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  1. Conchair Asks Advice: How Do I Limit The Damage?

    It seems that a lot of the INTENTIONAL vandalism happens at night when people get drunk and stupid - maybe being stricter about reporting open-containers and public intoxication to IRT or Rosemont PD officers would help with that? I know I saw lots of complaints about drunk people wandering the halls, but as public intoxication isn't specifically mentioned in the rules, I don't know if the hotel is considered a private location or what the specific laws are about that. Of course, drunk people might still vandalize in their rooms (god, the stories about people trashing their rooms I've heard from congoers over the years...) but then the hotel has a way to punish them, because they have on record who was staying in the room and can bill accordingly!
  2. Two Little Gripes I Wanna Get Out There

    Unfortunately, yelling rude/funny things at the stage is pretty much the definition of a shadowcast performance, even though some of the callbacks people come up with can be pretty offensive to certain groups - it's not intended to offend you specifically, so if it hits close to home, hopefully you can find it in you to let the offensive remarks roll off your back. The actors expect and encourage such behavior from the audience, and even threw a few of their own 'additions' to the movie in during appropriate moments as I'm sure you noticed! In my city's shadowcast group, a lot of the callbacks actually come from one of their own lighting guys, just because he has such a great projecting voice (I contributed some lines from him, a couple I even shouted into a mostly-quiet audience so a lot of people heard them, not just those nearby, heh - I, ah, think a fair number of people heard me at the part where Shilo sneaks back home after the Zydrate Anatomy number, and Nathan knocks on the door and asks "Shilo? Are you sleeping?" and then...yeah). I'm not involved with the staff of main programming or with the 90DD group, so all of my comments are based on having attended shadowcasts of Rocky Horror and Repo! before, and being friends with many members of Amber Does Dallas, my city's Repo! shadowcast. I went with the assumption that you haven't seen a shadowcast before, since that's what it sounded like to me, so if I'm telling you things you already know, sorry if it sounded condescending ^^; I like rowdy audiences for that kind of thing, so I was in stitches the entire time, I must say. The audience-actor interactions are all part of the performance, and that's part of what makes it interesting for me. I'm sad that it made the show unenjoyable for you, maybe next time you go you'll know what to expect and can relax and shout and sing along with the rest of the audience!
  3. Dealer's Room /artist Alley Suggestion!

    I work for one of the ACen dealers at some of his other shows, and he's pointed this out to me before when people made similar comments. Dealers that travel to a lot of different shows with wildly varying sales tax percentages often do this so they can have decent prices and pretty pre-printed price signs but maintain their profit margins (you want to keep them in business so they come back, right? It's expensive to have a booth at a con, but if they didn't, nobody would get to shop in the dealer's room!) I'm sure it's always been like that - some included tax, some didn't - and you just happened to pick the stalls with no visible tax in previous years! (As for doing things like marking up prices for credit card purchases, well, I'll tell you a secret. If they have a standard Visa/Mastercard/Discover merchant contract [those are the ones I've actually read, AmEx has different rules and a lot of small businesses don't accept AmEx anyway], they aren't allowed to charge additional fees to 'punish' customers for using a credit card. The card companies want to ENCOURAGE people to use their cards, after all ;3)
  4. Irt Compliments

    I don't see a 2010 thread for this, so maybe these couple comments will get split off. I know you guys get a lot of kudos and a lot of complaints - to those of you who are doing your best, even if you get a bit snappy on occasion, I hope that the attendees you snapped at understood the situation and were sympathetic! To those who were just awesome and helpful, a big old high five. ...those of you who were legitimately power-tripping, you know who you are and please don't return next year ;D I wanted to give props to one guy I saw at the Customer Service booth several times over the course of the weekend - of course, he was fairly average-looking and I had lots of things in my head and I've forgotten his callsign. I believe it started with B or P, six or seven letters, maybe ending in an 'ie' sound? Anyway, he would get congoers asking him questions, and when he didn't know the answer, he'd not only bring them to the Customer Service desk at the Hyatt where I was working, he'd listen and remember the answer (or directions, or whatever the question was). At least once I overheard him using information he'd gotten from us CS staffers to help another congoer when he happened to be nearby and we were all busy. And he remembered it correctly, which is a very important bit too! I know you guys are all busy and sleep-deprived and may not have the time or brain-space to do things like that, but he was really doing a great job, and I'm sure the people he talked to appreciated it! I know I got a look at his tag and muttered something like 'Thanks, ____, you rock' but it was pretty loud in the hallway and I was rather quiet, so I'm not sure he heard me. (I'm sure there were some far more epic tales of heroism in the IRT ranks, but hey, you give compliments where you see 'em, right?)
  5. Cheers & Jeers - 2010 (lots O' Stuff)

    A note about the masquerade simulcast, the video & photography group The Enthusiasts decided to try out a new thing and stream the masquerade live over Ustream on their website (http://www.the-enthusiasts.com/2010/05/15/anime-central-masquerade-live) - it was advertised as an experimental thing on their website earlier in the month, and tweeted about on the #ACen hashtag before the Masquerade, but not a con-sponsored live feed - thus no news about it from the con itself. *edit* Whoops, someone else got to that explanation before me XD But yes, it was only on that group's site - and the hotel has their own rules regarding what can be broadcast on the TVs in the rooms, so it can't be broadcast there as has been suggested in previous months and years
  6. Travelling For Anime Cons?

  7. Travelling For Anime Cons?