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  1. Hi all! Not sure how many people still bother to come to the forums anymore but I figured I would put up a post about the tokusatsu gathering. I'll be leading it again this year, and pushing to get it moved back to the loading docks where it used to be. I'm hoping if I can get the time placed on the schedule early and the location cemented and not messed around with (like the last two years), we will have the nice big turnout we should have! I know I see lots of toku cosplayers around con. I put in for Saturday later afternoon (2-3pm), mostly because I'll be working the very late night shifts in my department (basically working the dances, so I'll be getting off shift when Hardcore Synergy ends Sat morning and getting off shift when the Bubble ends Sun morning). We shall see when we get scheduled, but I hope I get the first choice I submitted. For definition purposes - tokusatsu means pretty much just "special effects", but I consider it to encompass: Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Power Rangers (it's American toku and derived from Sentai), Godzilla, Ultraman, Space Sheriff Gavan, Garo, etc. So sound off! Who's coming with toku costumes? Let's start getting excited! For me... well I haven't decided what I'm wearing to the shoot. It may depend what others are wearing. But what I plan to bring to the con are Philip (I've got two more shirts and two more hoodies on order which should come just in time for ACen), Hiiro Kagami (Brave) from Kamen Rider ExAid, probably Gou (Mach) from Drive, and maybe Den-O if I get one of his possessed-by-Imagin costumes pulled together in time. I would bring Kamen Rider Skull, but I'm not sure I'll have him done in time for ACen. :D But he's definitely going to happen sometime soon I hope!
  2. Cosplay Gatherings - Let's try to organize a bit

    I submitted the Tokusatsu gathering. With my staffing schedule that's all I can reasonably commit to. If I can manage it, I'll be at RWBY, Assassination Classroom, and Yuri on Ice gatherings, if they are scheduled. :)
  3. I'm so sorry I didn't see this sooner! It was 2, I'm sure Facebook messed up as usual. I could have SWORN I had made sure the event time was right. And now I need to kick the forum software for not notifying me like it should have.
  4. Hi all! I just realized that a topic never got started here. We have a Facebook event for the gathering, but I just realized there are still people who check here more than Facebook. Check out the Facebook event here! The details: Saturday at 2 pm, location #2 - East Outside Wall. Basically right by the doors to the "dome" area where video programming is. The gathering is being hosted this year by yours truly (KnitChick Cosplay) and my aibou Freelancer Cosplay (and yes I say partner because we will be cosplaying Philip & Shotaro from Kamen Rider W) Please feel free to check out the Facebook event, post there or here with questions or suggestions for shots. We have a general plan, but welcome suggestions especially if you have particular poses or pairings you'd love to see! Feel free to add your costume to our list here!
  5. Gripes Against Individuals

    Looks like you're missing a letter there - should be feedback@ACen.org (I see a missing "c" in your post). I will see if I can find out if there's another email besides that. Otherwise it would be to specific department heads.
  6. 2015 Photo Thread!

    I was so crazy busy this year but here's what I took (not a lot but a handful from my two photoshoots): KnitChick's photos I'm looking mainly for photos from the Tokusatsu/Power Rangers/Kamen Rider shoot on Saturday at 3 pm in the exhibit hall. I was in that and I know I saw photographers, but I couldn't grab anyone to hand my camera off to so I really want photos (especially since I barely got ANY of my costume myself!) (the other photoshoot I was in was WWE, there's a few photos of that in my album)
  7. Gripes Against Individuals

    The balcony is connected to a staff only area, it's basically the nerve center of the con and it *needs* to be quiet in there because of many reasons (one being that our dispatch is there, they have to be able to hear the radios). So it's hard to allow the congoers into the balcony. That was not new this year, that has been strictly a staff only area for at least 2-3 years if not more, so that can't be blamed for the increase. But the area *BELOW* the balcony is supposed to be the official smoking area. The Hyatt had the signs pointing there again, but they didn't enforce closing off the circle drive to smokers like they did the last two years. And actually, technically under Illinois Law that balcony is NOT a legal smoking spot since you cannot get 15 feet away from the doors. But as an asthmatic I'm aware of that balcony and as long as I don't go right by the doors to it I've never had an issue.
  8. Gripes Against Individuals

    Smoking inside is not allowed, and vapes/ecigs are supposed to be treated same as cigarettes, outside only. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this year seemed to be MUCH worse smoking-wise! I myself had to take my inhaler for the first time in months because of all the smoking around, including some people blowing smoke directly in my face. :( Please please please send feedback to feedback@ACen.org and copy adacompliance-departmenthead@ACen.org - the more voices chime in, the more my pleas for a solution will be heard! I've been fighting for seven years to get even Illinois law (minimum 15 feet from any entrances) followed, let alone some kind of smoke-free corridor between buildings so us asthmatics can get around the con without needing EMRT assistance! It makes me very sad to hear that people couldn't enjoy the con because of breathing difficulties.
  9. ACen Game Room

    I believe that the arcade room was in the International Ballroom of the Hyatt last year, right across from the consoles. I haven't had a chance to make it to a staff meeting in a while so I'm not positive but I don't believe there were any plans to move Video Gaming out of the Hyatt this year, so it will likely be in the same spot.
  10. Planning for ACen 2016

    Saving money - definitely just start putting aside a little at a time, it'll add up before you know it. For transport, take a look at Megabus. I live close to Rosemont, and I took the Megabus to Youmacon this year. It was about $30 round trip and super easy. It took me from Union Station to the Rosa Parks Transit Center right by the People Mover. From Union Station, you just need to make your way to the Blue Line and that'll take you to right near the hotel. Definitely find roommates for the con - that makes the hotel room more affordable. Keep an eye on the forums for when room blocks start to open up - the first ones start around Sept or Oct. Cheapest badge price will be at our road shows (not sure if there will be one at Youmacon), otherwise grab your badge when registration first opens. Bring extra money for food or make plans with your roommates to bring food in (or if someone has a car and you get in early, plan to grocery shop). I find that can be one of my biggest expenses is grabbing food, and Rosemont is not cheap. And unfortunately the cheaper food is not nearby (the Outlet Mall is not too bad, but it's a bit of a walk), unlike Youmacon. Anyway, hope that helps and hope you make it for 2016! ACen is a lot bigger and crazier than Youmacon, but I think you'll enjoy it! :)
  11. Here is the official spot to leave feedback about any and all special needs issues, be they good or bad! Our team worked hard to try and make this weekend better, but we can't keep improving if we don't know what worked and what didn't!
  12. E-cigs and Vaporizer

    Actually - per the Hyatt, there is NO smoking in the driveway outside of the main entrance. They have put up no smoking signs to that effect all around that area and signs pointing to the only designated smoking area - the back door by the flagpole.
  13. Pass Question

    Sorry to say, since you can only get the service discount by purchasing at con, you would have to go into the regular registration lines. But you can also pick up the will call badge there, so you won't have to brave the lines twice. (but double check when you get there - I might be wrong but I know the will call lines do not actually have registers so they cannot accept cash)
  14. Guidebook App?

    As far as I understand it, schedule changes will be pushed to Guidebook throughout the weekend as they occur. So the app should be the most up to date version of the schedule.
  15. E-cigs and Vaporizer

    I'm still waiting for official word on the hotel & convention center's policy for this, as I did get a question about it via email. But unofficially, as an asthmatic who is extremely sensitive to smoke and scents, I ask that you PLEASE take those outside to the designated smoking areas. I know it's supposed to be just "water vapor" but I have found when people smoke it near me, my asthma acts up. We just got a smoke free corridor in front last year, I really don't want to go back to not being able to breathe during the con. :( (srsly - my asthma sucks, I've gotten short of breath just standing a few feet from someone who reeked of smoke. And I can't go within 10 feet of a perfume counter in a store without wheezing.)