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  1. Missing Badge

    Please see my post in this matter (Tardi Tardis), am hoping an error with ACen and will be cleared up!
  2. Missing badges

    I did this too, can't find my ticket in my usual place for tickets at home, (every event is stored in this place till used), rec'd. all emails about mailing, etc. but I have not got them. Been searching for a week! I still have my advance purchase receipt too. Now today (5/16/19) there is an email for "Will Call Barcode Scan"so I am wondering if they sent mine to Will Call for some reason? I had paid for mailing and have my receipt and am also looking for replacement badges info but can't find. I really hate having to contact ANY Con for help because it is hard and only gets worse the closer the date gets. Am going to follow up with info on the Will Call Barcode Scan and see if that's what happened.