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    Being awesome, Black Cat, Train X Rinslet within Black Cat, Archer, making my best male friend dress up as Archer for a future Acen, collecting figures, my gorgeous Seras Victoria figure, Candyman by Aqua, the Captain Planet theme (for humorous purposes), animals, my kittehs, having awesome friends and cousin-friends, Faust VIII from Shaman King, Gwendal X Gunter being my OTP, other yaoi and slash pairings such as Riku X Sora Remus X Sirius, and the infamous Mori X Hunny, D. Grayman, Komui X Miranda, Kanda X Allen

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  1. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    Just finished Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann recently (I know, I know, finally), as well as Another. I'll probably finish up Lucky Star or He Is My Master next. Probably He Is My Master, honestly. I don't dislike Lucky Star but it's left me kind of cold.
  2. When is fat...fat anymore?

    This whole thread is hilarious to me. No one actually cares about fat people's health. No one. It boils down to "you look undesirable, so I'm going to belittle you and claim it's because of your 'poor health'. Then I am going to make assumptions about you. You're fat, so you must be lazy, selfish, a waste of my social security, etc." This is disgusting. It needs to stop. You do not know why someone who is 200+ lbs weighs that much. Also I'm going to assume that most of you have never been obese. That's why it's so easy for you to say "oh, those people are just lazy and won't exercise or diet". You have no clue how difficult it is. And you know what? When society is constantly attacking you for what you look like, it's extremely discouraging and makes it really hard to actually stick to a diet and exercise routine. It takes a long time to lose weight. There is no method that will get an obese person down to where they won't be sneered at in less than a year, even when stuck to rigidly. And you know what? When you're so heavy that you can barely move, even if you are trying desperately to lose weight, it will take a while, and in the mean time working will be pretty freaking hard. So yeah no someone who is so obese that walking is hard isn't selfish and ignorant for having a handicapped parking tag. You are selfish and ignorant for feeling entitled to body police others. No, no one should weigh that much. But try having some compassion for these people. No one wants to be like that, and when you reach a point that moving much at all is PAINFUL, of course it's hard to lose the weight, even without harassment from jerks like you guys who think obesity is a license to ridicule a person.
  3. Nintendo's "I'm not a gamer" campaign

    Honestly, I think it's pretty clear that the intent here is to make people who don't want to be seen as a gamer because of the stigma attached think it's cool to buy games. The idea is "you don't have to be a gross icky nerdy gamer to enjoy the DS!" To me it's almost impossible to not see that message here and idk how you can possibly think it's not aiming for that, XenoBlade. Taking famous people, showing them playing video games, and then having them say they aren't gamers is a pretty obvious marketing ploy towards the sort of people who turn their noses up at gamers. It's not inherently malicious towards gamers, really, because I find it hard to argue with trying to expand your consumer base, but it kind of validates the anti-gamer sentiments out there.
  4. Gen Urobuchi

    Urobuchi is just plain amazing. He's the sort of guest that I'd give anything to see.
  5. Top 10 Favorite Pokemon?

    @Kii why thank you! I'd say you do as well. I was debating putting Mew on my list as well, but it's been so long since I've ever had one... As for Raichu's excellence, yes, Raichu will always be one of my tops. I tend to be drawn to fire types, which is why Raichu can't beat out the Houndour or Litwick lines, but it's easily the best non-fire type. Ever.
  6. Top 10 Favorite Pokemon?

    Unless otherwise specified, any given spot technically goes to the entire evolution line but I'm listing my favorite of the line (with the obvious exception of Eeveelutions) 1. Houndoom 2. Lampent 3. Raichu (only Raichu, Pikachu can gtfo and I'm indifferent to Pichu) 4. Marill (only Marill) 5. Umbreon 6. Vaporeon 7. Ninetales 8. Serperior 9. Liepard (haters gonna freakin' hate) 10. Haunter
  7. A question about ex's

    ....Uhm. I do kind of have an issue with some of your statements on sex up there. Do you not consider sex between two women to be sex? No chance of pregnancy or stretching (necessarily) occurs there. Otherwise, though, yeah I agree. I think the main thing we really differ on here is our opinions on just how worthwhile it is to even bother to maintain a friendship with someone who would want to end it over something like this. (If I weren't already taken and) I ended up dating someone that was a friend's ex and, even though my friend claimed to be over that person and even though it was a generally amicable breakup, my friend got mad at me and ended our friendship over it, I wouldn't consider that person to have been worth hanging onto. That sort of behavior annoys me a lot.
  8. A question about ex's

    The thing is, if a friend is going to be that ridic after there's been some time to cool off, feelings shouldn't be hurt anymore, etc, then they're kind of a lousy and selfish friend. It isn't your fault for pursuing a relationship with someone you really like, unless there are obvious signs that it would be bad, ex; your friend not being over that person, the relationship ending in a way that makes me question why you'd even want that person, etc. But it's a personal choice to make. In my case, if a friend can't respect me for following my heart, they're not a very good friend. ...Er. But that's true of any relationship? Also when you choose to sleep with someone is also a personal choice and it depends on how you view sex. Personally, I do not view sex as something reserved for someone I'm in love with. I see them as relevant but separate. Sex can be something wonderful to share with someone you love, but it can also be wonderful with someone you just find attractive. I'm the sort of person who will sleep with anyone that I'm attracted to, so long as it's with a consenting adult and doing so wouldn't involve me or the other person cheating on someone. Not everyone is the same about that, of course, and I'm fine with anyone viewing sex however they please so long as they are honest about their intentions and sleeping with consenting adults, but I don't enjoy it when people talk about sex in ways that alienate me for my own stance. Or label me a free love (in a bad way. I call myself a free love, but I take the word as a positive thanks).
  9. A question about ex's

    My point is that it's generally a bad idea to not go for something because of arbitrary rules that you place on yourself. Most reasonable human beings will be able to deal with it if the breakup wasn't one that left each other hating each other, or so long as there aren't still feelings for one another going on. There's always the risk of being a rebound with anyone who's just been through a breakup, though. And uh. You DO know that there are girls out there who are likely to go for rebound opportunities, pretend to have stronger feelings for someone than they do, etc just for sex too, right? That's always a possibility with anyone. There are obviously circumstances in which you prooobably shouldn't go for a friend's ex, I'm certainly not saying it's always okay. Just that there are times when it is okay, too.
  10. A question about ex's

    Depends on the situation, but in your case it seems like it should be fine. I've actually maintained friendships with my own exes, including one whose behavior as my girlfriend caused pretty serious damage to my self esteem. So in a situation with an amicable breakup like that, I can't see any problem in maintaining a friendship with the girl. Honestly, the only time it'd really be bad form to maintain a friendship with someone you're close to's ex is if s/he did something seriously bad in the relationship, such as stealing from her/his SO, abusing him/her, etc. Even if the grounds for breakup was cheating, I still think it'd be okay to keep a friendship even then if you wanted to. Honestly, I completely disagree with you, Fujoshi. Who you date should always come down to how you feel about someone and if the someone you want to be with wants to be with you, too. Obviously, you'll have to pose to yourself the "is it worth it?" question, but it's not a blanket rule imho. For instance, say your brother (or friend or what have you) has a girlfriend that he ends up breaking up with because they mutually agree they're better off as friends. If that girl ends up falling for you and vice versa, what's wrong with dating her? Nothing. It may be awkward for your brother (friend, whatever), but if he's a mature adult he'll be able to handle it. Now, if it was a messy breakup in which the girl was in the wrong, why would you even want to date her, or even just be friends with her anyway?
  11. Not going to ACen...

    I think it's possibly been longer. So unrainbow, must be fixed.
  12. Nintendo's "I'm not a gamer" campaign

    Guys, I play D&D but I'm totally not a nerd! I watch anime, but I'm not a nerd! I'm involved in fandom, but I'm not a nerd! I play video games, but I'm not a nerd! That's how this comes off. Ew.
  13. Not going to ACen...

    We need to actually hang out this year, Ben. We haven't seen each other in years at this point.
  14. Gen Urobuchi

    I would seriously give just about anything for Gen Urobuchi to be at ACen this year. Between Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero, and all of the visual novels he's written, he's quite possibly one of the most popular Japanese guests ACen could get their hands on. I know a lot of cons are disappointed with the low levels of interest in Japanese guests from con attendees, but Gen Urobuchi is one that actually packs rooms, and seems fairly willing to come to the US, given how many 2012 cons he did. Please, ACen. I am begging you here.
  15. Not going to ACen...

    ...Ahahaha I just can't stay away, can I? My boyfriend and a couple of his friends expressed interest and now I have a DoubleTree room booked. This is my willpower.