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Found 10 results

  1. Two people looking for room

    Myself and my girlfriend are looking for a room for Friday and Saturday night. We'll be arriving Friday morning and leaving Sunday evening. We both cosplay, and really just need a place to get ready, store our stuff, and sleep. Distance isn't an issue. She is cosplaying as a character with a gigantic backpack (Beedle from BotW), so we'd need at least a little bit of room for that.
  2. Hey there, my friend and I are looking for a room for Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night. We both very chill, enjoy having fun, and love meeting new people. To give a little more specifics about us: I'm Victor, I namely love cosplaying traps and female characters, never been to ACen, and been to CAD twice and Midwest twice as well. I've roomed up with a few people before in the past. I can give their facebook profiles if you need a reference :D I also enjoy headpats and hugs cause I'm a dopey tool My friend, Sam, she's never been to ACen either, I met her at CAD at the end of last year. We don't know each other super well, but thought it'd be fun to go to the con together, the only hard part is finding a group with a room xD We're both a little~ bit socially awkward, but we push ourselves super hard to be more outgoing and more sociable :D Preferably we'd like Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If Sunday is included then we won't complain too much, but preferably we'd like those three days. Also preferably, I'd like to take everyone out to Mitsuwa on Thursday night. Its a nearby Japanese superstore that's stocked to the brim with authentic Japanese stuff that comes at a muuuuch cheaper cost compared to what you'd get at the Con. It's a great little get to know each other activity that I learnt the first time I grouped with people and it was a total blast. So, ye, I'll link pictures of me in cosplay and my friend here: Meh: https://gyazo.com/8a6b2484c7be4d95a2826d9cc78d9f60 Muh friend: https://gyazo.com/d19a8dc85e6a023fb5ee7f4f203cee5c I'll also include a link to muh Facebook. Feel free to shoot me a message if you're interested. https://www.facebook.com/viktor.zubrzycki.7 Requirements: Must like dank memes
  3. Looking for a room!

    Hello, this will be my first time attending ACen. I'm 23M and am in need of a room that's hopefully not too far away from the con. I'll be bringing a few cameras and will be cosplaying with a fairly large prop as well. Please message me for room details! :)
  4. Me and 4 others agreed to go to ACen last minute, however there’s no hotel rooms available, a shocking surprise. Preferably if there is a hotel with two double or queen beds. Or even a queen/king with a sofa that also works. Something within short walking distance to the convention center too, so like the DoubleTree, Hilton, Hyatt etc EDIT: we plan to stay Friday - Sunday, however this is subject to change.
  5. Hi there! I’m looking for any rooms that need a roommate spot filled. I’m a cosplayer but generally very polite, respectful, and tidy. I’m also very shy and don’t talk much unless talked to. I would like to not be in a crowded room but I’m open to the option anyway! I also shower daily and usually late at night or early in the morning (because this point is usually a deal breaker ;)). Interests include: League of Legends, Smash Ultinate, Kpop (in case you’re looking for similar interests roommates).
  6. Hey all! ACen is slowly encroaching upon us, and many of us are putting aside money for our hotel stays... Also many of us I'm sure might forget that not only does your hotel of choice charge you for your 3+ night stay but also each night includes an incidental insurance charge as well. That's typically $50/night booked. A user who shall remain nameless from the Otakon forums was surprised and frustrated that he couldn't check in (without the help of his dad who loaned him some money) because he didn't have upwards of $150 required at check in, of which is the $50 a night I mentioned a moment ago. Don't put yourself in his situation. Always save / request from your roommates a little bit more to cover this fee that many hotels charge. Also to note, this charge is TEMPORARY given your room isn't trashed beyond simple methods of room cleaning, and will be reversed and refunded within reasonable time after you check out. That'll vary from hotel to hotel, but the $150-200 or so extra charged to your credit/debit card will be temporary. So, I intend this thread to serve as a reminder for everyone to have you / your group budget an additional $150-200 or so for the incidentals, even if the booking site you're using doesn't mention it, even though they should, but if you're an experienced con-goer/hotel booker you should expect/remember and budget for it.... Thanks for reading, Shiggitay
  7. Looking for a room. I am an artist wasn't expecting to be accepted to artist alley (lol rejected a few times). I am 20+F. If you have day 0 booked as well great! But if you only have the 17-19th booked that is also ok. I can pay right away. I will only have my small duffle bag in the room and my 2 suitcases will be left in AA. You may contact me on here or email, melomelonton@yahoo.com
  8. I was just wondering if anybody has an idea when 2019 hotel blocks will be opened up? I'm so bad at staying organized and wanna plan as far in advance as possible lololol
  9. Looking for room for the Aloft hotel

    Hello, My roomies for the convention bailed out of going (due to family issues) and so I’m looking for at least two to four people to fill the room. The room is rented from the 18th thru the 20th only. It's a king size bedroom but has an let couch for an extra bed space and only 3 to 10 mins from the convention center depending on how you are getting there. If you are driving it's about 3 minutes away, $18 a day for parking but there are other places for parking, 3 minutes by bus and10 minutes away from walking. I would like to at least get to know you during the months before the convention before actually meeting up. If you are interested please respond here or send me a message via FB. The name is Asch Meijer with zero-two as the icon. Thanks Update: I am not looking for any more roommates thanks!
  10. Looking for a 2 bed balcony room at the Hyatt. Name your price. Also willing to consider other hotels near by. If this post is still up in still looking.