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  1. Sailor Moon Sailor Squares 2011!

    Hey Sailor Moon fans! I regrettably come bearing bad news. There are many circumstances that have come up, but many of my panelists, myself included, have had to cancel ACen in our plans this year. It's sad cause this is my first ACen that I've not attended since I started attending. :( However, since many of us guys and gals did manage to get a lot of work done before we had real life catch up to us, I am going to see about holding Sailor Moon Sailor Squares at Youmacon this coming year. So if you're going to be there, hopefully we'll be able to put on a show for you there this year instead! I'm really sorry to all of you who were planning to attend. But life is life, and it happens to interfere with all of us at some point or another. I hope you enjoy the con! <3 Stephanie
  2. Sailor Moon Sailor Squares 2011!

    I was intending for Friday, but due to the loss of the panel submission, Saturday was when they gave me.
  3. Deathcom Multimedia booth?

    I've been wondering too. Anybody have any status on their booth? I've gotten great pictures from them every ACen for the last 7 years or so. It's an ACen tradition! Lol! :)
  4. Sailor Moon Sailor Squares 2011!

    Hey there Sailor Moon fans! I have some, um, not really bad but not really good news for all of you. Due to the loss of information that I posted about a couple weeks ago, it seems the only time my panel could get in was early morning on Saturday. =\ So, I'll have to fight my own Usagi-like tendencies to sleep in late, but we'll still have a great show for you! And FANTASTIC prizes as always! Not sure if I can actually post a true time yet, but be on the look out for it Saturday morning. Spread the word! Wake up early, come have Sailor Moon fun, and then go back to bed with new FREE Sailor Moon goodies*! *There are a few other anime goods added to the prize pool this year too. It's getting hard to keep it to Sailor Moon only without lots of $$$$ There's also still a mix of official and fan made items to go around. I still have a few of the cat hats that seemed to be quite popular last year, and the friend who makes them may even have a couple more. She's preggers and moving though, so I'm not pushing her too hard about making more of them.
  5. Sailor Moon Sailor Squares 2011!

    Hello all! Just letting you all know there was a small bump in plans this year! Unfortunately my submission somehow got lost by the email gods! Oh no! This problem has obviously been discovered though, and I'm working with Panel Programming to try and figure out what happened and get it resolved. We were shooting to have it on Friday again this year, but we'll see what happens. Keep your figures crossed for us that we can find a time Friday afternoon!
  6. Sailor Moon Sailor Squares 2011!

    Thanks, Zerox!! I appreciate the recommendation! As long as I have a projector and sound that hook up to my laptop, and lots and lots of microphones, I'm good. :D Actually, aside from having the wrong cable for the projector, which was remedied, last years set up was near perfect. Aside from not being in the Hyatt. But it was nice a big and people could see and fit into the room. My first year was a little cramped. haha!
  7. So, pretty much as I stated in the title and description... I'm the host of Sailor Moon Sailor Squares and me and the other participants have started planning again for 2011. For those that haven't attended before, this is a game show with real life prizes! It's mostly based off of Hollywood Squares, just centered around the Sailor Moon universe. We've got a new twist planned for this year so I hope that you're as excited as we are. Many of us are already working on our new costumes and developing our characters for this year, mine is almost complete. YAY! I hope to see you all there!
  8. Acen 2010 Cosplay Photos

    FYI, Deathcom posted all their booth pictures last night! http://www.deathcom.net
  9. Sailor Moon Sailor Squares 2010

    So I realized that I mentioned this briefly at some point during the panel, but never really elaborated. For those interested about seeing Sailor Moon Sailor Squares after the fact, I currently have 2009's show on Youtube, and once I get the video from the videographers that attended, 2010 will be there as well. http://www.youtube.com/sailorsquares I will keep you updated about 2010 being uploaded, but you can always subscribe and find out right away. I'll probably forget to update here for a couple days anyways. :P
  10. Sailor Moon Sailor Squares 2010

    I'm glad you enjoyed it this year! Which contestant were you? The hats were actually made by one of the panelists from last year. She got the idea from someone who sells them on Deviant Art. If you want to check if there's anything you want to donate, that's no problem. I still have some leftovers from this year, but we did get rid of a lot of it. Just let me know if there's anything. ^_^
  11. Overall Cosplay Photo Request Thread

    I had manga Super Sailor Moon earlier on Friday, and Friday night I was the Cammy that had the lol!PinkBra! (bad packing... It was pink or leopard, and the leopard looked worse. If you decided to be so kind and edit it out like I did, awesome! :P) Saturday, I was Rushuna Tendo from Grenadier in the early half, and Fujiko Mine (or, chick in black vinyl catsuit. Ridiculous picture, but all I have are like that. XD) in the evening. If you have any pictures, please PM me! ^_^ All of my ACen pictures can be found here: Part One: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2387...mp;l=267737d261 Part Two: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2387...mp;l=98e87e5390 Please tag away! Edited for reference pictures
  12. Acen 2010 Cosplay Photos

    Part One: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2387...mp;l=267737d261 Part Two: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2387...mp;l=98e87e5390 Please tag away!
  13. Sailor Moon Sailor Squares 2010

    Well, I sent you the information needed so you won't be totally off guard if you're able to come (which I really hope you are, otherwise I'm still short a person. X_X) Keep me informed! <3
  14. Sailor Moon Sailor Squares 2010

    If both of you are indeed interested and willing to participate, I would greatly appreciate it! ^___^ It seems that various incarnations of Chibi Usa are destined to be duplicates in this panel. haha! Last year I had Chibi Usa and Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon. This year Black Lady and Chibi Usa. =3 If you are both on Facebook, I have a "staff" even page there, and I have the questions available for download too so that you're somewhat prepared. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=115602678460920 You can request to be added and I'll add you into there, just say who you are. ^_^If you're not on Facebook, um, PM me for further details.
  15. Sailor Moon 2010

    Hey there! This is slightly off topic, but it's Sailor Moon related, cosplay related, and ACen related! I'm the gal who has been hosting the Sailor Moon panel at ACen the last few years, and I always do it in costume. However, this year I need two more cosplayers to help out. If you want to check out my panel's thread, you might get a better idea of what I need. http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php?showt...mp;#entry906096 Please let me know! I won't be Sailor Moon when this gathering happens, but I'll definitely stop by to grab pictures of all you lovelies! ^_^