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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone I’m currently looking for three roommates, at the begging of this year I had all open spots filled however roommates decided not to go due to various reason jobs and school. I'll charge $100 possibly $80 for Friday and Saturday nights, more or less depending on the quantity of roommates. I have a double bed room reservation at the moment in the embassy suits right across the main convention center, a 2 min walk to the conventions. Everyone is welcome to apply male, female, LGBT everyone. Please provide your personal social media and a personal message or leave it on the comments below. However a social media will have a faster response as I don’t have to login to ACen forums, Right now I have 2 female roommates so they will decide the who gets in, but that could change if they leave as well. I’m planning to make a facebook chat so that we can all communicate properly. You must follow the following requirements: 1.)You have to be over 18. 2.)No drama. 3.)Clean up after yourself 4.)Hygiene is important 5.)Do not invite anyone to the room if they do not have unanimous agreement from all the roommates, we don’t want anything stolen. And that is pretty much it, all other suggestion are open to discussion. Everyone is welcome to give it a try. If you can't contact me via ACen forums this is my email madaraconqueror@gmail.com. Thank you. Have a great day.
  2. Need roomies @ the Embassy

    I'm seeking additional roommates for the Embassy Suites from Thursday 17th - Monday 21st (yes, the whole five days). $200 per person/whole weekend or negotiable if you need a place to crash before checking into your own room proper. Drinks may or may not be involved, so if you're down... please be of age. We all remember room 2340. (I'm the guy on the left with an AMS Agent giving me backup.
  3. Just taking a shot in the dark. If you're looking to cancel your reservation at the Embassy Suites or Hyatt Regency, I would be extremely appreciative in taking over your reservation. Maybe we could work out some sort of compensation, as well. Just let me know. Thanks
  4. Transfer room?

    Anyone looking to dump a room I can pay any deposit looking for a room closer than what i have right now