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  1. Supernatural 2011

    Hey everyone! Glad so many people showed up for this shoot, wasn't expecting that at all! I'll have a link up soon with all the pictures I have from the shoot. I hope you all do the same! :]
  2. Gripes

    Elevators This was already said but I feel I need to add my opinion in as well. I know this isn't really a problem that the con can easily address, but both times I had to take an elevator it got stuck, one time for a long enough period of time that three people began hyperventilating and crying. Staff tells us not to cram 'too many people' into the elevator. Someone brought up the fact that they weren't sure exactly what 'too many' is and when the excitement of the con rolls around 'too many' is too vague and people forget themselves. Can we put a general limit up on signs in front of each elevator that might encourage people to listen? (IE: Assuming that the elevator can handle around 1000lbs, no more than 7 (for a average weight of 140lbs) per elevator) I think that just having something that sort of declares what the weight/person limit is OUTSIDE of the elevator will help. After everyone crams into the damn thing, it's hard enough just to press the buttons, let alone read what the weight limit is. Assuming that people will opt to take the stairs isn't a good way to go about 'fixing' the problem, either. We're congoers. We've been waiting in lines, walking miles back and forth from cars, hotel rooms and con centers, most of us aren't in the best of shape and are probably wearing heavy costumes or toting tons of merch. Suggesting that we 'take the stairs' to a room on the 6th floor is not the best way to handle that situation. Long story short, I know it's not the con's fault. It's our job, as congoers, to keep ourselves in line and use common sense. But honestly, when you have so many people and so much excitement going on, people tend to lose tons of common sense and self respect for themselves and others. And when you have thirty people in costumes, who've been walking around all day and just want to get to their rooms, all waiting 10+ minutes for an elevator, naturally you're going to lose even more common sense and common courtesy. And end rant.
  3. Supernatural 2011

    Yup! I'll just have to catch up on the show (Damn you, college life!). And we'd actually have to find a place to watch it... Also, for those coming: We WILL try to meet up at the Docks at 4:30 on Saturday as scheduled If you can't make it, boo, I'm sad, but feel free to hit me up on Facebook(Link on first page) and I'll give you my number and we can try to meet up in our spare time, since this is a pretty small group.
  4. Supernatural 2011

    Haha the same thing happened last year! I think that some people might meet up to hang out and watch it somewhere. :]
  5. Supernatural 2011

    Haha, definitely! I know I personally won't be there as Cas that day, but I'll show up as my zombie self and take pics if anyone does show! Also, I have my friend coming Sunday as Sam. He's cosplay as Eleven on Saturday and can't do the gathering though. :c
  6. Supernatural 2011

    Haha, hell yes! It'd be awesome to have a Crowley! And even more awesome to hang out in cosplay. What dorks~ But I'll probably only be Cas on Sunday and Friday. :c Saturday's the one day I cant do him. ALSO For those interested in meeting up and hanging out in cosplay, message me here or add me on Facebook [Link may or may not work?!] (Ashley August, Chicago IL) and we can exchange numbers and whatnot. :3
  7. Supernatural 2011

    Wow, those weapons look like they're coming along great! :D I'd definitely be willing to meet up on Friday because Saturday I had been planning on being a zombie all day... Hm... I'll have to fight with myself and see how I'm gonna make this work. :C Maybe I'll be a zombie all day Sunday instead. I'm not actually buying a badge as of now though, so I'll end up just lurking around outside. But I'm definitely looking forward to meeting up with you and getting a couple of pics together! :D
  8. Supernatural 2011

    I definitely will! If we can manage to agree on a time. I doubt we'll be able to meet during the legit one that was scheduled, but if everyone's available I'm willing to meet up. Otherwise, I'll probably be floating around outside the dealer's room as Castiel. :]
  9. Supernatural 2011

    Oh, please do cosplay as her. :3 I would absolutely love acting terrified of you as Castiel, ngl. And if I manage to get my friend to show up as Sam again, I'm sure he'd have a lot of fun with you too. Omg, she does look like her! o_o! That's freaky! I'm not sure if there's actually going to be a gathering at this point (since schedules are so crazy) but we could definitely try meeting up. And as far as the dress, I have no idea. Thrift stores? Haha, if only we had a Dean! :c And make sure to look out for any of us! Since I'm not sure if we'll have a gathering or not. :x Definitely! :D I would love a hug either way. I'll definitely make sure to say hi! Hopefully I'll be popping around as Cas during Saturday night, as long as I get out of my zombie costume... unless you want zombie!Castiel. Which might be sort of awesome.
  10. Supernatural 2011

    Hey everyone, sorry that no one's really been keeping track/update of this... I think that our group was slotted for a time... But I'm not sure if anyone will even be able to make said time or even show up... SO! That being said, I personally vote we all just meet up anyways. Perhaps Sunday since that's usually everyone's chill day? If not, Saturday night could work. Let me know what you think. :]
  11. Supernatural 2011

    Haha, awesome~<33 I'm not sure if we're even having a legit gathering (or if we'll get our Dean for sure) but I'll be kicking around as Cas probably~ (as much as I wanna bring Lucy, I just won't have the time to get his costume together before ACen - unless it magically falls into my lap and I dye my hair).
  12. South Park Cosplay?

    If this still is gonna happen, Saturday sounds awesome. I'd like to bring a cosplay, but you guys already have practically the entire main cast. I'm consider bringing Kenny. If it happens, it happens, if it doesn't... I'll end up bringing Tweek. Or maybe trying to do a Craig.
  13. Supernatural 2011

    So I'm not sure if we're actually having a gathering (since we're only a tiny handful of people). But! What day is everyone available for a gathering, etc? (Or would we rather just meet on our own times, separate from a schedule?)
  14. Doctor Who 2011

    I'm not exactly sure if I'll be able to make this cosplay anymore. :/ Some things came up with school and work and family. I don't think I really have the money or time right now to make it. Sorry, if I'm able to hurry up and get something done, I'll definitely still be there. If not... <3;;;;
  15. Doctor Who 2011

    Yeah, I'm going to be using some of her techniques.