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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone, Sorry for the last minute thing, but if available I'll be looking for a spot/ room for 2 people. Both friendly, love chatting laughing and nerding out. Me: Name: Zoe Male l Black l 24 l: 5'7 l Love One Piece l Don't put pineapples on his Pizza. l Travel . Him: Name: Cado Male l Black l 25 l 5'7 l Love Jojo Bizzare Adventure l Probably puts pineapples on his Pizza. l Makes music
  2. Hello everyone, Sorry for the last minute thing, but if available I'll be looking for a spot/ room for 2 people. Both friendly, love chatting laughing and nerding out. Me: Name: Zoe Male l Black l 24 l: 5'7 l Love One Piece l Don't put pineapples on his Pizza. l Travel . Him: Name: Cado Male l Black l 25 l 5'7 l Love Jojo Bizzare Adventure l Probably puts pineapples on his Pizza. l Makes music Sorry for the late thread, but if you happen to have room,
  3. I was wondering where and when the Overwatch and Overwatch + Blizzard cosplay meetups will be held or at least where I can find out this information?
  4. The room i'm staying in is looking for two Roomates to stay in our room. Prefer LGBTQ+ friendly people! Our room consists of woman((biologically....)) And thus prefer either woman or ftms. For more details I will give those interested the Room Leaders Facebook. UPDATE STILL LOOKING FOR TWO ROOMATES!! - April 21, 2019
  5. //Please delete if not allowed// For any cosplayers looking for cosplay pics this ACen, my bf is just starting up at cosplay photoshoots! He's booking for Fri shoots right now.. Not expensive since he's just starting out and he can even add some minor magic effects in :D Check out his page (Birb King Photography) for more info ~ https://m.facebook.com/birbkingphoto/
  6. First Time ACen Attendee

    Hello everyone!! I will be attending ACen for the first time this year and would love to meet people to hang out with throughout the weekend. I'll be cosplaying Rock Lee from Naruto, Desert AU Haru from Free!, Krul Tepes from ONS, and Joker from Persona 5. If anyone is cosplaying from those series or is doing meetups for them let me know and we can get together and do a shoot or something! :)
  7. Hey all, I haven't been able to find any photos from the Sailor Moon photoshoot from Friday. I was punk sailor moon and I really want to see some stupid photos of me dabbing. Please help! ~thanks
  8. ACen 2018 Cosplayers - photos from 5/19

    Hi All, This was my first ACen I attended and I loved it! Thank you to all the amazing cosplayers who I met and allowed me to capture their freaking awesome designs~ Please feel free to download your images from my *New* ACen 2018 Album for free If you'd like to work with me on capturing your cosplays, you can reach me at hello@peacockeyephotography.com
  9. Hello everyone I’m currently looking for three roommates, at the begging of this year I had all open spots filled however roommates decided not to go due to various reason jobs and school. I'll charge $100 possibly $80 for Friday and Saturday nights, more or less depending on the quantity of roommates. I have a double bed room reservation at the moment in the embassy suits right across the main convention center, a 2 min walk to the conventions. Everyone is welcome to apply male, female, LGBT everyone. Please provide your personal social media and a personal message or leave it on the comments below. However a social media will have a faster response as I don’t have to login to ACen forums, Right now I have 2 female roommates so they will decide the who gets in, but that could change if they leave as well. I’m planning to make a facebook chat so that we can all communicate properly. You must follow the following requirements: 1.)You have to be over 18. 2.)No drama. 3.)Clean up after yourself 4.)Hygiene is important 5.)Do not invite anyone to the room if they do not have unanimous agreement from all the roommates, we don’t want anything stolen. And that is pretty much it, all other suggestion are open to discussion. Everyone is welcome to give it a try. If you can't contact me via ACen forums this is my email madaraconqueror@gmail.com. Thank you. Have a great day.
  10. Hi, I was wondering if people would be interested in buying instax (poloroid) photos at the con. Like, I would walk around with my instax camera and shoot people who ask for one. I was thinking like $2/pic OR $5 for 3 pics. If it works, maybe a 10 pic photo shoot option?? Let me know what you think. I know that digital photos look really nice for cosplays and darker cosplays might not show up well for the film. But I think this might be fun for some people.
  11. 8 Ppl Searching for Room(s)

    Hello one and all, I am posting on behalf of my party (rpg lingo not actual party lol). We are 8 total, a mixture of siblings and friends highly enthusiastic to meet and grow our circle of friendship (yes this is the fabulous gay of the group so you know it's valid lol) In our group we have 2nd year attendees as well as seasoned veterans. The room holder currently has a suite at the crown plaza as well as one at the Candlewood. Which brings me to the initial reason behind my post. We're currently looking for either roommates or room(s) for Thurs night to Sunday to house our group (preferably at the crown plaza we, LOVE complimentary breakfast) to help with cost as well as help new friends attend the convention and make connections for years to come! Our age group consists of roughly two minors (siblings of the older members) as well as 21 and over. Interested parties please inquire within!
  12. Thursday Night Available

    Hello, I have one empty space available at the Westin for just Thursday night before the con with not everyone here staying for three nights. The Westin is about a 10 minute walk to the Stephens Center and 2 minute walk to McDonald's. Preferably male. For anyone couldn't get three nights or suddenly have a change in schedule to stay another night and on a budget. Been going to the con for five years. As long as you follow the rules and conduct even for this span. You must be 18+, no drama, hygiene is important, do not invite anyone to the room. If interested, PM me and if you use social media.
  13. Hey all my roommates dropped out so I have 3 openings in my room at the doubletree. Prefer 21+ as I’m 31 but will consider younger. Not much of a party person but as long as we are respectful of each other, I won’t care if you party. Been going to this con for 10 or so years. This room is Thursday thru Sunday. If split between 4 ppl it will be 180 per. If you stay less days I will adjust payment and pay my extra share. There is a mini fridge and I’m an honors member so WiFi is free. It’s a pretty quiet hotel and has access from the parking garage. I bring food to share also.
  14. Looking for room for the Aloft hotel

    Hello, My roomies for the convention bailed out of going (due to family issues) and so I’m looking for at least two to four people to fill the room. The room is rented from the 18th thru the 20th only. It's a king size bedroom but has an let couch for an extra bed space and only 3 to 10 mins from the convention center depending on how you are getting there. If you are driving it's about 3 minutes away, $18 a day for parking but there are other places for parking, 3 minutes by bus and10 minutes away from walking. I would like to at least get to know you during the months before the convention before actually meeting up. If you are interested please respond here or send me a message via FB. The name is Asch Meijer with zero-two as the icon. Thanks Update: I am not looking for any more roommates thanks!
  15. Looking for a 2 bed balcony room at the Hyatt. Name your price. Also willing to consider other hotels near by. If this post is still up in still looking.