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    i make things, fun things, things i make exist, isn't that fun

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About Me

We are the Final Cosplay Corps


In the name of the Dreams that Inspire us

For the Dreams that Inspire those after

In Hopes of Dreams beyond our own

For the Hopes of those who seek Dreams

In the Passion that drives our Hopes

For the Passion to bring Hopes to others

In Togetherness we seek our Passion

For Togetherness we seek the Passion of others

In the Community we find Togetherness

For the Community we create Togetherness

In our Creations we support our Community

For our Creations the Community supports us

In the works witch Inspire our Creations

For our works to Inspire future Creations

In the name of the Dreams that Inspire us

For the Dreams that Inspire those after


We are not the destroyers of Dreams

We are the avatars of Dreams

We are not the ridiculers of Hopes

We are the architects of Hopes

We are not the denouncers of Passions

We are the pursuers of Passions

We are not the exploiters of Togetherness

We are the bonds of Togetherness

We are not the axis of Communities

We are the friendships of Communities

We are not the heights of Creations

We are the assets of Creations

We are not the antitheses of Inspirations

We are the facilitators of Inspirations


We are the Final Cosplay Corps.