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Found 16 results

  1. Two people looking for room

    Myself and my girlfriend are looking for a room for Friday and Saturday night. We'll be arriving Friday morning and leaving Sunday evening. We both cosplay, and really just need a place to get ready, store our stuff, and sleep. Distance isn't an issue. She is cosplaying as a character with a gigantic backpack (Beedle from BotW), so we'd need at least a little bit of room for that.
  2. Hotel Adjacent to convention! Two males currently. Looking for Roommates for Thursday to Sunday! Will negotiate days of stay if needed!
  3. Hey there, my friend and I are looking for a room for Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night. We both very chill, enjoy having fun, and love meeting new people. To give a little more specifics about us: I'm Victor, I namely love cosplaying traps and female characters, never been to ACen, and been to CAD twice and Midwest twice as well. I've roomed up with a few people before in the past. I can give their facebook profiles if you need a reference :D I also enjoy headpats and hugs cause I'm a dopey tool My friend, Sam, she's never been to ACen either, I met her at CAD at the end of last year. We don't know each other super well, but thought it'd be fun to go to the con together, the only hard part is finding a group with a room xD We're both a little~ bit socially awkward, but we push ourselves super hard to be more outgoing and more sociable :D Preferably we'd like Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If Sunday is included then we won't complain too much, but preferably we'd like those three days. Also preferably, I'd like to take everyone out to Mitsuwa on Thursday night. Its a nearby Japanese superstore that's stocked to the brim with authentic Japanese stuff that comes at a muuuuch cheaper cost compared to what you'd get at the Con. It's a great little get to know each other activity that I learnt the first time I grouped with people and it was a total blast. So, ye, I'll link pictures of me in cosplay and my friend here: Meh: https://gyazo.com/8a6b2484c7be4d95a2826d9cc78d9f60 Muh friend: https://gyazo.com/d19a8dc85e6a023fb5ee7f4f203cee5c I'll also include a link to muh Facebook. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested. https://www.facebook.com/viktor.zubrzycki.7 Requirements: Must like dank memes
  4. I got a room set now, so I am currently not seeking a room for ACen. DrSwissCheesy
  5. Hey everyone, I'm looking to room with someone from Fri-Sun in any of the big 4 hotels (Hyatt, Hilton, Embassy, DoubleTree). In return, I'm planning to host a farewell party since I'll be getting my own room for Sunday night to those that will have the post-con depression (in addition to room fees). It'll be a chill type of party to just casually chat, no loud music (since it'll be mostly normal peeps at the hotel by then and we don't want people to be kicked out), and I'll try to have some other stuff for those attending it to keep the night fun and eventful. I usually see people that stay the extra night to sleep in the hotel than leaving early Sunday but have nothing to do, so this is a great way to unwind. I did reply back to a few people about their roommate posts so hopefully I'll get a response soon to start this process. *Edit* I have found a room and no longer need space. However, I might have 1-2 room openings but I'll find out by the end of the month if I need to post openings for it or not. I'll keep everyone posted.
  6. 2 looking for room

    Both in our 30s, he snores. Drama free. Easygoing. Will likely spend most of our time elsewhere. Will pay our fair share and contribute food and drink. Prefer Hyatt room. Prefer no floor space, but have air mattress if necessary. Willing to takeover room or share. Prefer Wednesday or Thursday through Sunday. Email:enziru@gmail.com for more immediate response.
  7. Have 2 spots available at the Crowne plaza from day 0(May 16-19, 4 nights). I ask for 270$ from each person, no matter how long you stay. Message me if you are interested and want more details.
  8. Hello everyone I’m currently looking for three roommates, at the begging of this year I had all open spots filled however roommates decided not to go due to various reason jobs and school. I'll charge $100 possibly $80 for Friday and Saturday nights, more or less depending on the quantity of roommates. I have a double bed room reservation at the moment in the embassy suits right across the main convention center, a 2 min walk to the conventions. Everyone is welcome to apply male, female, LGBT everyone. Please provide your personal social media and a personal message or leave it on the comments below. However a social media will have a faster response as I don’t have to login to ACen forums, Right now I have 2 female roommates so they will decide the who gets in, but that could change if they leave as well. I’m planning to make a facebook chat so that we can all communicate properly. You must follow the following requirements: 1.)You have to be over 18. 2.)No drama. 3.)Clean up after yourself 4.)Hygiene is important 5.)Do not invite anyone to the room if they do not have unanimous agreement from all the roommates, we don’t want anything stolen. And that is pretty much it, all other suggestion are open to discussion. Everyone is welcome to give it a try. If you can't contact me via ACen forums this is my email madaraconqueror@gmail.com. Thank you. Have a great day.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking to fill one space Friday-Sunday in a group room for cheap. I'm 26, male, clean cut, responsible, and very respectful of others. Can keep to myself the whole weekend if you prefer, or hang out if you need a buddy. Willing to contribute healthy snacks, drinks (alcoholic or otherwise, assuming 21+ room), and could potentially negotiate a cheaper rate for your reservation with my military or corporate discounts. I'm new to ACen and this forum, but if you need to vet me, I'm willing to hop on a google hangouts or something. Please PM or email me at ktz93email@gmail.com, thank you!
  10. Hello everyone, I want to be the first to post that I'm willing to take a room or 2 from someone that doesn't need it anymore. I know situations occurs, (such as emergencies, life events, lack of funds, etc...) and because of that one would hate to see their room to go to waste. If interested in giving me your room, I'll do something in return as compensation for a thank you. I prefer to have a room at the Hyatt, but Hilton and/or Doubletree is also acceptable. Message me if you think you'll be able to assist me on this. Also, if you're considering on getting a roommate, I'm also down. Willing to put a deposit up front to show good face. I do like to party but I won't bring it to your room (unless you want to), and I'm always respectful of private space so I don't want to bother other people. I'm 35/m and I'm friendly to all genders and sexual orientations.
  11. 8 Ppl Searching for Room(s)

    Hello one and all, I am posting on behalf of my party (rpg lingo not actual party lol). We are 8 total, a mixture of siblings and friends highly enthusiastic to meet and grow our circle of friendship (yes this is the fabulous gay of the group so you know it's valid lol) In our group we have 2nd year attendees as well as seasoned veterans. The room holder currently has a suite at the crown plaza as well as one at the Candlewood. Which brings me to the initial reason behind my post. We're currently looking for either roommates or room(s) for Thurs night to Sunday to house our group (preferably at the crown plaza we, LOVE complimentary breakfast) to help with cost as well as help new friends attend the convention and make connections for years to come! Our age group consists of roughly two minors (siblings of the older members) as well as 21 and over. Interested parties please inquire within!
  12. Thursday Night Available

    Hello, I have one empty space available at the Westin for just Thursday night before the con with not everyone here staying for three nights. The Westin is about a 10 minute walk to the Stephens Center and 2 minute walk to McDonald's. Preferably male. For anyone couldn't get three nights or suddenly have a change in schedule to stay another night and on a budget. Been going to the con for five years. As long as you follow the rules and conduct even for this span. You must be 18+, no drama, hygiene is important, do not invite anyone to the room. If interested, PM me and if you use social media.
  13. Transfer room?

    Anyone looking to dump a room I can pay any deposit looking for a room closer than what i have right now
  14. There was a miscommunication and I have an excess room for the Embassy Suites. I am looking to transfer the reservation. I am not asking for a fee but I will not be able to actually do the transfer until Friday as I have work obligations that are taking up most of my time this week. The room is a 1 king bed suite and is booked from Thursday - Sunday. You must be able to provide a credit card to the Embassy suite hotel to replace mine as part of the transfer of the reservation. Please message if interested, I will be responding in a "first come first served" basis
  15. Looking for a 2 bed balcony room at the Hyatt. Name your price. Also willing to consider other hotels near by. If this post is still up in still looking.
  16. Hello all! I figured I'd try to potentially find someone here who perhaps might have a room at the Hyatt Regency and find themselves unable to attend! If so, I am definitely looking to take your room. I am preferably looking for a single King room for Thursday through Sunday (though Friday through Sunday can work too). I am periodically calling the Regency to see if any room slots have become available, but if you find yourself in a bind, let me know! I took a room from someone last year and the transfer process was pretty easy. Again, this is an offer to take your room reservation at the Hyatt Regency if you are unable to attend ACen '18. Just leave a comment here or send me a message and we can work out all the details. Thank you!