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  1. yeah, but glass is still physical validation of our winning ^_^
  2. Hi! I won a missing trophy last year, and I was wondering if they would be at this year's con? Did you find them or order new ones? It has been about a year now... Just curious. Please let me know!
  3. Double Standards

    There's a book written about it called "He's a Stud; She's a free love and 49 other Double Standards Every Woman Should Know" Some Highlights: 1. He's a Hipster; She's a Ho. 2. He's Gay; She's a Fantasy. 3. He's Angry; She's PMSing. 4. He's Independent; She's Pathetic. 5. He's Successful; She's a Showoff. 6. He's Dating A Younger Woman; She's a Cougar. 7. He's an Activist; She's a Pain in the A$$ 8. He's Childless; She's Selfish. 9. He's Funny; She's Annoying. 10. He's Dating; She's Taken. 11. He's the Boss; She's a B****
  4. Anime Expo 2010

    So my friend is trying to get me to go to Anime Expo because she just moved out to California and a group that she knows is going. Has anyone else gone/is going? I would like to know what its about! I've only been to the midwest ones. If someone could let me know the insider info, just let me know please! ^_^ I would appreciate it!
  5. Multiple Cosplays