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    Winfield, Illinois (for some it's Wheaton). Come stalk us!
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    The information in this profile is for Gabi a.k.a. the one who is organizing it so that everybody can go. Gabi is really addicted to anime and her favorite by far is Tennis no Ohjisama/Prince of Tennis. She only like the Japanese version, because the English dub killed everybody. This series, while sounding stupid is VERY addicted, especially because of the very pretty boys in it. And the mass amounts of fanfiction. And the merchandise. How many series have 12 musicals? Plus thousands of songs? Plus 178 episodes and 13 OVAs and an Animated Movie, and Animated Mini-Movie and a Live Action movie? And a bunch of kawaii plushies? Not many.

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  1. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Chiming in with my own question--my brother's costume involves a real hammer. Is that okay/etc? I never know what is/isn't considered "live steel". (One year they told us our tennis rackets were, so...)
  2. Clamp 2011!

    Officially moving into the planning stages of... Five CLAMP costumes. O_O The main group from Tsubasa RC, and then a Yuuko from the same series. I'd say stop me before I have a breakdown, but we all know how well that works, haha. ^^;
  3. We were in line for Soap Bubble and we were talking really, really fast. (We're two teenage girls by the way.) We told a bunch of stories, and you talked to Analie (you couldn't remember her full name) and Mikaela by name, and Analie and you talked about school/ACen/legal&illegal stuff/your trip to Japan and we (Analie and Katherine) were hoping to connect post-con~ PM or respond, please? (Maybe will have pictures up in a bit.) ~Analie and Katherine ETA: We found 'im! ~Gabi
  4. Dates For 2011

    Ah, thank you! Sorry I didn't see that one first. ^^;
  5. Dates For 2011

    Officially added to my phone calendar, informing the group later today to make sure nothing schedules over this. XP (Also--and I don't know if I'm allowed to ask this--animecons.com says the 2012 date is at the end of April. I know this is waaaay in advanced for asking, but is that an official date or no? Sorry for bothering. ^^;;)
  6. Conchair Asks Advice: How Do I Limit The Damage?

    I'm actually a fan of this idea, though obviously more staff would need to sign up since there's not enough to cover this and everything else (or, really, just everything else) at the moment. However, if it was put out during sign up as something that's not necessarily "hard core" (the adjective I want to use is evading me at the moment), but more like "well, you get a badge that's marked somehow, and you patrol around in normal clothes in hopes of finding troublemakers" perhaps people would go for it. (If I was old enough I certainly would.) I know a lot of people won't make trouble when staff if obviously around, but if they don't notice staff is around because they're "undercover" it would probably be easier to catch people. Though I would hate to see the badge prices rise, I'm in agreement with this for the simple fact that a lot of vandalism/etc. does come from the younger crowds of ACen, meaning those who are also not as financially fit. As a teen who brings other teens to cons the badge fee is already a bit much for them, and while I would hate for them to not be able to come a higher badge price could possibly deter some trouble makers who simply come to party. (We actually had a group of friends who commuted, since we all live ~45 minutes away, and one of the girls only came to ACen with them for the raves. Not saying that's a bad thing, because as far as I know they were in control, but it's something to keep in mind.) Of course, this does have the flip effect of harming people who love the con and can barely go as is, but it's still something to think about. People have said they don't want someone supervising bathrooms, though I still can't help but feel that someone outside would at least be a good idea. (I do understand there's probably much more awkwardness with a bathroom attendant in the men's room than in the women's, but still...) I know that, at least in one of the women's bathrooms in the DESCC, there was a bathroom attendant (or, at least, she was sitting there and looking official-y both times I went in) and while I don't believe she was actual ACen staff as much as maybe staff of the con center itself it still seemed like a pretty good idea. Also agreeing with the underage rave/dance thing. Though I've never been, pretty much all of the girls I took with me this year went and none of them were older than sixteen, with a commuting group of no older than seventeen, and while I don't believe they caused any damage (they know full well I would have probably called their parents and made them leave) I can only imagine a similar group easily could and would. Part of the reason I stayed back (the rest being I was just tired and don't find raves/dances fun/interesting) was to clean the hotel room (both Friday and Saturday night) that they had all trashed. All though the vandalism doesn't always come from the teenagers, a lot of them, as JediNight pointed out, are not used to being unsupervised, nor are they used to raves/dances/etc. They don't know how to react or what's appropriate all of the time, which results in more damage much of the time. (Plus, I'm the "spoilsport" who just thinks the environment of a rave/dance, at a con or anywhere else, just isn't advisable for people underage. *brick'd*) ALSO: I don't have that post quoted in this one, but whoever suggested more obvious announcements about the IRT Hotline... please, yes. I didn't even know that existed until after ACen this year, and while I didn't necessarily have a need for it, it would have been nice to know, just in case. ~Gabi
  7. The Overall Effect Of Irt At Acen This Year (2010)

    Nine, because my teachers have drilled in to e that no one ever deserves a ten since there's always room for improvement, or something like that. However, the experiences I had (not too many, but still) with IRT this year were wonderful, as always. There were a couple of times I was lost or some other such thing and they helped, and while I don't have any specific incidents I brought six other teenage girls with me--with three more commuting daily and hanging out with us--and I'm sure they got in someone's way over the weekend or did something bad I don't know about or were just generally annoying. So thanks, IRT and other con staff, for putting up with us all and doing your best to help whenever possible. ~Gabi
  8. What would ACen do if there were no more dances? Probably have more morning panels, which is nice for me as a person. :P (Never attended the dances for the four years I've been to ACen, though most of my friends went this year. I stayed back, tidied the room, watched AMVs, took a shower, and fixed cosplay. Much more productive as far as I'm concerned. XD) ~Gabi
  9. Tamaki Wig

    Bumping to ask how it went with that wig (if you ended up using it) and if you have pictures. Already planning my 2011 Ouran group and my friend's Tamaki'll need a wig~ :P
  10. Cosplay

    Joining in here to address the first note and say: how much are you willing to spend? Especially because most of these characters are very common, a sub-par costume tends to garner unwanted attention, but that's just something I've noticed. If you're not going to try your hand at making a costume then budget is the next thing to consider. Also consider within the budget: who will you get the costume from? How much do they charge for labor? Are you using a company or an individual commissioner (one person, or a few, out of house normally instead of through a sweat shop or large organization)? How far away are they, and how much will shipping cost? Will props be in one piece or multiple? (Will you need to drive to pick up the props?) How much will a wig cost, and will it be pre-styled? ~Gabi [ETA: And I'm advising you against Matt right now--not because I don't love Matt, but because the moderately canonically accurate boots will run you $100 alone. Trust me, I did a Matt this year.]
  11. Ouran High School Host Club 2011

    Currently attempting to get a group together of people I know well for a full Ouran set. Still looking for a Mori, but for less than a day of asking it's pretty good~ XD
  12. Death Note 10

    Anyone got pics? I was the Matt there both Friday and Saturday. ^^
  13. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread

    /r/ing lots of pics, I suppose. I was a Matt (Death Note) Friday and part of Saturday (mainly just for the shoot). The one who fumbled a ton when you wanted to take her picture, and who's goggles were not fantabulous. Saturday and much of Sunday I was Pon with my Zi -- a.k.a. the yellow and blue think a.k.a. these because I'm too lazy to go find the one pic I've found of us so far and link to it. My younger brother was Mario Friday, Toad Saturday, and Luigi Sunday. He's younger (fourteen) but looks a bit older. No pics at the moment I can use for a reference, but if someone can get a Toad picture the other two should be easy to identify. ^^;
  14. The World Ends With You 2010

    It ended up that Prince of Tennis was at the same time, and as I made a cosplay for that this year it won. Next year, maybe. ^_^ (I was the Red Wall Reaper last year, though, if anyone who has photos of that haha. The one who forgot to take off her badge and felt like an idiot afterward.)
  15. Prince Of Tennis 2010

    I <3 how half of those photos are of the adorable little girl. :3 (And I was the Marui with the reeeeally obnoxious hair and fail!gum who brought a n00bish Jiroh who had the time of her life. ^_^)