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  1. The "damn" Thread

    I haven't been on here in a damn long while.
  2. looking for roommates 21+

    Hey Cosplay, it's Sober. If I were making the journey this year, I'd let you crash in my room, but I'm not planning on it. Hope you can find a room.
  3. The "damn" Thread

    Damn disease still damn persists, but doctor gave me damn kick butt drugs for it.
  4. The "damn" Thread

    I thought this damn sinus headache was gone, but it still lingers. At least I see the damn doctor on Tuesday.
  5. Countdown From A Million!

    Recalculating 988800
  6. The "damn" Thread

    That's exactly what I've been damn saying. The two are not damn mutually exclusive. Of course, they take those first chapters of the Bible as literal truth, so that's why they think they are. Then again, the first few verses sound suspiciously like the damn Big Bang to me.
  7. The "damn" Thread

    Damn thanks!
  8. The "damn" Thread

    I finally damn graduated college.
  9. The "damn" Thread

    I've come to the realization that I can't do any damn thing the damn easy way. Very well, I accept the damn challenge!
  10. The "damn" Thread

    Indeed. Not only are breakups damn hard, they just damn suck.
  11. The "damn" Thread

    I play damn Tactics on the PSP. While the spell animation slowdown annoys the damn out of me, the translation is loads better, for the most part.
  12. The "damn" Thread

    Single? Yes, I'm in that damn state as well. Possibly could not be, yes? I do prefer real ones to video games, after all. Problem with correcting this state, of course there damn well is!
  13. The "damn" Thread

    So, this Scott Pilgrim vs. the World just snuck under my geek radar out of damn nowhere. What is this based off of?
  14. The "damn" Thread

    Allow me to make this one point. For those of you in college, do not take a damn accelerated class ever. It's not a good idea, no matter how damn much it seems like one. Especially Physics. Only 3 more damn weeks.
  15. The "damn" Thread

    Aside from being legal, physical age shouldn't really matter. Mental age, however, that damn well does!