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  1. What Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been bouncing between games so at any given time I am playing any of the following. PC: Guild Wars 2 Minecraft Nintendo 3DS: Pokemon Y The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Xbox 360: Ghostbusters: The Video Game Playstation 3: LEGO Marvel Superheroes Grand Theft Auto 5
  2. 3DS Friend Codes

    Here's my friend code: 3110-5403-5495
  3. What Are You Currently Playing?

    I am currently playing Guild Wars 2 on the Devona's Rest server. It's been fun so far and I've enjoyed being able to help provide a free 512 slot Teamspeak server for us to hang out and coordinate our resources across Devona's Rest.
  4. What IS the big draw of ACEN for you?

    For me it is the opportunity to get away from the everyday droll of life. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering for ACen and probably spent 40+ hours of my time helping get things done. ACen is my vacation. My getaway. My way to meet more awesome people. This year I had the pleasure of working with a very dedicated group of staffers who surprised me with how ready and willing they were to help the convention. The last two years I haven't made it to any panels and this year I didn't even make it into the exhibit hall. I can't wait for next year.
  5. Sucker Punch

    As someone who's seen this movie I can honestly say that I enjoyed the story I was told. If I ever go insane I'd like it to go a little something like this. Yes, the women are beautiful, and the trailer did portray a sense of fan service, but it's merely a marketing ploy. Can you blame their marketing department for trying to pass the movie off as such? If it helps them sell a few more tickets then good for them, but the trailers didn't do justice to what I saw.
  6. Linux Nerds Unite!

    I've been messing around with Ubuntu on and off for the past few years teaching myself basic commands and trying to set up a web site when I had the time. Recently I read about PinguyOS on Jguy's website and have decided to take a look at it. So far it looks promising. In addition to Ubuntu and PinguyOS I've also dealt a little with Fedora as a base system for a linux class I was taking. Overall I enjoy not having to worry about buying a key and activating my operating system, but I still remain somewhat chained to Windows until I get the settings for a couple of games right under Wine.
  7. How do u Android?

    I've had HTC's Evo 4G for a couple of months now, and in addition to some of the wonderful free apps listed, I gave in and spent $18 on MailDroid to manage the many email addresses that I have. So far it's made my life much easier. My girlfriend looked at me like I was crazy when I first got the phone, but now she's always asking *me to look up info about what actor was in a certain movie or whatever else comes up. :P Favorite App: MailDroid Commonly Used Free Apps: Advanced Task Killer For Froyo by ReChild ASTRO File Manager ConnectBot Documents To Go Dolphin Browser HD eBuddy Last.fm One Nightstand OpenTable Ringdroid Where's My Droid *Edit: Yeah, I totally can't spell a simple word like "me", and I couldn't let that typo stand. :D
  8. What was your first video game?

    My first game was Crystalis for the NES. It's definitely my favorite game of all time. :D