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  1. Annual Christmas card exchange

    I doubt that people even remember me (haven't been to ACen, or active on the boards since...what...2008/2009?) T___T BUT, I do miss people, and want to take part in this again...and if you still have my address from the last time...it's different now. Please pm me for the new address and such. AND, on the note of people not remembering me...I'll just leave it up to you, to pm me and such...I think the latest I'll take addresses will be Sunday the 16th, as I plan on getting them out that Monday/Tuesday.
  2. Annual GUTG Christmas card exchange

    I haven't been around in years! Holy cripes! I'm surprised anyone remembered who I was...O_O Anywho, Thanks Wolverine! I got your card a couple days ago. Because I've disappeared for so long, and not sent any cards myself, I probably won't get any more...but if I do...I have a new address (any sent cards will most likely be forwarded this time though). I should be able to get back into things next year, but with the double move I did earlier this year, everything is jumbled, and I'll need to start a new address list. Happy Holidays everyone! See you in 2012!
  3. 4th Annual Christmas Card Exchange

    Haven't been on the forums in AGES...classes have been giving me heck for a while :( AND...I'll be sending out New Years/Holiday cards (I had exams all last week up until 8pm on the 23rd and classes in general were X___X) Got my card from Isamu XD Thanks, I needed a good laugh :) *And, sorry to hear about your loss :( I don't remember if I got any more...(being overly frazzled will do that to a person :( ) SO, if you would like a New Year's/Holiday card from me.....feel free to message me on here with address info etc.
  4. Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures

    Ghost Adventures...they could tone down the "overreacting" a bit. Sometimes it's funny, but going overboard can get irritating. Ghost Hunters...I've been watching since the beginning and yes, they don't always catch evidence...but with Ghost Adventures, it makes me wonder because they seem to ALWAYS find something, and seems a tad fishy to me. (That, and Kris and Amy and Steve and Tango are just awesome...*have met them all in person*)
  5. Chinatown Meet-Up

    I would like to see y'all again...sounds fun. :)
  6. Registration Is Hiring for 2011!

    I've been convinced ^___^ I love meeting new people (may be a bit shy at first...but it's all worth meeting new friends :) )
  7. Green Lantern!

    Good point
  8. Green Lantern!

    I was a bit "T-ed" off...because they could have done his costume the same way (or even just similar to) the one they just did for Superman. But whatever...if the movie's done well enough, I'm ok with it.
  9. It's Friggin Hot Outside!

    Ugh...the humidity is redonkulous....and I have two days of this dang Rummage sale yet X____X Urgh....HOT + HUMID + being outside for hours = Not fun times I've nearly passed out a couple times today...and I've had enough water to fill an ocean (or what seems to be XDD)
  10. I solmely swear that I am up to no good!

    I always was, and always will be an overly proud Slytherin *bows* Thank you very much! It was the Harry Potter books that got me back into heavy stages of reading :) Favorite characters (BEFORE I saw the movies): Draco (don't CARE what you say, I liked his snide, smart a$$ attitude) Tonks and Luna Lovegood AFTER I watched the movies: Luna Lovegood (Loved her even more...the actress they picked is adorable), Neville, Tonks (<3) and Bellatrix And now, years after the first book and movie.....the rest of the characters are still growing on me :)
  11. Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Happy days!!! <3
  12. Acen fitness thread 2011!

    How does one stay so motivated by themselves? I just can't seem to do it all on my own......and it's really difficult to find someone to workout with etc.
  13. Music

    Apocalyptica (mostly their songs without vocals...but it's all good in my opinion) *Metal/Rock with cellos = <3 * Dommin (Think of having Elvis combined with HIM.....to a degree) <3 Kerli (Love. Her. End of discussion. hehe) La Roux Jace Everett - Bad Things (theme for TrueBlood....very catchy) **On the more "classical" or "softer" side** Josh Groban (Saw him in concert for my 19th birthday...in the top 3 best presents ever)
  14. Registration Is Hiring for 2011!

    I'm actually giving it some thought to signing up for Reg...or somewhere that would like more peoples. ^___^ I'm not great with HIGH stress, so IRT unfortunately is not for me...that, and I work better with more "co-workers" around **And Pirate Duckies are awesomeness!**
  15. Someone Stole My Adrammelech!

    And people really wonder why I detest the human race... Though I couldn't make it, I watched you on stage via the live stream, and your Adrammalech was pretty kick butt. It's really quite sad that people will stoop that low...but it doesn't surprise me in the slightest...unfortunately. I'll be on the lookout as well...and I will post a message up on my Facebook (As I have quite a few con travelers as friends) Whoever took it...has butt-loads of bad karma coming their way.