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  1. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    i should watch the rest of bleach season 4, and i should watch all my other box sets i havent, which is just about all of them, and their mostly DBZ
  2. Keeping your dyed hair color for longer!

    I once had bright blue hair, and mixing some dye into the conditioner every couple days made sure the color stayed vibrant and didn't fade as fast. When my color finally did start to fade, it happened much more gradually. The baby powder trick is also a great option, too... but my hair is way too coarse and oily for doing that multiple days in a row. x_ x. There are some really great dry shampoos that are on the market now too, and most of them are only around $4 at Walmart. I got a can of one that lasted me about three months--not too shabby in my opinion.