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Found 13 results

  1. 1-2 roommates needed! Westin

    Would like 1-2 roommates to help lower the cost. I do have 4 people with me already maybe possibly 5. My 5th person doesn't bail, the additional roommate would pay 107 If I get 2 additional it'll be 92
  2. Looking for a room

    I know this is last minute but I'm in need if room from Thursday to Sunday. Thought I had room figured out but the person I agreed filled with other people instead. You can contact me fb at https://m.facebook.com/ChicagoGordo & Instagram @cmgordo92 thanks
  3. 1-2 roommates needed! Westin

    Would like 1-2 roommates to help lower the cost. I do have 4 people with me already maybe possibly 5. My 5th person doesn't bail, the additional roommate would pay 107 If I get 2 additional it'll be 92 Would prefer someone under 30.
  4. looking for roommates for ACen, i have 3 spot open in my room at the double tree. be there from Thursday - Sunday. $200 for the weekend. It a 21+ room. It will be a place to place to chill and relax from the convention. if you want to talk more about the room or about me PM on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Vash204
  5. Hey everyone, I'm looking to room with someone from Fri-Sun in any of the big 4 hotels (Hyatt, Hilton, Embassy, DoubleTree). In return, I'm planning to host a farewell party since I'll be getting my own room for Sunday night to those that will have the post-con depression (in addition to room fees). It'll be a chill type of party to just casually chat, no loud music (since it'll be mostly normal peeps at the hotel by then and we don't want people to be kicked out), and I'll try to have some other stuff for those attending it to keep the night fun and eventful. I usually see people that stay the extra night to sleep in the hotel than leaving early Sunday but have nothing to do, so this is a great way to unwind. I did reply back to a few people about their roommate posts so hopefully I'll get a response soon to start this process. *Edit* I have found a room and no longer need space. However, I might have 1-2 room openings but I'll find out by the end of the month if I need to post openings for it or not. I'll keep everyone posted.
  6. 2 looking for room

    Both in our 30s, he snores. Drama free. Easygoing. Will likely spend most of our time elsewhere. Will pay our fair share and contribute food and drink. Prefer Hyatt room. Prefer no floor space, but have air mattress if necessary. Willing to takeover room or share. Prefer Wednesday or Thursday through Sunday. Email:enziru@gmail.com for more immediate response.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm looking to fill one space Friday-Sunday in a group room for cheap. I'm 26, male, clean cut, responsible, and very respectful of others. Can keep to myself the whole weekend if you prefer, or hang out if you need a buddy. Willing to contribute healthy snacks, drinks (alcoholic or otherwise, assuming 21+ room), and could potentially negotiate a cheaper rate for your reservation with my military or corporate discounts. I'm new to ACen and this forum, but if you need to vet me, I'm willing to hop on a google hangouts or something. Please PM or email me at ktz93email@gmail.com, thank you!
  8. Hello everyone, I want to be the first to post that I'm willing to take a room or 2 from someone that doesn't need it anymore. I know situations occurs, (such as emergencies, life events, lack of funds, etc...) and because of that one would hate to see their room to go to waste. If interested in giving me your room, I'll do something in return as compensation for a thank you. I prefer to have a room at the Hyatt, but Hilton and/or Doubletree is also acceptable. Message me if you think you'll be able to assist me on this. Also, if you're considering on getting a roommate, I'm also down. Willing to put a deposit up front to show good face. I do like to party but I won't bring it to your room (unless you want to), and I'm always respectful of private space so I don't want to bother other people. I'm 35/m and I'm friendly to all genders and sexual orientations.
  9. I am looking for a room

    Looking for a room I can stay, friend just gave me his staff "friend pass" last second. Will help with any of the following: food, room cost, drinks (non-alcohol) Background info: Male, 27 yrs old, prior militarily, prior con staff, good hygiene, friendly, respectable, if you prefer will keep to myself, photos can be requested for confirmation prior to access to room. Follower of the basic con rule: "don't be a jerk"
  10. Just a 23 old guy looking a room to stay in for the weekend (Thursday fine too). Willing to pay $80+ or negotiate a deal. Leave a reply or PM if your still looking for a roommate.
  11. The room spot has been filled! Thank you all! Hello ACen fam, I am staying at the Double Tree from Thursday through early Sunday morning. I have an opening for one female roommate for any or all of those days (I am female also). It's a double room so you will get your own bed. I am a quiet person, 30 years old. The room will be cosplay-friendly. Partying/booze/mess are not acceptable. You will be responsible for half the cost of the room, pre-tax. Payment will be due on Monday May 14 at the latest, no exceptions. I accept Paypal. Please message me if you have questions or need more details!
  12. help a weeboo out?

    so i have been trying to find a place for ACen but have had no luck, so im reaching out on here im wondeirng if anyone has space for me? i dont have much stuff (my entire cosplay fits in my bag) i dont drink a whole lot (unless im in a social group) i dont really host parties (thou more then willing to be part of them) and im really easy to get along with im willing to pay and can sleep on the floor if needed can anyone help a brother out?
  13. Hello everyone, Well I have an update that I finally have a room. However, I need people to be able to crash with me. I'm still waiting for confirmation on about 2 people but I'm having a room in the Hyatt from Friday through Monday. I'm looking for anyone that would be over 21 since I'm planning on having drinks in the room (ID's will be checked) and a down deposit to secure your spot in my room. The room is a double bed and I'm looking to have a minimum of 4 to a max of 6 people to crash with. My only requirements is to make sure everyone takes a daily shower and be mindful of other's belongings. I'm lbgtq friendly, game consoles welcomed, open to include your food/drinks, and not looking to have drama in my room. Message me for any other questions and room prices. Update 1: There was a change done for the room dates so it's now from Fri-Mon instead. I corrected the days on the main body of the post. Also, I have a total of 3 people currently in the room (including myself) so I can accept a minimum of 1 to a max of 3 additional people. Update 2: Another 2 people got the room so I have space for one last person to make it a total of 6 people staying over. Update 3: I got the last space filled up so not more inquiries. Thanks to those that messaged me and I apologize to those that wanted the room but couldn't get it.