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    Anime: Naruto, One Piece, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, FLCL, Death Note,DBZ,FMA,Samurai Champloo, Gintama, Code Geass, Hunter X Hunter

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  1. Zero Escape 2014

    Good luck with the group guys. :) I cosplayed Sigma last year, tho I'm not doing him this year.
  2. When plans start coming together

    Gotta still get some confirnati for people in my room, and gotta get cosplay stuff, but my plans are pretty good to go.
  3. Hideaki Sorachi would be most awesome.
  4. Final Fantasy 2014

    I might bring back my Sazh. Gotta get new boots haha. (btw bre you are doing Martha Jones? I must find you. Lol)
  5. Hi guys.... =D Anyone remember me?

    Yeah, I peeked my head back in too. Lol
  6. Dragonball/Z/GT 2014

    Yeah, actually I was there. Lol I just was part of another group, so I took it off shortly after. I want to wear it all day this year. No idea people liked Piccolo so much lol
  7. Dragonball/Z/GT 2014

    I'll bring my Piccolo back this year. Only wore it for like an hour last year at ACen. lol
  8. Can we get some hype, here?

    *yawns and scratches* No lie, I kinda completely forgot about the forums. lol I would be excited, but now issues came up regard what I'm going to do about my room and people came up. It'll work out. Also, I'm like drawing a blank for cosplay. lol Still decently excited. lol

    So I wasn't interested in steam's console til this. What is this next generation crap we are getting?
  10. Nintendo goes after Lets Plays on YouTube

    Well seeing how the Wii U is pretty much an expensive doorstop, they need that mone. Lol jk (awaiting defender of Nintendo to have a comeback)

    First time ever getting con plague.
  12. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Unrelated, I think I was like 5 people behind you in the masq line. (I was guy in bloody shirt (Louis from l4d)) my friends remarked how you looked so much like michael. Saturday I was Piccolo. If anyone has pics, lemme know.
  13. Thursday Late Night Meet n' Greet v3

    See all you lovely people tomorrow See all you lovely people tomorrow
  14. Was ACen 2012 really that bad?

    Actually, last year was one of my favorite acens. Meeting masashi hamauzu and having mitsuto suzuki want my picture was epic. Tho the masq thing....yeah. I'll leave it be. It was a catch 22, but i feel both shoulda shared time. Not the soap bubble take it's time...and THEN some. Enough on that. I enjoyed last year.
  15. ACen Weather Update

    I'd be unhappy if it was in the 80s. Im the chilly weather type. 80s is pushing my limits. Lol