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  1. Excel's Asylum For The Mentally Disturbed

    I'm now about to leave the house and make my way to ACen. Hope to see you guys and gals there.
  2. The Yes Or No Game!

    Close hour and a half. Think the brief break in the heavy rain will hold out just long enough to get to ACen?
  3. Still Up..

    1.5 hours to go for me now.
  4. Still Up..

    I'm leaving in 3 hours. Hopefully, the way it looks, I might miss some of the mess.
  5. Still Up..

    Just crank it up to 11!!!!!!!
  6. Still Up..

    Let's hope a good doom.
  7. Con Weather 2010

    It's a string of storms from Texas. Dang Texans.
  8. Still Up..

    A good doom or a bad doom.
  9. Still Up..

    I'm glad I'm not the only one up. A thunder strike and exploding tree woke me up.
  10. Excel's Asylum For The Mentally Disturbed

  11. There's A Mansoon In My Lagoon!

    Rain upon my window sill, Ticking me off ever still, Leaving for ACen in 5 hours, After I pack and take a shower. Rain is putting a damper on this trip, Cause all my gear would get so wet. That's all I got.
  12. The Yes Or No Game!

    Almost done. Just need to pack the stuff I'm using in the morning. Then I'm gone. You?
  13. I'm Off!

    Atleast it's looking like not rain for the official con days.
  14. The Yes Or No Game!

    I don't have one. Should I be glad I'm not the only third shifter?
  15. Excel's Asylum For The Mentally Disturbed

    Back from the laundromat... Last time I use a front load washer. I put the detergent in the prewash hopper but at least the softener was in the right one. Luckily the staffer on duty knows my GF and me so she helped me out a bit. From now one, top load washers are it. Now if I can get my last supplies and batteries, I'll be set to finish packing and go to sleep.