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  1. Looking to join a room (1 person, 26M) EDIT: FOUND

    Bump, still looking for a room.
  2. EDIT: Found a room! Hi everyone, I'm looking to join someone's hotel room within walking distance of the convention. I'll just need room for one, preferably Friday and Saturday nights, and I will split the cost of the room in the standard fashion. I will be cosplaying with medium sized props. I shower in the mornings. Straight cis male but LGBT friendly. I am completely fine with drinking, and I will be bringing liquor of my own. I will plan to stay at the con to around midnight each day depending on panels. I will respect anyone who is sleeping. I do not snore, and I sleep with earplugs. Here is my Instagram page for verification purposes: https://www.instagram.com/sliceofpiecosplay/ Please message me or post here if you have a spot!