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  1. Dissidia!

    I'm interested in competing.
  2. Acen...a Love Story?

    Kii: Squall, piss off. Don't judge all women by the way the unfortunate few you've chosen to interact with act. No girl wants to sleep with a misogynist, anyways, so don't waste too much time looking for a hook-up. Response: No, I'm not a misogynist. I respect women, but only those who aren't shallow and vapid and only after my wallet. I prefer females who are smart, intelligent and who are interested in getting to know who I am, rather than basing their opinions of me on comments I make or how I look. I will be coming to ACen with a respectful manner, and I'll choose to be friendly with you females, but the moment one acts dumb, my respect for her is lost and she will be treated according to her behavior. This:For most people, if you come to ACen expecting to hookup with people, you'll go home disappointed, but for some people, it's crazy. Some people will like, hook up with half a dozen girls and not leave any for us. it's terrible and unfair. Somebody needs to redistribute that wealth. We need some sort of welfare system, a safety net of sorts. Drunk girl: "OMG i'm so drunk and high, will you have sex with me?" Dude: "Yeah, of course, why would'nt I?" Welfare Officer: "Uh, sorry, thats not going to happen....." Dude: "who are you and what are you doing at my party?" Welfare Officer: "Just your friendly ACen welfare officer here to redistribute the wealth. You've already had sex with five women today, now it's that guys turn." *Point's to fat smelly weeaboo who's wearing a lucky star t-shirt several sizes too small and covered with sweat and hair grease, he's holding a paper fan and some anime girl figurine, his hair greasy, face pimply, and so fat he labors to talk* Weeaboo: "I've been waiting all weekend for this" *unzips pants* I totally agree with this. Would you be willing to appoint yourself to that position, mmy?
  3. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    Well, I was trying to be respectful and scientific about it. I didn't want to say, *iz looking for gurlz going to ACen to F**K*. How is it, if a person is trying to find someone to be intimate with, they get ostracized?
  4. Notice To Any "otaku"

    I think someone should translate this so we know what's going on. Just like America can be racist against Japan, so they can do that to us too. "Gaijin" I think not.
  5. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    I wonder how many females are going to go to ACen just to forn other guys. I'd definitely be interested in knowing if there are any on the forum. *grins* And, actually, I'm trying to not be creepy.
  6. Spoiler Alert

    In Sherlock Holmes(the new one), the dead guy isn't really dead.
  7. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    well, i know i pmed a few girls, but have not received a response yet...
  8. So.....who's Going To Be Around Early Friday Morning?

    I am interested. I just have to drag myself out of bed though.
  9. Marry Your Favorite Character!

    I MARRY either Rikku(FFX), Ohno(Genshiken), Nodoka(Negima), Kaede(Negima), or Natsume(.hack).
  10. Acen...a Love Story?

    *kills thread*
  11. Acen...a Love Story?

    im of the mind, right now, where im just going to ACen to get "some". This post is kinda depressing, but kinda enlightening. i actually despise females right now, only because of the way they act. I am hoping that the females at ACen won't be dumb or ignorant...I know that I act that way sometimes too, but I recognize it when I am, or I ask someone to point out to me if I did it wrong. So, then, I guess I'm just going to ACen to watch anime and read new manga, not meet people.
  12. Needs New Friends

    instead of drinking, do something else. watch anime, read manga, something that doesn't revolve around hitting the bottle.
  13. Who Wants An Actual Hookup? Acen Dating Service, Pt. 2!

    Name/Nickname: Eric/Squall Age: 28 Location: Eastern Indiana Favorite Anime(s): Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Outlaw Star Least Favorite: Gundam My personality type: introvert, shy, somewhat anal How you may contact me: pm or grab me at ACen A talent that i have: information gathering My Tastes (Movies, music, books, ect.): lots of manga, movies that have an "Oh, Yeah!" moment, music that inspires Small bio: i work at a library and trying to do what i want to do with my life(own a bookstore) Pictures: none as yet, but will post. I am seriously looking for a relationship and will do anything for the young lady that I am able to get with.
  14. South Shore Train

    If anyone is aware, someone posted that the South Shore will be shut down from michigan city to south bend for the weekend. Since sunday is the last day of the convention, i seek a ride from chicago or any stops up to michigan city to south bend where my ride home will meet me. Any help would be welcome.
  15. Attn: South Shore Line Travelers

    Thank you for informing me. I will have to reformulate my plan of attack.