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  1. Big Sword Panel 2013 α

    Glad you were able to make it F00P, and super proud of you for winning that sword! And THANK YOU! to everyone who made it out to BSP, we couldn't have done it without you. Big Sandwich Panel ruled.
  2. Big Sword Panel 2k12: This Time It's Anime!

    Big Sword Update! We are expanding our focus from conventions to everywhere, starting with pictures Big Sword Productions style! Join our tumblr and look here for exciting new ventures that only the likes of Donald Duck Trump would dare to embark upon! And remember, Big Sword is all FOR YOU!
  3. Big Sword Panel 2k12: This Time It's Anime!

    Thanks to everyone who let us put hats on their heads! You're all pro champs in my book!
  4. From the depths of time and space… BIG SWORD PANEL Lo and behold! Take a trolley car ride to the land of magic and robotniks! This year only, BSP presents a once in a lifetime event, Big Sword Panel! We’re throwing out all the rules in the book of desire and appealing to your only true love, Anime! This time it’s action. This time it’s power. This time it’s insert theme. In the past you’ve seen such spectacles as Anime, Video Games, and Eternal Burning Love but this year we’ll touch on a topic rarely covered by today’s modern convention. All for you! Anime is about Japan, which is what WE’RE ABOUT. All for you! You gotta keep em separated. Unless em=you and separated=from this panel. Mathematical formulas in here! Take a safari to the east. Tour the factory floor of Americas only Anime producing nation, YAPAN! Take it from top to bottom, like a zipper, and peer inside Japanese fruitful society. From the lowly Hakikomori to the Holy Otaku to the Mighty Emperor, we will reveal all in this stunning expose that The New York Times raves is a “…revealing expose…†Some banned phraseology includes but is not limited to, or bound by, the following… -List -Jail -World War I -Ninja Segregation -Precocious -Sharia Law -Garbage -The Solomon of Grundy -Peanuts -The Black Ranger -Outrage -Against -The Machines -Terminator III -Tremors -Linux -Cats -Sierra Nevada -Sierra Leone -Snookie -White Guilt -A Gall Called Dina -Odd Job -Nessy -Bees Or any combination of the previous. We are legally required but not obligated to enforce this rule by International Law! So follow us on this multilateral U.N. sanctioned death march of delight! Come early and we won’t be there! So set your watches for GAMES, FUN, PRIZES, and FUN! All for you! And as always, Namaste. Best Line but the Big One! BIG SWORD PANEL
  5. Born in a mountain cave, raised on the mean streets of Dublin, thrown in the Poke for a fake rap, it could only be… Crazy Uncle Tomino! One of Japans most famous Gundam creators, learn of the life and lore behind one Yoshiuki Thelonious Tomino. We’ll, Big Sword Productions Panel, be hosting this most bodacious real time biography event. We will drive a tank through his childhood, ramp a jetski off of his filmography, and third thing. It’ll be like Michael Bay found the Diary of Anne Frank. The early bird gets the worm and for those con goers looking for juicy nuggets of pure strain Tominojuice we'll sooth their woeful hangovers with our List- 1. Nice 2. Sounding 3. Voices And problem solved. Punch and Pie. Yoshiuki Tomino pioneered the use of sad children as fuel for GIANT ROBOTs, what would you use sad children for?
  6. Well it wouldn’t be very secret if I told you, and the level of silly is up to you. I mean silly is required but there are those who like to go beyond just silly and are really silly. You’ve got to ask yourself, do you want to be the kind of person to do the bare minimum of silly?
  7. Did you know? In a world of chaos and uncertainty who can you turn to for entertainment and games of an entertaining quality that may or may not involve you winning something of slightly substantial value (pending lawyer approval)? Where others have long died and left you to brave this cruel and harsh reality alone... BIG SWORD PANEL SOLDIERS ON! For those of you who don’t know of the divine miracle of fun and value that is BIG SWORD PANEL I shall inform you of our most excellent yearly/sometimes biyearly/sometimes infinitely Anime Convention Panel. In list form as is our tradition passed from generation to generation in the form of a list. What is Big Sword? Big Sword is… -Regal -Coffee -Pocket change -Eco friendly -Covered in oil -Hot butt sauce -Like totally beautiful -And handsome -In the way -Sucking up all the electricity -Navigating the deep void -I think we took a wrong turn -Pull over and ask for directions -Made up of BP Executives -From the moon -With giant robots -Maybe some anime -Did someone say dried squid tentacles? -And fun So now that you fully understand exactly what BIG SWORD PANEL is we hope to see you there for mini panel topics ranging from smells to anime and mini games ranging from detecting odors to detecting magical school girls. Remember that we guarantee that all your wildest dreams will come true but only if the secret word is said at the panel by a member of the audience and only in a silly voice while dancing. Also dancing. JUST BE THERE! B) :wub: :D
  8. Big Sword Panel 20k10!

    Everyone join our facebook group! Just search for Big Sword Panel and you'll find us!
  9. Big Sword Panel 20k10!

    Battle Pod reporting in and letting you know I’m alive. Looking forward to this ACen and BSP2k10! I’ll be talking about that weird Island that is like a little slice of the future, the oddly erotic/robotic future. You’ll hear all about anime, robots, population issues, hentai population issue solutions, body pillows, correcting the population issue by burning body pillows, Godzilla, and how much we all miss Taro Aso. Probably more than that, you can probably most definitely possibly maybe count on it for sure! Maybe I’ll even talk about how great Gundam is but then contradict myself by saying how horrible it is just to confuse you all. Do I really like Gundam? Check out my DVD shelf to find out! P.S. Gundam sucks. P.S.S. Not really. P.S.S.S. Just kidding it really does suck. P.S.S.S.S. Stop it already.
  10. Big Sword Panel 2009

  11. Big Sword Panel 2009

  12. Big Sword Panel 2009

  13. Big Sword Panel 2009