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  1. They have done a lot and are both a huge part of Japanese culture.
  2. Future of anime in America? :\

    I know when I got into anime "hardcore" when I was 14 it was on the rise and toonami was a new awesome thing. DVDs were coming out so fast I couldn't keep up if I had tried. This was also before youtube and back when you had to be on an email mailing list and had to trade videos (and yes I know it is wrong, but as a teen I didn't care and didn't understand). Then came along good torrents (again bad I know) and that was when I hit 18 when that was huge. Then youtube was easier because you could just view it online without space being taken up on the hard drive. Then came laws to prevent this and region block settings made it hard to see shows that were being uploaded on the japanese youtube. Now it's 10 years after that and sure it's gone downhill, but something else has also happened in the last 10 years. Anime became cool to all kids. That was something I didn't think would ever happen. You watched Sailor Moon or Dragonball or Pokemon and you were uncool. If you owned anything from any of the shows you were a nerd. Then it was like overnight anime became okay and even cool to watch (even if it's the nasty edited NA dub version of the show) and anime cons exploded. You could go to Walmart and buy a Naruto costume (cheap as all get out, but still available). You can go to Hot Topic and buy things. Heck ebay did wonders for all kinds of merch as well. It's waning, but whos to say that in another couple of years it won't pick up again? Fan bases go up and down and there might be a time where anime con attendance drops, but something else will go huge and bring fans back. It's why Star Trek is still huge especially since the reboot cause now it looks more like what people now see as what "future" might be. It's why Doctor Who gained popularity once the show was picked up again. Heck take a look at Firefly and see what happens when people discover how awesome the show is despite it being cancelled. I doubt it will disappear from the states completly. There's no way. There are citizens from Japan that move here and they have kids and at some point those kids will interact with the american kids and then "omg anime iz cools" starts all over again. There is always going to be a group that will love anime no matter what and so long as there is a demand there will always be a supply. **Minor note please do support those that supply anime so we can keep getting awesome DVDs that support those that put work into the show. Torrents, downloads from YouTube, and any other way of getting the show without paying for it is wrong and against the law.
  3. Non-Anime TV Programs You Follow

    My little list Game of Thrones Big Band Theory (new and re-runs on TBS) Mythbusters Dr Phil Worlds Dumbest series Defiance House Crashers Bath Crashers My Little Pony (English and Japanese Dub) Family Guy Dr Who (Trying to get more into this as I have to watch via netflix at a friends house) A little more vague A good chunk of stuff on History Channel, Military Channel, H2, Science Channel, Smithsonsian Channel.
  4. Funimation Sues an Anime Con for bootleg sales

    If you suspect a dealer is selling something that is a bootleg, do not put that dealer on the spot. Report your concern to the exhibit hall booth (usually located near the ACen merch boot) and give the dealer name and the suspected item.
  5. Press Badge Problem.

    Has your friend filled out the press form that is available on the website? There are things that have to be submitted in order for a press pass to be issued.
  6. buono! and morning musume

    I'm loving their recent songs and the new gens have grown on me. Getting either group would be one heck of a way to really put ACen back on the map as a major guest con which would help us get other big names.
  7. I assume there is no water damage

    Hyatt is awesome and from walking around yesterday the only thing that was "out" was the parking gate to get into the parking area. That was no doubt underwater at some point so that was fried. But there were crews out there working so the Hyatt is moving quickly.
  8. I know for a fact buono has done anime related songs and they are super fun. I also throwing out there morning musume as they are one of the if not the biggest female vocal group in Japan. I know of one other US appearance and since our con just keeps getting bigger I think we should have a huge name.
  9. Fainting at Cons?

    It should also be mentioned that if you are in a hotel and for whatever reason you do not see an ACen staff member please grab a hotel staff member. Each hotel has a way of contacting ACen dispatch which in turn will get emrt to the needed area.
  10. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    I just wanted to weight in. MLP is just like every other show out there; some love it, some hate it, some tolerate it. I can remember in high school when DBZ was defended and Sailor Moon was described as "stupid" and I could have made the reverse argument. I don't expect everyone to love the show or any dub version that is out there. I like what has been done with translating it into Japanese and you have got to remember that some things just won't translate over well for culture or language reasons, just like when we get anime in English there are things "lost" in an attempt to make it more "western". So you don't like it, you don't like it, but that's no reason to get upset with people that do enjoy it. So maybe things ought to be a little calmer and lets not be so quick to judge about what others like.
  11. Bringing BJDs to con

    I've brought dolls to ACen since 2008 and I have yet to have a problem. I never bring more than what I can handle at any one time. my usual limit is one in hand and maybe one in a bag. It is rare I bring all of them and have them all set out for the reason that some random person could come up and either steal or damage them. So if you have that one limited doll and you are paranoid about bringing them to a local meet up I advise against bringing them to ACen. I have ran doll meet ups before and in general other owners are usually friendly and help watch out for all of dolls during meet up times. however it is your job to watch what you bring to the con. If this is the first time you have brought a doll to a big con, get a bag that can help protect doll you are bringing.
  12. ACen hotel prices?

    Always figure in the 13% Rosemont charges with the rooms and parking fee. The normal rate for the Hyatt on a given night is $229 for a King/Double so there is a major difference we get considering we are basically taking over the hotel for the weekend.
  13. Safest Method to Carry Money

    When I'm at conventions I do NOT carry any credit or debit cards with me. It's too risky and with how big ACen has gotten it's just too big of a risk. My ID I don't have a choice except to carry around with me and my hotel room key. I have a lot of badge landyards that I purchase/have received at different conventions and keep the plain plastic holder and usually that is where my ID and room key are kept. When I do carry money it is cash only and I have made it a habit never to take all of my money with me at any given time. Only 50% is usually with me and the rest is kept in the room safe. I did purchase the ACen Badge/Money Holder back during the 10th anniversity and that is something I carry my cash in. If you don't want to buy the one from ACen, you can get them pretty much anywhere they sell travel things.
  14. What IS the big draw of ACEN for you?

    ACen is my local anime con and I don't get to travel a whole lot when it comes to cons due to work. I go to have fun and just enjoy myself. This year I get to enjoy being on staff which is something I have never done in the 10 years I been going. I want to give back to my local con and meet new people and just make new friends.
  15. I did not find a thread so I wanted to get this up in case anyone else within the community is looking. I helped arrange the meet-ups a couple of years ago and it seemed to go smoother once it was put in the program book than trying to find where people were at. I can't do a whole lot since I am on staff this year but I figure it didn't hurt to get this up. My idea was to perhaps hold 2 meet ups during ACen itself (one Friday and Saturday). Friday I'm thinking would be late afternoon to allow others to get to the con itself and be settled in and so on. Saturday I was thinking around evening time (perhaps right before the masq since that is where a lot of traffic is bound to be).