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  1. Hey everyone! Posting this here since I'm specifically asking about hotels that are NOT in the (current) con-block. With 25,000plus attendees, not all of us out-of-towners can fit into the con-block, I'm sure. For those of you who have stayed in some of the other local hotels (such as one of the Holiday Inns, Comfort Suites in Schiller Park, etc), what has been your experience staying in a hotel not directly associated with the con? Were shuttles to the convention offered during your stay? Were you the only ACen attendee there? How was the staff's/guest reception if you were cosplaying? I'm asking this cuz I'm thinking of switching to a non-conblock hotel, but as I'll be cosplaying and might be coming to the room singly at times, I want to know how awkward it would be waltzing in, like, the Holiday Inn or something in full regalia. D:
  2. Can we get some hype, here?

    I certainly don't consider myself a veteran, but I do remember what made me join the forums back in 2007--they were actively used. Like, year-round! Like others have mentioned, this is probably due to the advent of social media--but isn't it funny how much of a change has occurred in such a little time? I also remember seeing somewhere that people prefer the fb page to socialize and the forums are seen as more official and serious. xD See ya, Jos! You'll get it done! If not, you've always got the night before to bring it together.... Actually, been there, done that, wouldn't recommend it. xDDD Good luck. ^^ Your club is rocking, Sayuri-chan! I'm glad to hear about the excitement offline (I assume)! Since I'm no longer in an area with an active anime club, I'm totally disconnected from that arena, but it's refreshing to hear groups get together like this. I think my club in college never planned a cohesive ACen get-together, but a friend of mine's at another school did! YES, I know. That's totally what I'm saying. D: No reason why we can't pick it back up, though, eh? ;D Purplegodess, it's starting--or I guess, it's constantly going for you, haha. Things sound great and I'm looking forward to what you all have in store for us. I do keep up with the facebook group, which is super convenient, but I'd hate to see the ~*~official~*~ forums get upstaged. A little friendly competition doesn't hurt, right? ;) Best of luck and keep up the great work! Hm... "hype get". Can I steal that one? Lol. I know those feels, dorkatlarge. I was like that for more years than I care to admit. xD The way I look at it is this: it's only one weekend, and I look forward to that one weekend all year--but considering how fast a normal weekend goes flying by, you can't blame it for being shortlived! The great thing is that the con makes the most out of the short time we have, which, in my opinion, makes the anticipation all the more worth it. ;D Hope you enjoy that out-of-state con. Con-hopping for the win! Heyyy guys, I spot a vet! I'm calling you out, Voxx. ;) Thanks for the insight! Forums in general are falling off in favor of new social media, but no reason they can't "jump back on," know what I mean? :) Unless that's what people want. D: Best of luck with that progress and keep the hype alive--on & offline! Let me tell you a thing. You were not alone in this habit. xD I thought that was just me! Your last sentence, though. THAT. THAT RIGHT THERE! When there seems like no one's here, it's intimidating to be the one to start. The good thing is that we can be the change we want to see~<3 Dang, lol. It's alright, XenoBlade! We've got a little more than 2 months to work it out. No pressure. It was sooo great to hear from all of you and THANK YOU ALL very much for your input! You guys proved me wrong. ;) I wish the best to you all, attendee and staff alike, and now that you've commented, I unofficially and non-consolingly share the barely-lit (please don't breathe on it) hype torch with you! It might be one weekend out of, what, 52 (is that even right..), but it can be the best weekend and it is what we make of it. Look forward to seeing you guys around here and at con~<3 â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“ â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘ â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘ â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘ â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘ <--haha, and you thought I was kidding, dorkatlarge. :D
  3. Can we get some hype, here?

    I can't believe I'm wasting forum space on this, but I believe it's a viable topic. When deciding on new conventions to attend, I judge a con's worth by the status of its forums. True story. ACen is like a 3/10 right now. On average, we're an 11. Anime Central, what we've all been waiting for for the past year, is less than 3 months away. There is no excitement on the official con forums whatsoever! :( There was a little after recent announcements and then it died away. I'm seeing people posting around here with their 2013 cosplay plans still in their signatures. Hello~! It's 2014. (For purposes of irony and comic relief, I'm resisting the urge to change mine before you guys notice it.) So, staff! How's it go? Hope you all are doing well, both in and outside of the convention. What do you have in store for us? :) Attendees! Where you guys at?! What are you excited to see? We all could use the motivation of a little con hype to surmount whatever type of con-related procrastination we're currently facing. :D I have unofficially and noncommittally established myself as ACen's front and hypeman. Anyone care to join? :) â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–‘ â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘ â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–‘ â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“ â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–‘ â–“â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“ â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘ â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘ â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘ â–“â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘ â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–“â–“ â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘ â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–‘ â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘ â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–‘â–‘â–“â–“â–“
  4. Badge Ribbons

    I'd never heard of this phenomena until you guys mentioned it. I'd be all for it. :)/> Sounds cute! Is there a way to have it be in some, like, controlled environment to prevent litter? Is there a cosplay networking mixxer thing in the program guide? I'm not talking about speed dating, but a specific, scheduled event that con attendees go to specifically to exchange contact info for business/networking opportunities. Sure, you can do this all around the con, but like some have already mentioned, not everyone's receptive to receiving a card/ribbon at any point in time. However, if you're attending one of these things, it's safe to assume that your audience wants to share their information, too. ^^ Then again, I'm not entirely sure how this ribbon thing works. Anyone care to explain? I've only ever been to ACen. :(/> BTW, have you guys seen that Vistaprint is running a promotion on business cards right now? If you're looking into that curecard thing, this might be a cost-effective option for you. ^^ The promotion pops up when you go to the main page. 250 for $10 :)
  5. Soap Bubble 2014

    I'm looking forward to meeting the new promoter, so I hope they swing by the forums before the con. And I think us attendees here have the decency not to be hard on them per the circumstances. :) Any first year is always a test run and I'm sure the new promoter is bringing other applicable experience to the position anyway. ^^ Welcome new promoter! I'm also looking forward to more updates about the convention overall. It is a service I'm paying for, after all. ACen delivers, there's no doubt about that. However, with the way things have been going, I believe we're starting to exploit the fact that we're the largest in the midwest and, no matter what we do, "things will work out anyway". We know that people are going to attend regardless, so it seems as if we've become complacent in terms of appealing to any new (or returning) attendees. As a large, wide-reaching con, we have the privilege and status it takes to make anime a hot topic again. Let's not get comfortable in our top position as best and largest midwest con, folks. To be the best, you have to continually strive to be the best. You'll lose your place if you become too comfortable with what you've got! We can start competing by showing the world what we've got to offer. Even if you think everybody should know about the con and what it has to offer, cuz, "come on, it's ACen," you can't assume they'll know or care to look to find out. You have to show them. Especially if they're a prospective attendee in limbo about investing in this service. That's how we'll keep being the best and that's how we'll keep growing for years to come. Now, let's do this! I could say more but I'm choosing to be positive and constructive. Show me what I'm paying for!! \(>o<)/ ...and preferably before the mailing deadline, please. o_o I wonder if later and later announcements lead people to hold off on purchasing their badge in advance which leads to an ever increasing line-con? Registration does a good job keeping up, but I think it's the amount of people purchasing at con that makes all the difference. I've seen ACen's announcements on upcomingcons.com, by the way. That was great to see! :)
  6. Hardcore Synergy Feedback

    Thanks so much for the detailed explanation! :) I had no idea about how the album-selling thing went, but now that I'm aware, I'm looking forward to getting a copy of these compilations. It's awesome that you can get all the artists featured on it like that and in a way where fans like myself can feel as if we're directly supporting their ventures--albeit thousands of miles away. Looks like I was a little late this year as far as suggestions go, but I'll definitely keep the date in mind for the future. Stoked to see the new lineup rolling out and looking forward to another awesome show, everyone!
  7. Hardcore Synergy Feedback

    I apologize for commenting on a super old post, but since it's still relevant for next year's show, I'm posting anyway. :) I've checked Hardcore Synergy's Facebook page and I see that some djs can be invited back for the next year. Is this something encouraged? Let me rephrase that: are you purposefully trying to expose new talent or are you also deciding based on fan favorites? If so, I'm just going to suggest now that you invite Masayoshi Minoshima back. I'm an attendee non-versed in bpm, genre titles, etc., but I had the gumption to know that Minoshima totally changed the tune. I could also be totally biased however, as I came around 10:30. Also, GREAT job sticking to the different time frames and GREAT (subtle) announcements of who each DJ was during the dance. Your frequently updated facebook page was also helpful in researching these artists before I came to the con. I had never really listened to artists such as these, so it was awesome that I could research them beforehand, and then actually get a chance to see them in person later on. This format makes me look forward to next year. I would have liked to see more people at the individual panels, but hey, I'm just glad you hosted these panels at all. While I unfortunately couldn't make the autograph signings this year, that was a great opportunity that I still cry about. Now, I would have liked to see more official merchandise sold from each artist. I know they may not be able to bring a lot when they come, but is there anyway they could send those things in advance so they wouldn't have to worry about how much space they had in their luggage? That was a letdown that I couldn't buy more from each artist--also, if I had been able to make it to the signings, what better could they have signed? Also, I would have loved a copy of the poster, but I do believe I was told by the people at your table on Sunday that you were all out of them. For my first Synergy experience, it truly blew me away. Really made my year. Great guests coupled with excellent handling made that possible, I think. Best of luck and keep it awesome! **P.S. For DJ suggestions, should I just make a general post in the ACen Suggestions thread or will (do) you have your own? Not sure how guest relations handles that.
  8. Suggestions for 2014

    Although I am all for NOT getting rid of either dance, Siren_N0el, you've raised some points that I can agree with. They both do cater to completely different audiences, so posting an age restriction on one and not the other has the potential of diminishing either event. If an age restriction were to be implemented, I say both or nothing, as DJ Jeffito has mentioned in an above post. For the age restriction argument, here's a scenario: There's a curfew in place by the state of Illinois. I am a minor, but I want to go to Soap Bubble. I'm there, I'm having a great time and when 12:01am rolls around, I don't want to leave--and why should I? It goes on into the wee hours of the morning, PLUS I'm already here! No one would know if I stayed. *My point? Do you really think people are going to leave the dance of their own volition once they're admitted? Responsible people will, yes, but let's just consider for a second that some minors aren't responsible (as neither are adults, but let's save that topic). Having an age restriction already in place would prevent a minor dance attendee from feeling like they only got to see half of the show, as well as absolve ACen of fault if a minor doesn't leave at the curfew time. If we can't do age restrictions, how about this: I haven't attended Soap Bubble during this time frame, but potentially, when the curfew time rolls around, an announcement can be made indicating such and directing all attendees to who the curfew applies leave the dance. They may be readmitted at the door if they have a legal guardian with them. I know this is disruptive to the vibe, but sacrifices have to be made if you're catering to all ages. This could be an intermission sort of thing--gives a chance for dj changeover, water refill, lights can be turned on to find your shirt, etc. If the minor doesn't leave, that's on them. This could be a hard case for ACen to fight, though, since they're not actually checking to see who's a minor and who isn't. However, with that announcement, it isn't like ACen isn't taking measures to prevent the issue. Is this already being done? Comments? It's more of a compromise between the opposing viewpoints and doesn't address either one fully, but it might help in some way. A present, responsible guardian could help to curve any questionable activity undertaken by said minor. In regards to the color-coded badges, I've heard some scenarios brought up where a minor could steal an adult's badge just to attend the dances. Even if that does happen, wouldn't that put the issue of liability back on the minor (and his/her guardian)? Why would it put responsibility on the shoulders of ACen for guardian negligence? It's not like alcohol is being served. I'm not informed of any specific laws, but I don't see how a stolen badge can be ACen's problem. A minor was admitted under false pretenses, sure. But who was the perpetrator there? The negligent guardian. ACen already has a rule and system in place to prevent such occurrences, and if that system is abused, what else could ACen really be expected to do? I'd appreciate some insight on this. All this said, I totally respect ACen for not only wanting to protect but also entertain ALL of their attendees. This organization rocks, just saying. I sure appreciated the all-inclusiveness when I was a minor. :)/>
  9. Cosplay Ignorance

    Really? I just see this type of mindset as a self-perpetuating thing originating from a bunch of reporters who are *trying* to gauge what their audience wants to read. A possible thought process of a junior reporter [DISCLAIMER; I'm not insinuating anyone holds this type of mentality, but I wouldn't doubt it]: "Ah. A Sci-fi con's in town, sounds geeky. It would get me a story, but what do Americans think of a Sci-fi con? That they're abnormal--but curious. Curiosity gets me readers! But I have to phrase it in a way that won't make everyday Americans feel bad about this curiosity. Why not play to some common tropes like "sex sells" or "geeks are strange"? Yeah! That now makes my article socially appropriate to publish on this major news site without making my editors question what in the world I was thinking." Soooo, everyday American picks up a copy of this and they're like, "...okay. I guess this is what I should take from a Sci-fi con. The geek girls look good. Where's the funnies?" I honestly think the mainstream could care less about geekdom BUT mainstream media insists on portraying it a certain way. I have a feeling that the people at the head of mainstream media are stuck in some decades old, stereotypical mindset that geeks are strange and the only thing we like about them are A and B. In reality, the mainstream doesn't care about them until mainstream media throws it in their faces and then they're like, "oh geeks are strange cuz that's what I learned from the media!" How do you find out about something new? You read about it. How do you read about it? You look up articles, studies, reviews, discussions, etc. Who makes the articles, studies, reviews, and discussions? Bingo! Self-perpetuating. At least it makes sense to me. xDD
  10. Cosplay feelings go deep...

    Uhhh, sounds supportive to me. :) I also agree with Prayer Police, but seeing as your concerns fell on deaf ears, OP, I'll share some of my thoughts: I completely understand how you feel because I've done it (to) myself--multiple times. It always made me feel good when friends would come to me asking me how to make a costume because that meant I knew something and that they actually valued my opinion. I was always happy to help and share my knowledge. So, when a friend asked me to 'help' her make a costume, I didn't quite understand what 'help' would eventually come to mean; essentially, I completed the entire costume for her. Twice. She might have been appreciative, but after seeing how helping her repeatedly led me to short-change my own costumes, I knew I had to take a step back and reevaluate my priorities. It wasn't her fault, it was mine. I didn't know how to say no to what would overextend my ability NOR did I realize what it took to overextend my ability in the first place. I didn't know my own limit and I had to find it out the hard way. My intent is not to be patronizing; I just want to share my own personal life lessons in hopes you can take something away from it, too. :) When it comes to planning costumes, factor yourself in the number of costumes you have to complete as THE first priority. You deserve that. If you think you'll be able to finish your costume after you finish other peoples, you most likely will not be able to. Why? You'll be too busy trying to do a great job on the other people's costumes--I mean, it's your work and it represents you. Why on earth wouldn't you want to do a darn good job, amirite? ^^ Well, this extra care is going to take a lot more time than you may have originally thought and that extra time will have to come out of somewhere--most likely at the expense of your own costume (and sanity). So, what I'm basically advising is that you have to be more selfish. Don't feel as if you have to stop making costumes for others, just put yourself at the front of that list. If you have time after your costume obligations are taken care of, then, sure! You have the time to help others with theirs. Just remember that the fact of the matter is that there will be no one to help you finish your costume (like other people could turn to you for help), so you have to prioritize your time. This past ACen, the same friend came to me again and asked me to help her with her costume. Knowing I had a big costume ahead of me and that there was no one who could help me with it, I told her I couldn't. In the end, I probably lost this friend in the long run, but I'm sooo much happier knowing that my affairs were handled and that I completed my own costume just in time. How can I expect to help someone else if I can't help myself? ^^ I wish you the best, OP. I know that you'll do great from here on out. Don't resent the bad feelings you have right now. At least you know what will and will not work for you in the future!
  11. Nostalgic Cosplay 2013

    Hi OP-Gathering-Head-Person~ Were you still interested in separating the group into eastern/western? I'd be doing a nostalgic anime cosplay, and I know you originally didn't want to overdo that category. Otherwise, I'd love to join as Aisha ClanClan from Outlaw Star. :)
  12. American Voice Talent: Brad Swaile

    AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! He voiced Ryuki Shi! (<-- big Saiunkoku Monogatari fan) That's about the first time ever in my life that I freaked out, but.... there's a first time for everything. c: Also Fujiwara no Sai? Wow, looking forward to meeting Mr. Swaile. Too bad I don't have any time to get my Saiunkoku cosplay together. I might have had time if I knew to expect him. ;_;
  13. Can't wait to get to know some people :3

    You sound like an awesome, artsy person. I like awesome, artsy people. Welcome to the forums. ^^ I like to sew and draw as well. I only wish that I could sew as well as I draw... which isn't that good at all. So, I guess you can say I'm an amateur. xD Take care~
  14. Japanese Fashion: MINT NeKO

    Thanks ACen for bringing fashion icons to our convention. Some may have varying opinions about its inclusion, but as a person with many different interests outside of anime, coming to this convention and being able to attend a fashion show is like killing two birds with one stone for me. I appreciate the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of interests in one place. That's pretty awesome for the money spent. c:
  15. Suggestions not specific to a con year

    Ahh, I see. When you put it that way, it makes sense. I already knew that all positions (as staff) were unpaid, my original source of confusion was the difference between staff and volunteer of the convention. Technically, all people running this convention are volunteers, however, within that realm, is there not a difference between staff and volunteer? Maybe I'm using the wrong terms. Staff and "gopher" I think they're called? What's the difference? Are they different? Or are gophers staff, too? If I say, today, that I'm going to volunteer with ACen, am I automatically a staff member or am I just a gopher?