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  1. Hello! I have openings on Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for cosplay photoshoots this lovely ACen. I am flexible when it comes to times. A photoshoot for ONE cosplayer is thirty dollars. An additional person is fifteen dollars, and it's ten dollars a piece after that (i.e. a duo would be forty-five, a group of three would be fifty-five, and a group of four would be sixty-five). Payment must be received before the convention, and photos will be sent to you in high quality within a month after the convention. The standard single cosplayer price will get you five cleaned up, high quality photos (though we will take more shots than that in case some don't turn out well, of course). Each additional cosplayer will get you five more. If you'd like additional photos beyond that, we can discuss that. You can find more info HERE. We hope to hear from you soon!
  2. Hope to see you there then! The new seasons are a lot of fun. They capture the spirit of the original series well, and while nothing will ever eclipse NEXT in my mind, they're really worth checking out.
  3. DRAW A CIRCLE, THERE’S THE EARTH! If you’re a fan of Hetalia, make sure to stop by our panel on Sunday morning! This will be our fifth year running this panel at ACen (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and now 2014), and we’re hoping to make it more enjoyable than ever. As always, we are a general discussion panel for the series, and there will be APH related PRIZES given throughout the panel. Here’s our official blurb from the program guide! Personifications of nations interact in this hilarious gag series by Hidekaz Himaruya. If you’re a fan and can’t get enough of Italy and his pasta, or America’s heroics, then this panel is for you. If you’re unfamiliar with APH, come find out about it! SUNDAY- 10:15-NOON IN PANEL ROOM 5; DONALD E STEPHENS CONVENTION CENTER (SECOND FLOOR) We hope to see you there!
  4. DRAGON SLAVE! The 90s anime, manga, and light novel franchise The Slayers is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. Catch up with the gang of magical misfits in this fun and lively panel. We’ll discuss the Slayers universe and the adventures of Lina Inverse in all forms of media. FRIDAY- 12:45-1:45 PM IN PANEL ROOM 16; HYATT CAPITAL ROOM (INTERNATIONAL LEVEL) We are super, super excited to be running this panel! We have a lot of fun stuff planned, and we also have some small Slayers related prizes to give out. We really hope that if you’re a Slayers fan (whether currently or if you’re just feeling nostalgic), you’ll drop in and see us! (Mods: If this image is too large, let me know and I'll shrink it!)
  5. Do you think you know anime music? Then come and test your knowledge at ANIME NAME THAT TUNE, where we’ll decide the best of the best at guessing opening/closing themes. And if you don’t want to compete, it’s also fun to watch. Winners will receive prizes! SATURDAY- 12:45-2:45 PM IN PANEL ROOM 10; DONALD E STEPHENS CONVENTION CENTER (SECOND FLOOR) We had a blast running this panel at ACen last year, and this year is going to be even better. First of all, we have amazing prizes. Sentai Filmworks donated a bunch of blu-rays and dvds for us, and they’re all fantastic. Every single title is brand new, from within the past couple of months, and a few of them haven’t even had their official release date yet (so you could get them before anyone else!). In addition to that, we have manga bundles and other goodies available to win. The way our panel is set up, up to FORTY-EIGHT audience members can participate throughout the two hour running time, so if you want to play, there’s a better than not chance that you will have the chance! Just watching is a lot of fun as well, of course. We have songs covering the full spectrum of anime, from the 1980s to brand spanking new shows that are airing right now. There should be songs to cater to everyone’s eras of knowledge. We hope to see you there! (Mods: If this image is too large, let me know and I will shrink it!)
  6. I know this is a long shot, but we are desperately in need of XELLOS and GOURRY (especially Gourry) cosplayers for our ACen 2014 Slayers masquerade skit. We are registered and confirmed as participants, and we have a completed script, but unfortunately a couple of group members had to drop out. We are more than willing to work with you based on how much you're comfortable doing. The skit will be prerecorded, so you won't even have to do the dialogue (just mouth along to it), and depending on how comfortable you are on stage, we'll either minimize or maximize how much stage direction you actually have to do. There's no dancing or anything excessively difficult like that, no worries. It should be pretty easy. All of us are very experienced in masquerade participation, so we'll make it as low stress as possible. It does not matter if you made or bought your costume, either is more than fine. If you did not make it, we'll just make sure your costume isn't included in craftsmanship. If you are interested in helping us out, please reply here or send me a message. We'd really love the skit to go forward as planned, so if you have a few hours available on Saturday that you'd be willing to participate in the masquerade with, let me know! Thank you so much!! edit: Mod I was just about to ask if I needed to move this to 'seeking cosplayers', which I hadn't noticed before, but it looks like you got to it already. Thank you and I apologize for the mistake!
  7. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    Thanks so much for adding Samurai Flamenco in! That's really great of you. (And also for moving the Slayers photoshoot. Ignore the previous note about the time issue.)
  8. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    Oh darn, any possible way to squeeze in a Samurai Flamenco shoot on Sunday afternoon? I thought the deadline was the seventh of April for some reason. (A little disappointed that the Slayers gathering is on the one day my group isn't cosplaying Slayers, and during our Sunday panel to boot, but them's the breaks I guess. ;) )
  9. ACen 2014 Pre-Registration is up

    Hello Sabre. I signed up for a skit slot, and I mentioned in my form that there would be a couple more participants in it, but I did not yet have their info. I haven't been approved yet, but I do have the info now. Would you like me to get that to you before approving me, or can I just send it later (but before April 1st)?
  10. Lisa Ortiz

    Oh I would LOVE to meet Veronica Taylor especially, but Lisa would be fantastic as well (Eric too, and Crispin is always fun). Most of them also double as the original Pokemon cast!
  11. More than one submission?

    I'm actually having that glitch problem again? I'm trying to apply for a second panel, but it isn't allowing me to do so. Last year you told me to clear my cookies, and I did so, but it's still not working for me.
  12. Looking for Embassy Roommate

    Bumping this up again because we had someone bail on us. WE ARE LOOKING FOR ONE MORE (FEMALE) ROOMMATE FOR THURS-SUNDAY (checkout on Monday) at the Embassy Suites.
  13. Our panels are actually on Saturday and Sunday now, so we might stop by later in the day on Friday instead of earlier in the day. Just an FYI!
  14. Looking for Embassy Roommate

    Hello. Thanks so much for any inquiries, but I have filled this spot. Thank you! This spot is now open again.
  15. I’m looking for another (female) roommate to stay in a room I have booked at the Rosemont Embassy Suites hotel. Everyone in our room is over twenty-one, and we’d like if any potential roommates were as well. We’re in our late twenties, and we are all women. There are three of us in the room already, and the room is booked from the 16-20th (checking in on Thursday and checking out on Monday morning). Room cost will be split evenly which will be about 163.00 a person (this total includes taxes and service charges). If you are not wanting the room for all four days, that's fine. We'll make sure you only pay for your share of the nights you're there. We are all cosplayers, so if that’s not something you’re okay with, please keep that in mind. We’re long time con goers and this will be my ninth time going to ACen, so if you’re new to the con and have any questions, we should be able to help. The room has a large king-sized bed and a comfortable queen sized sofa bed. Any potential roommate can have the sofa bed, and as the suite is actually two rooms, you’ll be separate from the ‘bedroom’ that we’re in when we’re sleeping a night. We’re not terribly loud, I promise. The Embassy Suites hotel is literally right across from the convention center and just about half a block from the Hyatt. It’s the closest hotel to the action outside the Hyatt itself, and it’s a super nice hotel. Please send me an PM if you're interested, reply here with any questions, or you can just email me at everything.is.magic [at] gmail.com. Thank you!