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  1. Photo Request Thread 2012

    Looking for pictures of Makoto Shishio from the Rurouni Kenshin series... here's a quick reference shot. Thank you, all!
  2. Rurouni Kenshin 2012

    Hi, all... here are the details for the photoshoot: Saturday night at 7:30pm at the East Outdoor Wall (pictured here and here). My husband will return to ACen this year as Makoto Shishio (link in signature). Anyone else cosplaying from this classic series? Post below. Looking forward to seeing you at the con and the gathering!
  3. Great idea! Link in siggy... enjoy!
  4. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread

    Oh excellent! Looking forward to those pictures!
  5. Final Fantasy 2010~

    Good luck! Great photos-- thanks for the album link!
  6. Final Fantasy 2010~

    Thank you! And I see Exdeath in your signature list of planned cosplays-- let us know when you finish it. A face off between Exdeath and Golbez would be epic.
  7. Acen 2010 Cosplay Photos

    Found you! I definitely have a bunch of pics of you since you were hanging out with Golbez, my husband. Check my signature for the album link. =)
  8. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread

    I'm so sorry. I thought I had a pic of you since I saw you several times at the con. I apologize for the misunderstanding. It was an excellent cosplay though! Good luck with the search!
  9. Acen 2010 Cosplay Photos

    Nice! Glad you found a pic of yourself.
  10. Saturday Cosplay Pictures... Acen 2010!

    You got pictures of my husband's Golbez cosplay-- thanks a bunch!
  11. Acen 2010 Cosplay Photos

    Link in signature! Enjoy, guys!
  12. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread

    Excellent cosplays, guys! I have all of you in my album (link in signature). Enjoy! You are amazing-- you got pictures of my husband's Golbez cosplay and of us walking on stage during the Masquerade (Golbez and Spirit of the Master Sword)! Such clear shots. Thank you so much! <3
  13. Final Fantasy 2010~

    Thank you! He was glad to see other FFIV cosplayers there. I've got pictures of you guys in my album (link in signature).
  14. Final Fantasy 2010~

    It was an honor being at the photoshoot-- so many excellent cosplayers! Keep up the amazing work, everyone. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the con. Looking forward to seeing pictures!
  15. The Legend Of Zelda 2010

    Thanks to everyone who joined us at the photoshoots! It's always a pleasure to see fellow Zelda fans. A big thanks goes out to bloodypirate for taking charge-- you're awesome! =)