed room. Please let me know if you would like more information!
  5. Hotel Adjacent to convention! Two males currently. Looking for Roommates for Thursday to Sunday! Will negotiate days of stay if needed!
  6. Need a room at the Last Minute? We have enough room for about two more people in our room at the Hilton, just a walk across the street from the convention center for the Weekend (Friday May 17th at 3PM to May 19 at 12pm). We only ask you pitch in about $100 to help us cover our room and parking expenses, which is fairly reasonable for a last minute room at a hotel. Streaming and Gaming will be provided to the room. Definitely bring bedding or a sleeping bag as backup as I do have a few people with me already but considering how much is going on at all hours of the convention I imagine you'll have access to one of the beds at some point. 18+ congoers only, please have a sense of humor as well!
  7. Looking for a Room

    I had to cancel my room recently as it was too expensive, and a lack of my friends who were originally planning on going with me bailed. So, now I am in a position of being without a place to rest. If there is any people with rooms that are willing to share, and split the bill, I would be extremely grateful. I am also First Aid certified, and trained as a First Responder, should there be any mishaps or accidents.
  8. Looking for a room Thursday through either Sunday or Monday at the Hyatt (I will not have my car and I am alone in a costume with low visibility so anything else is probably too far of a walk lol). Reply to this thread or just PM me here or on facebook (my name is Narcisse Kato, messenger handle @psychotronictorture) if you have a spot! I am small, I am clean, I pack pretty light, and I do not snore.
  9. EDIT: This room is full, mods please remove. Hello, we are three people who have a room with 2 double beds. One of the beds is currently filled and we are looking to fill the other bed (pm me for other arrangements). We have the room for the entire weekend, Friday 3pm check in and Monday 12pm checkout. It'll be $550 split between all of us.
  10. Hey yall! I'm looking for 3 more people to add to my Hyatt Regency room! Thurs - Sun! Must be chill people, I do drink but don't get too wild; not looking for party animals! Sorry! 21+ preferred. You can either PM me here or facebook me: Genni Rose in Kansas City. I'm 25 and Female.
  11. Me, my sister, and my friend have a room at the Crowne Plaza from Thursday check-in time to Sunday checkout time (12 in afternoon). We are seeking a person or two to help bring down the costs. We aren't heavy partiers and mostly chill. If you are, that's cool. So let's see what happens. Edit: Sorry. We're full.
  12. 8 Ppl Searching for Room(s)

    Hello one and all, I am posting on behalf of my party (rpg lingo not actual party lol). We are 8 total, a mixture of siblings and friends highly enthusiastic to meet and grow our circle of friendship (yes this is the fabulous gay of the group so you know it's valid lol) In our group we have 2nd year attendees as well as seasoned veterans. The room holder currently has a suite at the crown plaza as well as one at the Candlewood. Which brings me to the initial reason behind my post. We're currently looking for either roommates or room(s) for Thurs night to Sunday to house our group (preferably at the crown plaza we, LOVE complimentary breakfast) to help with cost as well as help new friends attend the convention and make connections for years to come! Our age group consists of roughly two minors (siblings of the older members) as well as 21 and over. Interested parties please inquire within!
  13. Hello everyone, Looking for roommates for my room at the convention hotel (Hyatt Regency) (Thurs - Sun). Looking for mature adults only or those willing to be responsible. It's a quiet and safe room. No parties, should be a safe room for everyone. A group of 2 preferred. Interested parties please email me. Thanks, Michael brianm1918@gmail.com 37/M 18 year ACen attendee
  14. Hey all my roommates dropped out so I have 3 openings in my room at the doubletree. Prefer 21+ as I’m 31 but will consider younger. Not much of a party person but as long as we are respectful of each other, I won’t care if you party. Been going to this con for 10 or so years. This room is Thursday thru Sunday. If split between 4 ppl it will be 180 per. If you stay less days I will adjust payment and pay my extra share. There is a mini fridge and I’m an honors member so WiFi is free. It’s a pretty quiet hotel and has access from the parking garage. I bring food to share also.