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  1. 21+meet up?

    There's always the meet and greet on Thursday before con. Here's the link and I'm happy to make a new friend.
  2. what to with the car...

    how about takin' something from yu-gi-oh abridged like "Screw the rules, I have money!!!" or "In America!!!" and insert ACen somewhere inside.
  3. ACen is proud to bring you FLOW

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS/GALS ARE AWESOME!!!!!
  4. Happy Birthday HaruHe

    happy birthday!!! :D hope u enjoy your day!!!
  5. Best Anime Songs

    I really like the end and begining songs to Ouran Host Club. Sakura Kiss
  6. I like my women/men like I like my...

    green and full of life??? 0-0; I like my men like i like my street fighter games
  7. kpop-jpop meetup

    sounds like fun but do i have to know any of the dances? cause my feet don't work with my body unless it's for walkin' and ddr.
  8. What Have You Done Today?

    even tho' i most surely did not plan it i did a good amount of running yesterday. I literaly ran for every darn bus i had to get on.(thank u evil baby sister) But i guess it was better than just doing DDR...even tho' DDR is more fun.
  9. Test Your Insight

    i got 10 and 12
  10. Marry Your Favorite Character!

    HAHAHA!!!! Sorry he's spoken 4!
  11. Crappy Birthday!

    well...happy birthday 2 u in the least. Maybe the weather won't be so bad next year
  12. Hi all

    Hello and welcome!!!
  13. Marry Your Favorite Character!

    HAHA!!!! i see no one's taken sebastian so I MARRY SEBASTIAN MICHAELIS!!!! y??? cause he's one hell of a man!!! :P
  14. Big feet

    shoe stores never have anything i think is cute in 9 1/2 wide width....it's y i stick 2 men's shoes. but oddly enough...i STILL fit 9 1/2 well in men's shoes...so yeah...anyone wanna switch feet with me? lol
  15. the GazettE

    this would DEFINATELY be cool if it happened.