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  1. Do you like to read light novels?

    I like to read light novels and I read the swallowed star novel I like this novel and This is my favourite novel. AND Do you like to read light novels?
  2. Okay so I just got the news that the uplifting book, Life of Pi has an anime version and I was shocked. I'm looking forward it. Have you watched it ?
  3. I read exterminator manga online but unfortunately, I don't read the last chapter of this manga. So, Please Explain: What is the last chapter of Exterminator Manga?
  4. Killing Stalking Manga

    I am read this manga "Killing Stalking" This is my favourite manga. I am going to the mangazuki has some soft manga but killing stalking has some pretty gore scenes too tho. I love manga and My Some free time to read the manga. Do You Like Killing Stalking Manga?
  5. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    Starting at now, I've incorporated a short rundown of recommended animes dependent on my present tastes. These incorporate later shows, likely finished off by Gurren Lagann, presumably the most exceedingly recommended Mushoku Tensei Manga arrangement on my rundown, trailed by Strike Witches and Bamboo Blade, the two of which I have been recommended by wrex. I likewise ought to get to watching Outlaw Star and Trigun too. Appears to be a quite little begin from my hop off point I know.