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  1. Lolita Skirts

    I'm a bigger girl too, especially in the hips and bust. My girls aren't large, but my ribcage is really broad. It makes finding things that fit, especially within Lolita, very hard! That's why I specialize in plus sizes. I wish I knew more about blouse construction. I'm going to take some classes this summer with ACen money so I can learn more and start making blouses for sale as well.
  2. Lolita Skirts

    Skirts are going to vary. The full elastic, one channel waist band skirts with no ruffles or frills are going to go for $20, while the ruffled, lace edged, half elastic multi-channel waistband skirts are going to vary from $30-$45 ($45 only applies if I get the bustle back skirt done, which is looking unlikely). I have a dress planned that will be up for sale for $80. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. This is what I do for a living, and every time someone says something nice it gives me a new burst of energy to keep on keepin' on!
  3. Lolita Skirts

    Yes I do! You can look me up on Facebook, where I have a lot of stuff posted and I'll likely keep up with better than Deviantart because I don't write as much about the stuff. Facebook! There's also my Deviantart, which I update as often as I can, usually all at once though. So when I have a PILE of stuff done, I photograph it and post it all. On there I'm BeMeFullMoon, which is a typo of my company name (I think I made it at like 3am right before ACen last year). I'll have lots of pictures of my ACen stuff up there soon. I'm also Aourai on photobucket and on cosplay.com if you want to see any of my costuming stuff.
  4. Lolita Skirts

    I'm really excited to have garments this year, even if it is only rectangle skirts and maybe a simple dress or two. I hope I do well and get lots of commission interest!
  5. Lolita Skirts

    I totally wish I had a 26" waist. T.T I'm sporting 39" right now (down from 42" since I started Weight Watchers) but it seems that I should make more of the 23-30" size huh? What about bust sizes? I'm making one, maybe two dresses as well.
  6. Lolita Skirts

    I'm making them "cupcake" style so they can be work with a full petticoat, and are designed to be worn with one. However I've seen them worn without (yay for room mates trying on my wares) and they look okay without too.
  7. Lolita Skirts

    I'm going to be selling Lolita skirts along with the hair accessories this year (I only had hair accessories last year) and I was just wondering if I could get a good cross section of waist sizes so I have a good idea of how much to make of each possible size. I have some that go up to 50+" and some as small as 23" but I don't want to cut some of that fabric I still have (specifically a gorgeous butterfly fabric) without a better idea of the majority waist size. I really want the skirts I'm about to make to turn out really nice and find a home with a person who will adore them, so if you're willing to post your size, please do! If you don't want to share that information in a public forum, you can also PM me.
  8. Payment Issues?

    Awesome, I see my studio there so I can de-stress a little.
  9. Payment Issues?

    So I've contacted the e-mail for the art show about our payment, which according to our bank account hasn't yet been processed. We sent it out around the 1st of March. Has anyone else had a delay? Is there anyone else who can answer inquiries about it? I'm at a loss right now, and totally freaked that the payment got lost or something and I'm at risk of losing my tables or something, and I'm not getting answers that I can then provide my table mates. Any suggestions?