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  1. 2015 Arcade

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll see about Round1.
  2. 2015 Arcade

    Please bring Initial D machines in. Even 1-2 cabinets would be great if possible. Thank you!
  3. Countdown From A Million!

  4. The Slayers

    Turns out something came up during the same weekend as ACen: the motor city comic con, which has stan lee. Sorry.
  5. What are you getting people for the holidays?

    I've already gotten my girlfriend a Hetalia CD from Japan and Dr. Who season 1 dvd. Idk what ill get my parents who usually doesn't want anything. As for my bro, he doesn't know what he wants.
  6. The Slayers

    I'll be Gourry. So glad there's group starting for this. Last year, there were only me and 2 others at the photoshoot.
  7. Autograph lines...

    Last year, ACen used an app called Guidebook, where they have all sort of vital info in it, like autograph times, programming, panels, and maps and much more. It was the first yr that they used it, I think, and it worked really well for me since the schedule is constantly changing. So they update that thru the whole weekend. So I suggest getting a smartphone for the app if you can. Case in pt, they had a Panty and Stocking funimation autograph time on Sunday that wasn't scheduled at the beginning of the con. I think Funi release the English dub cast list at the con and decided to have an impromptu session. Hopefully they'll use the app again this year and hope more attendees wise up and get smartphones.
  8. Thursday Convention Center Lines

    I've asked this question too here at post 2. Magicalgamer asked the same too. There wasnt a clear answer on why the 2 lines are merged into 1 before reg opens at 4. Then what's the point of having 2 lines!? Reg dept is not answering questions on here now that they're gearing for this weekend. Maybe someone on IRT would know. Hope everything works out relatively well when I get there. I plan to get in line and get my will call badge a few hours after 4. The line should decrease much by then.
  9. Thursday Convention Center Lines

    I'm confused. Will there be only 1 line for both at-con reg and will-call pickup starting at 4pm? Registration is due to open at 4pm, so what's the point of having 2 lines (1 going North for will-con, 1 going South for at-con) before 4pm if the reg door doesn't open until 4pm. It wouldn't be fair for those who prereged to wait in the same line as those who didn't prereged. Maybe I'm missing something. Please clarify on how the lines are going to be. Thank you.
  10. Guidebook vs. Panel Programming PDFs

    I'd go with the guidebook app info since it's more current than the PDF one, which came out weeks ago. The PDF is not as current and is still a draft when it came out. Between the time the PDF was released and the app being released, the panel time may have switched from 10pm to 10am. I'd wait until the final non-app schedule is released in the next few days, like they always do a few days before the con begins. As for those guest blocks, they're TBA all right. I'm sure they got the final schedule all done and is just approving it amongst the ACen staff.
  11. Combining cosplays?

    I think you should go for it. I always get a kick out of those ppl who put a creative spin to character by taking a well-known costume and fuse it with another theme. Combining costume has been done by many at cons. For example, since zombie is quite popular these days with the Walking Dead, zombie version of characters are neat to see. I once went as a Jedi dressed in part like a Wild West marshal with a cowboy hat, cowboy belt buckle, sheriff's badge, and all since George Lucas once said that he likened Jedi to be like the peacekeeper of the Wild West. Perhaps a pic could boost your spirit:
  12. Final Guest List

    Thank you, El Ken, for letting us know a bit of the schedule that we all so are waiting for. I'm looking forward to VGO/Imeruat. Can't contain myself how awesome the schedule is gonna be.
  13. Star wars gathering

    The schedule says the gathering is at Loading Dock D unless you plan to meet somewhere else before heading there.
  14. How Much Should I Save?

    Wow, $1000 reserved for stuff?! That's going big all right. I'd think you're shopping at AX or something.
  15. Star wars gathering

    I'm sure there's some SW cosplayers going. There always are, but it might be harder to find them than shooting a womp rat. Is ur Sith lord the full armored version or Darth maul like?