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  1. I've been bouncing between games so at any given time I am playing any of the following.



    Guild Wars 2



    Nintendo 3DS:

    Pokemon Y

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds


    Xbox 360:

    Ghostbusters: The Video Game


    Playstation 3:

    LEGO Marvel Superheroes

    Grand Theft Auto 5

  2. For me it is the opportunity to get away from the everyday droll of life. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering for ACen and probably spent 40+ hours of my time helping get things done. ACen is my vacation. My getaway. My way to meet more awesome people. This year I had the pleasure of working with a very dedicated group of staffers who surprised me with how ready and willing they were to help the convention. The last two years I haven't made it to any panels and this year I didn't even make it into the exhibit hall. I can't wait for next year.

  3. As someone who's seen this movie I can honestly say that I enjoyed the story I was told. If I ever go insane I'd like it to go a little something like this. Yes, the women are beautiful, and the trailer did portray a sense of fan service, but it's merely a marketing ploy. Can you blame their marketing department for trying to pass the movie off as such? If it helps them sell a few more tickets then good for them, but the trailers didn't do justice to what I saw.

  4. I've been messing around with Ubuntu on and off for the past few years teaching myself basic commands and trying to set up a web site when I had the time. Recently I read about PinguyOS on Jguy's website and have decided to take a look at it. So far it looks promising. In addition to Ubuntu and PinguyOS I've also dealt a little with Fedora as a base system for a linux class I was taking. Overall I enjoy not having to worry about buying a key and activating my operating system, but I still remain somewhat chained to Windows until I get the settings for a couple of games right under Wine.

  5. I've had HTC's Evo 4G for a couple of months now, and in addition to some of the wonderful free apps listed, I gave in and spent $18 on MailDroid to manage the many email addresses that I have. So far it's made my life much easier. My girlfriend looked at me like I was crazy when I first got the phone, but now she's always asking *me to look up info about what actor was in a certain movie or whatever else comes up. :P


    Favorite App:



    Commonly Used Free Apps:

    Advanced Task Killer For Froyo by ReChild

    ASTRO File Manager


    Documents To Go

    Dolphin Browser HD



    One Nightstand



    Where's My Droid


    *Edit: Yeah, I totally can't spell a simple word like "me", and I couldn't let that typo stand. :D