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  1. Cosplay Progress 2015

    I've been freaking out about mine for a long time now. ^^;. And I only have one. Anyway, I'm cosplaying Lisbeth from Sword Art Online, and while her outfit doesn't SEEM like it's complicated, it was. Only because it was my first time using a pattern, and half of everything ended up being off pattern because the pattern didn't fit me like it should, or was missing a piece. A lot of my cosplay was made by tracing around existing clothing. ^^;. I've been working on it since February (at that point, for a few hours a day, but nothing that would take up any significant amount of time), and am just finally NOW nearing completion. However, I still need to finish hemming a few things (not much, thankfully!), making her bow, making her apron (well, the waistband, lace and bow), the arrows on her sleeves, adding the buttons to the collar, and styling the wig. And I'd like to be able to make a prop. Since I'm strapped for time ATM though, I don't see that happening. Which is kind of annoying. >_<;.
  2. ACEN 2015 Plans

    I have no idea what panels I'll be attending (I haven't had a chance to check the guidebook app yet.. D:. Shame on me. But I'm finishing up my cosplay.), but I hope to be able to get into at least whatever panel Christina Vee and/or Sandy Fox will be in. Probably the Sailor Moon VA panel if I had to guess, but I want to go to whatever panel they're in. I loved Christina Vee as Homura, and Sandy Fox's versions of the opening/endings of Magic Knight Rayearth and Freckles were also awesome. As was her performance as Mistral and Mireille from .hack. There were more VAs than them that I wanted to attend the panels for, but I can't remember right now. Other than that, I want to go to as many panels as time allows, and I'm cosplaying as Lisbeth from Sword Art Online. I also want to go to the dealer room, but I think most of us do. XD. Would be awesome to meet more SAO fans, but the odds of getting noticed are super slim. >_<;. I've cosplayed stuff from super popular at the time series, and been totally ignored. So I'm ready for it. Still, it'd be awesome to talk to some SAO fans. :).
  3. Cash or Card ?

    From what I saw last year, the majority of vendors take credit cards (especially major vendors such as Good Smile, Aniplex, and Funimation). However, like others have said, I would mostly use cash to be on the safe side. I've been VERY tempted to bring my card so I have money for food (and in case something grabs my eye and I'm out of money XD), but at the same time, it's also intimidating. How do I know they won't use my info outside of me paying for stuff? I just don't trust it. And what if my card falls out somewhere? I'm probably paranoid, but I don't like the idea of my card going missing. D:. But yeah, just stick to money.
  4. Safest Method to Carry Money

    I usually carry a small purse that goes from my shoulder to my side (I mean, it's REALLY small. It can fit my phone, money, some tape, and hair pins, but that's all.). It's worked every year so far. Because it's black, it's also pretty discreet--which is great for cosplay purposes. And it's easy enough to remove for photos. (I have my brother hold it during this time). And because my cosplays have always been girls, it's not out of place, either. I'm going to think of something else this year, though. I'm cosplaying a guy this year, so a purse would ruin my cosplay. D:. I like the badge holder idea that I've seen on here--is there any way to buy the ones ACen sells before the con? I think ACen used to have a store on the website, but I can't find it. :(. And if not, can I get a similar one outside the con?
  5. Bringing BJDs to con

    I agree with what -JUNK- said regarding this issue. I've seen many people carry their dolls, and no one bothers them, or tries to take the doll out of its owner's arms. It seems to be pretty safe. As for the dealer's room, I'm sure the vendors will allow you try clothes on your doll. As long as you ask first. :).
  6. How Much Should I Save?

    I don't have a certain number when saving up, but I figure I can get by on this: Hotel: $0. I'm lucky, and my mom pays for the hotel room. I know that there are some hotels for $70 or so nearby, so if I needed to, I'd pay that. Gas: $0. My mom ALSO pays for gas because she goes to Rosemont to visit a friend who lives nearby, and there's no need for me to pay for it. Food: I really don't need to eat anything besides dinner (I just don't get that hungry), so maybe $20. And that's just to be safe. I eat random snacks I bring with me here and there (some trail mix or chips periodically), so I don't feel bad during the con. I recommend that others bring about $60 or so, just because food can get expensive in Rosemont. Other stuff: I'm bad in the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley, so I bring anywhere from $200-$400. I can't be sure if a figure or plushie I buy online is legit or not, so I don't buy those except at ACen. Which causes me to spend more than I probably would online, but at least I know what I'm buying is real. I see so many knock off items on Amazon and Ebay that I'm afraid to buy any figures online. ^^;. I also didn't have much access to buying other merchandise until recently, so I had to buy it all there. Now that I do, though, I may spend less. XD. But it's typically around that amount. And I think that's all. I may bring extra money, in case something happens, but that's all.
  7. Is Acen even considered an anime convention anymore?

    Oops. My bad. I had heard that the Crystal Ball ended up being a rave, so I had originally typed three with this in mind. I ended up changing my mind later a few lines later--I didn't want to say that the Crystal Ball was another rave without knowing for sure--so I changed the post to read two later on. I just realized that I forgot to change the original line after. ^^;. I had meant two. The second rave is still one too many IMO, though. Like I said, the Soap Bubble was once enough, and I feel it still is enough.
  8. Is Acen even considered an anime convention anymore?

    I never thought I'd say this, but I question this, too. I've been attending since ACen 2002, and when I first attended, ACen was everything I was looking for in an anime con. It had nothing but anime related panels, plenty of industry guests (both American and Japanese), a dealer's room with a wide selection, and was full of friendly people who loved anime as much as I do. It stayed like this until.. 2008 or so, I think. Concerts suddenly started costing something other than admission. Panels slide by that shouldn't have been allowed to. The dealer's room sells less and less anime merchandise, and more and more 'geek' merchandise. The focus instead now seems to be turning to fashion, general geekdom, and raves. And it SHOULD NOT BE. I mean, we do not need THREE raves. The Soap Bubble was/is plenty. It seemed to be enough then, and it definitely is enough now. Having one dance would cut down on the ravers who dislike anime or anime fans who come just for the rave. It may not eliminate them entirely, but it would cause them to come in fewer numbers. After all, they would only get one rave instead of two for free, and it would become less desirable for them. Which is GOOD. I personally hate these kinds of people. Why come to an ANIME con if you HATE ANIME? They just make everyone else have less of a good time with their attitudes. As for why I feel it's turning into just general geekdom.. for one thing, many of the panels in the last few years don't relate to anime. As much as I like Steampunk fashion, unless it's in a particular anime, it does NOT relate to Japan, anime, or Japanese culture as a whole. And one year, there was a Mortal Kombat panel, and there was a panel on DC comics last year. These do NOT relate to Japan. I know that a few video game panels are allowed, but Mortal Kombat just seems out of place at an anime con. And I know those are only some of the irrelevant panels. And there were entirely too many Homestuck panels last year. I know there are a small number of webcomic panels allowed, but two panels for one NON-JAPANESE webcomic is a bit excessive. And as for the fashion thing, it seems we're getting more and more fashion based guests, and more and more fashion panels are popping up. I know that they do relate to Japan, but it's still a bit excessive. Maybe it should be toned down a bit? This year, ACen seems to be going a good job with this. They aren't in excess this year, but there are still enough of them to represent that aspect of Japanese culture. As for the dealer's room.. the amount of non-anime/Japan related stands lately is upsetting. I saw too many general geek stands for comfort last year. Movie t-shirts, movie posters, Steampunk clothes, and glow sticks are NOT anime or Japan related. And it seemed there were even more of these than usual last year. I remember I had a hard time finding a DVD I was looking for. Not because it was sold out. But because there were so FEW stands selling them. >_<;. Overall, Last year was a BIT better than the previous years at being relevant, but it still contained too many irrelevant panels, too many fashion related guests, and still had the problem with the raves. And this year, it LOOKS like it's getting better. But we'll have to wait until later to confirm this. If the trend keeps up like it seems to this year, then yes, I would say it still is an anime con. If everything suddenly goes down from here, then I would have to answer kind of, sadly.
  9. Cardcaptors Clow Cards KO quality.

    There are some on Ebay right now, but they're minimum $30. They used to sell them when Cardcaptor Sakura came out in here as Cardcaptors (and were labelled as such), but they're the same thing. And they do contain all the cards. *has the set*. Right now, they're up for bid for $10, but were just listed.
  10. MapleStory cosplay, anyone?

    Like the title says, are any of you interested in cosplaying MapleStory characters? I'd love to have a MapleStory photoshoot (the first EVER for any con), but interest is usually very low. And I don't quite understand it. There are a ton of people who play, the game has great character designs, and good characters. NOWADAYS, anyway. I just don't understand the lack of cosplays. And the few people that DO cosplay MapleStory don't get recognized. I just don't understand why not, if the game has a LARGE amount of people who play it. *sighs* Anyway, I'd love to cosplay Neinheart, but I don't feel it's worth the effort if no one recognizes me. >_<;;. Do any of you plan on cosplay MS, or would any of you be interested?
  11. Your opinion on reusing cosplays?

    I tend to make a new one per con, and wear it the whole weekend (Fabreze is my friend XD. I'm terrified of washing them). But that's only because, ideally, I want to portray a new character for each con. I love mixing it up. Another reason I don't really wear my costumes more than once, however, is that no one seems to take my picture in them, or even recognize who I am. I usually get completely ignored. D:. I always strive to make my cosplay the most successful it can be, so I try again with new costumes. Though I'm NOT sure why no one likes my old ones. >_<; That doesn't mean that I will NEVER wear my costumes again, though. If I don't have any ideas, or if I just feel like it, I may very well wear them again. I do still like each character I portrayed (favorite characters tend to stick with me), so it's not outside the realm of possibility. I put way too much effort into costumes to just abandon them flat.
  12. Fire-Alarm Justice

    I hadn't heard of the dome breaking last year, but I third that you should have turned him in. He made the con pay thousands that they shouldn't have had to pay. D:. I feel that that isn't right. I know it's too late, but that is something that shouldn't have been left alone. That aside, I also hope that whoever pulled the alarm is caught and banned for life. The last thing we need is for the rates to go up again because someone thought it was cute to pull the alarm. >_<;.
  13. 2012 Gripes thread

    I have the same complaint that many other people on this thread have had--the timing. I didn't run into this very much, as many of the panels I wished to attend were where and when they were supposed to be, but I saw way too many unannounced schedule changes to not complain about it. So many panels were randomly moved, and on more than one occasion, it wasn't on the slip I was given when I picked up my program guide. I've heard all future changes were only announced on the Guidebook app, which isn't right, IMO. Not everyone has an iphone, or similar device (if Guidebook is on other phones). Or can afford one, or even wants one. Changes should have been announced through other means. It's not fair to those of us who don't have an iphone. We have no means of finding out changes, and either miss events we're really looking forward to, or stand way longer than we should. Or we get to look silly by being in an empty room where a panel was supposed to be, but suddenly isn't. Updates through the website, or in person would have been fine. Please do this in the future, along with Guidebook. I only just heard about this, but I'm also dissatisfied with the Masquerade being cancelled in favor of the Soap Bubble. The Masquerade is a huge part of any anime con, and is something that many cosplayers worked months to prepare for. It wasn't fair to them to cancel something they prepared for in favor of a DANCE. This just shows the shifting focus away from anime to just being a raver con, which really saddens me. I don't want to ever see ACen turn into something like The Reactor, or just become another in general geek con. ACen is called ANIME Central. Not Raver Central. The focus should be on anime. If anything, the Soap Bubble should have been cancelled as a result of that fire alarm. (BTW, I hope the jerk who pulled(I'm assuming it was pulled) was caught and fined. ACen shouldn't pay for a stupid prank that MAY have not even been done by a congoer.) I hope this dance over something anime related is something that is never done again. I also didn't like the focus on dances and fashion this year verses anime related main programming. There were THREE dances. We don't need THREE dances. ONE was enough. And many of the Japanese guests that we did have were for fashion. There was only 1 Japanese industry guest this year, and it shouldn't be that way. I mean, Nabeshin is great and all, but I wanted to see other industry guests, too. There shouldn't be 3 fashion related guests, and only 1 industry guest. The amount of fashion related guests, and dances also shows the shift I'm afraid of. Another gripe I had was the room the Ren Faire was given was too small. The book may have said something about that this was intentional(I don't remember), but there seemed to be a lot of people who wanted to attend their panels and couldn't due to the small room. Even though I did have many complains, and I still fear for the future of ACen, I did have a good time, and do plan on attending next year. But I hope that what I complained about is dealt with.
  14. Cosplay Progress 2012

    I'm not all that far in mine--probably 25%-30%. I'm cosplaying Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight, and I only have the necklace done, and the shoes. I'm working on the sailor collar for the uniform right now, and have completed the basic version of the cuffs. I have yet to start the details, or the staff. D:. I would be further along, but I have been feeling bad all week. And this was the week where I was supposed to finish my cosplay. D:. I haven't had the energy to do it except for maybe 2 hours at a time. I was lucky to be able to get the necklace and cuffs done. D:.
  15. Where to get a good wig.

    I've noticed the same thing about Cosplay.com--their selection has went way down, and with no explanation. I used to buy all my wigs there, too. Their selection was fantastic, and the wigs were REALLY high quality. They were the only place that sold a wig that fit my head, too. But they randomly dropped most of their wigs. >_<;. Anyway, as for suggestions.. I agree with those who said Arda Wigs. I've heard their wigs are really good quality, and their prices are good. (I haven't bought from them yet, but I will the next time I need a wig.) Plus, if you have a problem with regular wigs fitting, their wigs fit larger heads. :). Other than that, Amphigory is fair priced (I've heard they can take forever, though).