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  1. Room Available at the Hyatt

    This was before this years' ACen. You need to put in a request for next year.
  2. Countdown to ACen 2017

    Pretty much. All hail the zombie forum.
  3. Countdown to ACen 2017

    Perhaps folks have other things to do.
  4. Guest Relations

    Personally, I'm thinking about MomoCon as well. That con is going to grow quickly and has a wide range of things it covers. It's the people, not the con, that keeps bringing me back to ACen.
  5. ACen guest list vs.....

    They've gotten big enough to where they'll pretty much run it the way they feel like it. If the numbers *supposedly* keep going up, and I don't know why, why would they even bother to listen? ACen's main hook is around music/dancing now.
  6. 2017 Registration

    I guess that explains why AM was running a new con in Columbus last weekend.
  7. Hyatt Cleanest Room Contest 2016

    Same here. We try to make it as painless for the staff as possible but I can only do so much when facing the prospect of the long trip home ahead.
  8. I loved the Carolina Manga Library!

    Very good idea indeed.
  9. Hotel issues 2016

    Well, we finally made it back to the Hyatt this year after last year's debacle. Everything was great from the placement to the level. Only minor gripe was that we had the one hotel room that was up against the exhaust of the red bar. Open the door to the glorious weather and after 4pm, it was food smell. Lots of food smell. At least it was tolerable...unless you were hungry.
  10. 2016 Guest Feedback

    Needs more music guests and DJ's. /s
  11. Weather for ACen 2016!

    Weather was amazeballs. Probably the best weather I've ever seen for ACen front to back.
  12. Annual (All Ages) Forum Meet and Greet 2016

    It's more of a challenge now. The forums have essentially gone extinct and you may not want the masses of a facebook group showing up. I was just slightly late myself.
  13. 2016 Guests?

    The guest list reflects where the con is putting more of it's efforts into. The con has evolved quite a bit over the years, for better or for worse depending on what you are coming to the con for. If you are in for music/dances, you're pretty good. I bet somehow the con shows an increase in attendance. It doesn't feel like it though.
  14. Hyatt Cleanest Room Contest 2016

    Sure wasn't my room.
  15. 2016 Guests?

    We'll get them in March. I know of no other con with announcements so late. May be the nature of a volunteer con.