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  1. If I ran ACEN

    I'd love to have mangaka and animators at ACen. *.* That'd be really sweet.

    If this was to me, then... um... I'm losing my job, because my store is closing. That's why we have to mark the books... Also, thanks Ichigo. <3
  3. If I ran ACEN

    @Fujoshi - odds are, that plush that looked like it was from China probably was. A lot of things are bootlegged in the dealer's hall, every single year. I keep trying to get in touch with people to get things rectified, but it seems like they either don't actually care or they want to make things difficult when it seems like it should be pretty simple to go 'hey, everything here is bootlegged, you're no longer allowed'. I couldn't even find anyone to complain to last year at ACen when I saw bootlegged goods. No-one knew who to go to, or at least that's what they said. So people ended up buying the stuff anyways, and that makes me really sad. And the same dealers are coming back this year. :/ I don't do tournaments anymore, I have frustration issues. And honestly, I was in my room with friends all weekend. We hardly went out into the con besides my one friend that seemed like he'd go into the room, change, and then leave every hour or so. The rest of us were pretty meh and played Blazblue and other multi-player games almost the entire time. Also, I find it kinda funny that this thread went from 'what if ... ' to general complaints and knowledge about ACen itself, LOL.

    I hate when people don't read signs or just don't care. I also hate when those same people decide to try and make a screaming match over whatever it is they refused to read and/or didn't care about. I was seconds away from lunging at someone across the counter at work the other day because she wouldn't stop being an idiot about how we have to mark the bar codes on the books since they're non-returnable. "THAT'S MY BOOK, YOU CAN'T DO THAT" "You haven't even paid for it yet, it isn't yours. I'm marking it now so if you don't want it BEFORE you pay for it, you don't have to buy it." Etc. I rarely ever get so riled up, but I suppose the looming thought of losing my job, coupled with lines an hour long, coupled with a stupid **** of a 'customer' just hit me in the weak spot. If anyone's wondering... yes, she DID walk out with the book. My co-worker told her to gtfo before it got too heated and then he gave me a hug. Then again, I think the general public in... er... general, makes me angry. Too many idiots out there, it makes an otherwise wonderful job utterly horrendous. I also second the vast majority of the things already said. Lousy driving and judging based on hobbies are definitely at the top of the list. @Visadin - I feel for you, really. There are things that really can get me to go from extremely happy to overly pissed in seconds - usually things dealing with sound. I can't listen to commercials, and I haven't heard the radio or watched television in years mostly due to the fact that if something bugs me, it gets on my nerves extremely quickly. It can provoke the absolute worst reactions from me, and it makes me feel absolutely terrible, especially when that makes me go off at someone I care a lot about. *hugs* It'll be okay... just keep working at it. D:
  5. Good Bye Borders

    Stores won't be closed for good until the end of April at the latest. It's only been a couple weeks since the announcement, if any of them are closed this quickly I'd be surprised. But if you're going because you want to get things cheap, then you may be in for a shock. I know at least at my store we're at 20% off, and we don't know when that will go up. Definitely prepare for a disasterous store, though. Don't bother to ask workers where things are either, I doubt they'd be able to find it for you. And if other stores are following the same patterns as my store, they may not have computers hooked up for searches anymore either. It's really screwing depressing. Fujoshi - You might want to also try to understand the amount of stress we've been going through. A lot of us have been threatened time and time again that we'd get fired if we didn't meet outrageous goals, and it's just been absolute hell on Earth for at least the past two and a half years working there. A lot of people are and have been angry, and I know that personally I've always been fed up with people loafing around and not buying anything. The manga section has always been a hideout for people to loaf, and there are almost always kids all over the floor reading and generally making a disaster - we never know who's actually making the mess, but it angers all of us and we've always told kids to move along. And in the end, it doesn't matter that you went there to pre-order a book. I highly doubt the guy knew it, and even so I hardly would think he'd care. The point was that he saw a person in the manga section, as is extremely overly common, and got annoyed to see yet another person sitting there. It's easier to kick a person out that's awake than one that's asleep unless you poke them with a stick (which I've done a couple times, it's true ). I could go on... but I'll stop there before I rant further. As far as being told a book is in stock that wasn't, what was the situation? Our computer systems aren't always right... in fact, they rarely are... and newbies and/or holiday help tend not to know that.
  6. If I ran ACEN

    I'd like to add in that I'd have a karaoke room running all weekend long, 24 hours a day. I agree with Magi on the dance thing. If I go to an anime convention, I'm not going to spend the night at a dance - I'm going to enjoy myself in an anime-filled environment, trying to soak up as much good stuff as I can. Unfortunately though, most things at ACen are boring to me and/or pretty old to where I don't care to discuss it any longer. I end up rummaging the dealer's hall trying to find decently priced legit goods, and sitting in the hotel room ordering pizza and playing video games all day because things just don't interest me. It makes me wonder if I really want to keep coming back.
  7. If I ran ACEN

    There would be better bands from Japan, and there would definitely be more VA's from Japan. Not to mention there would be better anime-based panels and no dances. The dealer's hall would be devoid of bootlegs, too. Any seen would get the vendor a swift kick to the rear directly out the front door. Not to mention they'd have better stock. There wouldn't be a **** line-con, either.
  8. Good Bye Borders

    Oh duh, I don't know why I blanked on that one. That would be why it wasn't as crazy - that wasn't a liquidation sale. I'm pretty sure they sent the leftover stock back to the warehouses when they were done with it. And if I'm wrong and it was, then there weren't fifty million reports on it, because it's not something I heard about and considering I used to call that store sometimes to ask if they had something in stock for a customer, it seems like a manager might've said something. That one was always stocked and decent, but it was eating away money in huge chunks. The rent for that building was ridiculous, they had to have done like three times the business at least to cover the costs, if I remember hearing that right.
  9. Good Bye Borders

    Did you go over the weekend or today? The weekends are really tough. Weekdays we try to at least get everything on shelves, and then the weekend comes again...
  10. ACen versus other fan conventions

    I keep going back because I have quite a few friends I don't get to see often (if at all) outside of the convention because of how far away they live. The convention itself isn't really all that great in my eyes, since most of the guests are unappealing to me (I don't watch dubs, I only watch subs unless the Japanese is really that bad ), the dealer's room is always sub-par with lots of bootlegged figures, and it's just meh. The artist's alley always has a lot of good artists, though.
  11. Good Bye Borders

    Yep, looks like that at all the closing stores. We can't keep up, the vultures are everywhere, throwing product all over the place. We're at register all day and can't even recover.
  12. Favorite Novels?

    My fiance got me into Haruki Murakami's books, and now he's my favorite author. I've read most of them and trust me, anything by him is good. I also really love Trudi Canavan's Black Magician series, Brent Weeks' Shadows trilogy, Ann Aguirre's Grimspace series, "I am a Cat" by Souske Natsume, and the Tale of Genji. Jodi Picoult's books are great, too. I'm an avid book reader so I could keep going, it's just difficult to remember everything that has been good that I've read. Dx
  13. Creepy Stalkers

    I'm not a creeper, but I always have my camera on me at all times. You never know when you'll get that perfect sunset shot, or when you might catch up with an old buddy. I'd imagine a lot of people keep cameras on them for this reason also, and I'm sure that extends to creeps too.
  14. Good Bye Borders

    You can remove it with goo be gone or something similar. They're not sharpies though, they're just the typical permanent markers you can get from office supply stores. And for the liquidation, it has to be over the barcode. That's a direct order, so to speak, from the liquidator that's working with us right now. Must be done, no books or product can leave without the mark over the barcode. And yeah, most manga books and a lot of other books with slick covers don't hold it anyways. So it's pretty funny.
  15. Good Bye Borders

    Yup, fun times for sure. The black ink is really annoying, trust me. I'm still trying to get it all off my hands from last weekend, since the weekdays have been much slower and I've actually had time on the floor.