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  1. Speed Dating with a Twist

    Agrees with STVO. But I hope that it works out for you! I like talking to random people at ACen, its really nice, and people are more open than you think. You definitely meet great people in the Soap Bubble line...that long wait to get in.. i swear you'll form a bond with the people around you, haha. Woot meeting people! :)
  2. Soap Bubble?

    I lied i found the info so im editing this haha. But hardcore synergy?? is it squashed due to the ball or coinciding at the same time? btw I vote for the soap bubble to go till 5am for sure!
  3. CyperGoths Unite!

    I did cyber Goth last year actually :D, I had braided in red synthetic dreads and have a goth lolita outfit on with leather goth boots. lol :D and cyber goggles. fun stuff. i would love to take it to the next level and get website recommendations for ideas if you have any :D
  4. General Otaku Gathering? Let's be friends!

    Gatherings!!! I wanna gather >_<. lol
  5. How Much Should I Save?

    What I've done: Get dropped off: solves parking $0. Food = bringing 'Cooler' of drinks sandwich material, chips, snacks, etc, everyone chips in. On saturday we order a pizza before the rave and drinking, its like enjoying your vacation fully but economically bringing things so you can have that last $5 go to the dvd you never thought you would get. Room: yea...good luck, i stay at the embassy with group, free breakfast, and happy hour win. Before I go to the con, I buy majority of all the anime and such I want a few months in advance online, CAUSE ITS CHEAPER. so that way when you spend $100 at the con its cause you would have never thought to get it or you wouldnt likely find it somewhere else. You'll appreciate what you buy then more than being a noob. Its all about maximizing your anime collection etc. :D hope that helps
  6. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Spent $500. I work at the disney store downtown and I had to do a 5am-10:30am shift.. and shopping afterward, was indeed hectic.
  7. Chinatown Suggestions

    Kong Hee, best egg noodle ever and orange chicken. or if you are looking for a cheap lunch, seriously when i like shopping in chinatown i just get a few meat buns at one of the restaurants or bakeries. there like 80 cent. can't top that!
  8. Acen and finals!

    I let ACen in '08 on sunday for highschool graduation xD. and ACen has always been around May 18th or a week before so i spent the last 4 years celebrating my birthday at ACen...not this year apparently Y ACen Y!!!! lol. Good luck studying yea my finals will be sometime that week after ACen. Idea: Try asking your professors if you can take your finals earlier because you have a conference your attending. I did that one year :D.
  9. I like my women/men like I like my...

    Hot and made of sugar and spice. I like my men like I like my pocky.
  10. I like my women/men like I like my...

    so u like black girls lol xD
  11. I like my women/men like I like my...

    on top with a great finish. I like my man like I love my pillow.
  12. 2012 Department Descriptions

    guest relations
  13. Roomates needed at the Hyatt.