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  1. Fake Female Gamers

    I have yet to meet a girl who plays games in order to bag a guy. I mean if they honestly wanted to bag a guy so bad I'd assume they'd fake like something like sports, or bacon not video games. Isn't it girls who complain about their men spending too much time on the video games and not enough time with them. I'm a girl gamer, and my friends are too and we so do not play games to bag guys we play them because it's fun.
  2. Drinking Age Limit

    Personally I think 16 years olds should not even be driving a car.
  3. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Currently I'm replaying uncharted 2, and playing Infamous Prototype Silent hill 2, and homecoming Resident Evil 1, 2, darkside chronicles, and replaying 5, and 4.
  4. Johnny's Entertainment 2010

    Only JE game I've ever played involved booze and those never end well. I say we gather around a computer and watch a Johnny movie or something.
  5. Dante's Inferno Lauch Party

    Aw man that sucks.
  6. Dante's Inferno Lauch Party

    I dunno if anyone knows about this but in Naperville they're having a lauch party for Dante's Inferno on Feb 9th at Hollywood Palms. Info here
  7. Johnny's Entertainment 2010

    I'd go to a JE meet up if there was one.
  8. I'm In Japan Now

  9. I'm In Japan Now

  10. I'm In Japan Now