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  1. Rooms Available

    I know it's seriously late but I have two king rooms with pullout couches available at the Doubletree. I've actually been trying to get them canceled but have gotten nothing but grief and told I'd be charged for a nights stay anyway so I decided to just see if I can switch them over to anybody. They're booked today through Sunday at $164 dollars a night. The total comes to $1115.92 for the weekend and I don't believe the rooms can be split up. If anyone's interested let me know asap to switch them over to you.
  2. Nostalgic Cosplay 2013

    I apologize for not being able to make it, I caught the con plague a couple days early and couldn't get out of bed in time for the shoot >< I hope to be able to bring Alita back for next year so maybe I'll be able to make it then X3
  3. Nostalgic Cosplay 2013

    I was hoping to get together an Alita from Batlle Angel Alita and was wondering if it would be included? It was run in the early nineties but I'm not sure how many people have actually even heard of it ^^;;
  4. Where to get a good wig.

    I wouldn't recommend Amphigory.com, the last time I ordered from them it took three days and multiple emails to tell me that 5 out of 6 of the things I ordered were out of stock and the one they did have wouldn't get to me in time. I'd recommend Cosplay Wig Store off of ebay. They have a lot of free shipping and sales and the wigs are nice quality.
  5. Revolutionary Girl Utena?

    I'll be bringing my duelist Utena back again this year. I need to do some minor touchups from last year but that one I'm at least positive is getting brought. I'm not sure if it'll be Friday or Saturday, depends on if I get Suu done. Reminds me I need to actually get started on that @.@
  6. Revolutionary Girl Utena 2010

    Hi all! My Duelist Utena should be done for ACen if all goes to schedule. I just need to finish up the outfit, I've got accessories all ready to go and my wig just needs the bangs cut. It's great to see some other Utena fans, most people I know don't like it because of how strange it gets in later seasons.
  7. What Should I Pack Inside My Suitcase?

    Yeah the weather here is VERY unpredictable, snow one week, 80 degrees the next, so definitely bring one of those mini/travel size umbrellas and a hoodie just in case. As far as a purse/bag go I personally try to keep it to a minimum, this year I'll probably just take a small backpack for my phone, money and ID. I just carry the ACen bag for the program and small purchases. As a side note to make sure you bring everything back with you that you brought, I recommend making an itemized list of everything you take. I've had friends forget things like chargers/brushes/etc at the hotel. -^-^-
  8. Registration Questions

    I prereged during Reactor and got my badge a bit ago but I have a problem with the name. I thought I put down to just have my first name on the badge, but I'm assuming now that I filled it out wrong because my entire full name is on it. This makes me quite uncomfortable for stalker/identity theft reasons and was wondering if there was any way to get that changed? Thanks in advance.
  9. Intercontinental Hotel

    Well I can't say for sure for the king rooms, as I was in one of their doubles last year, but the room I was in was great! They're nice and spacious with a really cool modern design. They had big tvs if you wanted to hook up a game system or dvd player and the staff were very polite, unlike some I've dealt with in the Hyatt. The staff didn't seem to mind the oddly dressed people and it wasn't as crazy or crowded as the hotels that are attached to the convention center. There's also very nice restaurants right there if you're willing to pay the money. As others have stated it is a bit of a walk but it's not too terrible, it did suck a little coming back from the Soap Bubble but it really is maybe a 5 minute walk, it depends on how fast you walk. One of two other things I didn't quite like was that the room didn't actually have a sit down table where a couple people could sit and eat or something. The only chair in the room was at the desk that was flesh to the wall. Parking was really expensive, I'm not sure what it is now, I just remember parking being way expensive. There's no pool either but my friends and I wouldn't have used it anyway. Overall I liked the place, I'd just recommend trying to minimize trips back and forth as it is a walk.
  10. Seeking Two Roomates At The Doubletree

    Wow sorry I'm a dork sometimes :lol: Well if getting to know us is an obstacle we both have aim screennames or meeting is always an option. send a pm if either of those are to your liking. Either way no rush we've gots months till May...sadly...or not, cosplays to finish.
  11. Seeking Two Roomates At The Doubletree

    I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say but about the money we don't need it immediatly, just like a month or two before the convention. We can also meet up and have lunch or something before hand to get to know each other if you live in or around the Chicagoland area. We both live a short train ride out of Chicago.
  12. Seeking Two Roomates At The Doubletree

    That's totaly cool, we've got time. :lol: Get back to us when you can!
  13. Seeking Two Roomates At The Doubletree

    Yeah we're just looking for a smaller group. We've both went the large number of roomies one year and hated it. It was the whole who invited X number of freeloaders, no one wanted to actually sleep, there was zero space, everyone's stuff got mixed up, stuff got "borrowed", etc. I actually woke up early one day and could not leave because there was four people sleeping in front of the door. I'd also like to mention that those four people were not there when I went to sleep. Seriously someone came out of the closet that year that I hadn't known was there. :blink: Just not dealing with it again. Besides for four people $110 isn't that bad. You've got space, neatness, and everyone can actually grab a shower in the morning (or evening).
  14. Seeking Two Roomates At The Doubletree

    If you're whithin a year of the age ranges we can definetly work something out. Pm me if that works for you.
  15. Seeking two roomates at the DoubleTree hotel. Preferrably fairly clean and neat. Personal hygiene is a must! We are outgoing, friendly ladies, age 18; seeking 2 roommates within the ages of 18 and 21. No alcohol or smoking in the room, please! Our room is non-smoking. Room and food costs will be split evenly amongst the roommates. It is $110 per person, all nights included, Thursday through Sunday. $20 for food is preferrable, and you are welcome to bring anything else. One of us will be bringing along a Wii and a DVD player for entertainment during downtime at the convention. We will not be paying for internet access, though if one of you would like to, that is fine. :) Sex/gender is not an issue- we only ask that you be courteous and fairly neat (and not use hair color spray in the room!). A final rundown of the stipulations: must be 18-21 no alcohol or smoking in the room $110 for all three nights (please pay in advance), $20 for food must be at least mildly neat and clean no hair color spray in the room! no discrimination based on gender/sex preferrably no couples no room parties, please there are two beds and we plan on sharing so you'll have to be willing to share with someone else We have 2 roommates, but we are seeking two more! If you have any questions, please ask! :)