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  1. Anime Iwai

    Want to warm up just before the holidays? Take a trip to Florida in November! We are a small Convention just starting out. One of the few Anime conventions that has an all night party floor and a 24hr pool time with the hotel. Come check us out: Anime Iwai means Anime Celebration!
  2. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Jersey Devil :wub: I'm having trouble with some giant crushing rocks atm but i figure i'll get past them eventually <_<
  3. What's the last thing you ate?

    cod fish with fries and veggies :zombie:/>
  4. Thread Killers Anonymous

    wow dead thread since 2013.... welcome back! go tiamat lol. anyways missing the way the forums were in the good old days. and my last post in this thread I was only engaged. married now and living in Florida. i'll be at ACen 2016 though. hope to see everyone there.
  5. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    when you see an incredible pink sailor moon bedroom and think OMG I have to have that. hope my hubby doesn't mind... too much.
  6. Excel's Asylum For The Mentally Disturbed

    wow i'm surprised this thread is still going. Im more surprised that it hasn't been archived actually... lol
  7. Countdown to ACen 2016

    only 15 days til ACen 2016! :wub:
  8. Countdown From A Million!

    974,729 it doesn't seem like we have gotten very far in our countdown... :blink:
  9. The term "weeaboo"

    .... ^_^ -_- :huh: ... So yes Weeaboo is a derogatory term. Always has been a negative connotation to the word. I dont think I've ever heard it used with any sort of positive relevance to it. It is the "new term slang" version that Americans use for Otaku the way that the Japanese uses the word Otaku. Here it is more accepted to watch anime as an adult as so much of the content is geared towards an older crowd. Its a social barrier kind of thing. What an American thinks is for adults only seems to be vastly different to what the Japanese do. Except maybe as far as hentai, ecchi ,etc. Weeaboo is being overly obsessed with everything Japanese. The "wannabe" Japanese crowd type word. The way it is weird for us to want to be anything that we already are racially. i haven't heard a specific term for people that wannabe white or wannabe black that aren't but i suppose someone will create something that will stick someday. Currently most people just call it being stupid. :blink: So when the term weeaboo is used it is definitely a derogatory term because it is pretty much just saying "you are stupid." Baka baka.
  10. What do the lonely people at ACen do?

    It's always good to make new friends in line or at the panels you go to. I always seem to run into someone i know and hang out with at cons. And this year my hubby will be with me. :wub: We were just Married last July so now we will always be together when we're at ACen or any con. But there are times when we cant both be at a con and finding a group that are gaming or chilling outside is usually a good idea. It helps if you have a pack of cards with you to play with and ask people sitting around if they want to play something. I bring my Cards Against Humanity with me everywhere these days lol. :lol: but even a regular card deck game of BS will help the time go by in a pinch.
  11. Hotels; anyone have room for one more?

    you should check out the ACen group on facebook apparently many people have had their roomies cancel on them this year. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2204750184/
  12. Are we doing this again this year? I couldn't go last year because i was staffing. The ones i have been to we usually hang out for an hour (or so) getting to know everyone and then all go out to Ihop after. :balloons:/>
  13. feel free to use my template. :) I'm going to be Lizzy from Black Butler on Friday, A bunny girl on Saturday, and Child Erza from Fairytail on Sunday
  14. I would like to have this on Friday since I am wearing my Lizzy Cosplay on Friday. I didn't see any other Cosplay gatherings for this anime and I really would love to see a big group of Sebatians, Ciels, Grells, Undertakers, Elizabeths Mey-rins, Madam Reds, Plutos etc. I would also love to see more Tanaka cosplay as it's not generally the more popular costume. I still see many great Black Butler Cosplays at every Con I attend and it's sad to think it is being shuffled out of the cosplay group activities. I hope we can get a 2-3pm time slot possibly in the garden area if we can hope for the best or in the convention center if there is a big enough group that wants to do this. Let me know if there are enough people who wish to do this. I might be tempted to swing this for a noon time slot on Saturday if not enough people want to do Friday. just let me know.