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  1. What days are you thinking? Per the conversation above, I would prefer someone who also comes on a Thursday. I will be charging you as if you arrived Thursday night. I can receive you late, that is fine with me. You'll need to keep me updated.
  2. Preferably we're looking for someone who can also stay a Thursday night. If someone doesn't come up with those dates in a week. I'll consider your request.
  3. I got a room at the Crown Plaza on convention rate. If anyone needs a room starting Thursday 16-19 May HMU.
  4. Looking for roommates (16th-20th)

    I just got a room at the Crowne Plaza at convention rate. I'm good, now I need one extra person lol XP if your room gets overbooked let me know XP.
  5. Noragami

    Anyone doing Noragami? I just made Kazuma recently and want to wear him again.
  6. Looking for roommates (16th-20th)

    Do you still have any spots?
  7. Hotel Adjacent to convention! Two males currently. Looking for Roommates for Thursday to Sunday! Will negotiate days of stay if needed!