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  1. Next update Feb. 20 Submissions close Feb 28 Form Link: https://docs.google....FVh5CE/viewform INFO: 1) 2) Please provide the information requested in the form. 3) If There is a scheduling conflict, you will receive an email informing you of this. 4) Slots are given out on a first come, first served basis -- if the times you request are full, we'll let you know! Disclaimer: These events are NOT monitored; your are responsible for yourselves. We're only helping ensure that everyone has a chance to gather. Please be courteous to the groups after you by being on time and departing when your time block ends! First if no one asks for a gathering there is no way for us to know and there will not be one listed in the book, so please be proactive if you want a gathering. I will be posting a link to this for those who have made topics this year, but sharing this information with those looking to host a gathering would be helpful. I will update the schedule every Monday with submissions from the past week. This schedule is not final and subject to change. At con the phone app will have the most up to date information. Any questions feel free to ask here. Gathering location map under editing for new placement of location 2 (East Tower over hang) note this location is out side near Hyatt parking.
  2. Not sure were your gathering is?

    Gatherings can be hard to find for new ppl and the names are not labeled or official. To help attendees the powers that be have given us flags! The locations spaces will now be clearly marked. People can be directed to these makers instead of a lose description of an area in relation to the map. As yet i do not have art or a picture of the flags but im told they will look like the image below with ACen themes. Updates if anything relevant happens.
  3. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    While im more sure about things each day its best i dont accindenlty give ppl out of date info. Still waiting for the clear just like everyone elce. :) If there is news ill put it up. GL with your shoot and i hope you have a great ACen!
  4. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    hmm id say impotent enough to wait for official announcements and hold off making plans based off old info. ;)
  5. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Oh ya! Once im given the clear there will be emails with vary impotent info.
  6. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Dont worry ill keep you updated. Though depending how the guidebook app goes ya may get the info there before i can post here.
  7. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Ehh the plan was to have done it in Dec. Even delayed the first up date so the old sheet wasnt needed but Im glad progress is being made. For now im waiting for the go ahead and will keep ya posted. :) Everyone is working super hard and i cant wait to share it with you! Dont worry i know ya didnt get every thing ya wanted but hay there is always next year. :) If we keep at it gatherings will be a little better each time! GL with all your events.
  8. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    If anyone wants a schedule change sorry it is to late but we did make a lot of effort to make sure gathering/panelists schedules worked. Part of my work over the past months was reaching out the other events to coordinate better. Though not perfect im rather happy with the progress we have made this year. :) GL good times to all
  9. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Dont worry its just being updated and reformatted with all the changes this year. Hope your keeping up on announcements. Lots of fun stuff this year! ;) Please be patent while we work on new shiny things for you. The guidebook app is going to be the most up to date info so gab it even though its not updated for when it goes live. Other wise im guna get back to work on ACen stuff. good times to all
  10. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Thanks everyone for your requests this year. I am filing the info as we speak and cross checking the schedule. Requests are closed but keep your eyes open as there are a few more announcements in the works. GL and i hope you have a great ACen 2017 good times to all
  11. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Yep i tried editing it and it stopped working for me too. Not sure why the other images diapered too. Ill have more time this evening to work on it.
  12. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Hmm give me a sec to figure out why you cant see it.
  13. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    I dont think there is an error with the map linked. At the moment i still only have access to last years map with no ETA for the updated map.
  14. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    You all are to fast and beat me. Ive been talking with you all since this morning. Ill be checking in for responses.
  15. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    I love working with you . Most of my writing has been here helping you. Its nothing i dont expect and im glad your here. If your that passionate maybe next year you can join staff!
  16. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Almost everyone knew inside a few min. ha ha ha Ive been with you all this morning. In addition to it being standard practice its fine for gathering to not use the hole time if they dont want.
  17. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    I think only one person of the five is not confirmed to know.
  18. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Ya im surprised it such a big deal as it never been a problem for hosts
  19. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    True i would not give that information out and im glad they were reached out to each other and able to work together.
  20. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    I understand that have concerns but several of the hosts are happy to have the time. Besides this isnt new as it has been done every year since we offered time requests. :) Most of you have have gathering in the past so it is surprising to hear this change of heart. People always ask for more time and more space. I love hearing form you all and am glad your passionate about this! If you ran a 30min gathering and dont want the extra time pm me with the email the matching the gathering and i wont force ya.
  21. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Sorry ya the page did role over. I am the only one with accesses to your information. (panels has some of a few ppls info) If some one wanted to get to you they would have to gt through me and it would already be my responsibility. When things have happened at gatherings it has always been my responsibility.
  22. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Yes I have been working to improve relations with the smokers for several years. One issue is that im not sure were the hotel will move the smoking area year. The hotel has the say in smoker locations and so the smokers do have claim if the hotel says so. My hope is that with the east wall clear it will be less of an issue and both cosplayers and smokers will be happier. I have also worked to improve relations with other departments Including IRT to improve attendees experience as well. aaa
  23. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    You can ask for any location that is open at the same time your gathering is currently being held. The only gatherings that could have gone after a 30min. gathering would be anther 30min gathering and none of them started after anther. Hour gatherings wouldnt be available to move into 30: min openings. :) aaa
  24. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    IRT is way faster than me. I have to do a surprising amount of paper work during ACen lol
  25. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    If there is an open location at the same time of your current gathering aside from when the docks are being used you can ask to move to that spot. So if your gathering is Sat. at 8pm you can move it to any other location Sat. at 8pm None of the extensions removed any of the options available. Hope that helps :)